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President Bush says Congress saw the same intelligence he did in the lead-up to the war in Iraq. So Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) asked the non-partisan Congressional Research Service to look into the matter and report back whether or not what the president said is true.

They reported back today. The verdict: not true.

Read it yourself.

Yes, TPM Muckraking Fund fundraiser goes down into its final hours.

Now, with James Tobin's conviction in the New Hampshire phone-jamming case late this afternoon, DOJ lawyers plan to lean on him to flip on folks higher up the ladder in the GOP. So there's even more muck coming down the pike.

Help us rake it.

New Hampshire phone-jammer Tobin guilty on two counts, say our sources.

Late Update: We've got this triple sourced. So I think this one's a done deal.

News coming from the Tobin jury in New Hampshire?

Yesterday I got an email from a reader from New Orleans who said, in so many words, Don't forget about us.

In recent weeks I've gotten several notes like this from Louisiana readers telling me that for all the big talk back in September the Bush administration has all but forgotten about any commitment to rebuild New Orleans and the rest of the affected area.

In truth, though, in our own little way, we have too -- we being this website. Some of that is a simple shortage of hours in the day. We're gearing up to hire two blogger-reporters, as we've told you. But not having more than one person doing the writing doesn't entirely excuse it. It's just too easy for everyone to let stories like ths fall to the background once the big headlines are gone. So we'll try to do better.

Having criticized the president, let me note prominently that just today the White House has announced its support for a $3.1 billion plan to rebuild the city's levee system. $1.5 billion is new and that is on top of $1.6 billion already committed.

TPM Double-Alert!

It's the final day our TPM Muckraking Fund fundraiser. It's your last chance to contribute to a 2006 full of 24-7 muckraking from the folks who bring you TPM and TPMCafe. Actually, if you really want to, we'll still accept your contributions after today. But I guarantee you that this is your last chance to contribute in direct response to a hectoring post on TPM asking for contributions.

So just be warned! The end is near!

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