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Even more hilarious.

This morning I noted the old Washington "seasoned veteran" phase, when a president, who naturally strides into Washington on the backs of the reigning bigwigs, gets his gentle comeuppance from the DC establishment. I mentioned the case of Sen. Howard Baker, who played this role when President Reagan was on the ropes after Iran-Contra. (He became Chief of Staff.)

And now CBS radio is reporting that none other than Baker himself is pushing the White House to hire his protege Fred Thompson. (If memory serves, Thompson served as Baker's Minority Counsel on the Watergate committee, back in the day.)

Here's an idea, who can come up with the most humiliating GOP 'wise man' President Bush could have foisted on him?

David Gergen would be pretty good, though I know Republicans don't consider him one of their own anymore, and I guess with good reason.

James Baker is daddy's guy. So that would be rough. But if he took a formal position at the White House he couldn't manage the family's foreign investments. So that might not be workable.

Late Update: Okay, not likely, but TPM Reader TK suggests Bush being saddled with Brent Scowcroft in some foreign policy role. Yeah, that would smart.

Hilarious. GOP tries to coax Jessica Simpson into appearing at a party fundraiser, starts whining when she declines.

And she's in! Justin Rood's got the run-down on Katherine Harris' appearance on Hannity & Colmes.

Yesterday we mentioned how CREW brought an IRS complaint against Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform. Here's a bit more from Paul Kiel on Norquist's money-laundering tax, at least the one he charged Abramoff for the service of making the gambling money spick and span so it could be passed on to Ralph Reed. Take a look. There're some great email quotes.

"Grover kept another $ 25K!," says an exasperated Abramoff at one point.