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We're hiring a Senior Editor for our DC office. It's a fast-paced, exciting job that is at the center of our news coverage. If you're interested or if you know someone who might be, please see the full listing after the jump.

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The Sony hack appears to be the costliest in history. The embarrassment of Sony execs and the fact that the 'victim' is a movie, which may or may not have been a good one in the first place, may make it hard to take this incident seriously. But the idea of a foreign state - a hostile and vicious one at that - mounting a series of cyber attacks and terrorist threats to prevent the release of a movie in the US is deeply disturbing. Sony is just a company. And it was probably an easy decision in purely economic terms. But this shouldn't have been allowed to happen.

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A sobering, intense email from TPM Reader AJ ...


As one 70 year old Black man who was born and raised in “segregated America” and raised my son in the new and improved “post-racial” America, please let me help you out.

You wrote…

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