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We’re now down to 408 membership sign ups we need to get to our June goal! A tall order in 9 days but just barely doable. If you’re considering signing up for Prime, make it today. Just click right here. A strong, independent journalism organization is built on its relationship with its audience, a community of committed readers. 21,591 TPM Readers have become subscribers so far. We need more of you to come on board. Make it today: click right here.

Update: Now just 374!

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This morning I had the chance to read David Brooks column pooh-poohing the Russia probe and the scandal engulfing the Trump administration. There are many things I could say about it. But I’ve resolved to be nicer and less cutting in my writing, or to do the contrary only when it is inextricably tied to explaining and conveying points of substance. Certainly this is a resolution that won’t last long.

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We currently have 459 Prime membership sign ups to go before the end of the month to reach our goal for June – 22,000 total subscribers. That’s just barely doable. If you thought of signing up earlier, if you’re planning to, take a moment right now and become a member. It’s easy, just 14 cents a day, gives you an awesomer version of TPM and keeps us a vital, growing organization. Click here.

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Senate Republicans are driving at a breakneck speed to abolish Obamacare and throw more than twenty million people off their health insurance coverage. The damage will be far greater when you figure in the loss of protections for people with pre-existing conditions and those who’ve benefited from various other Obamacare regulations. Senate Republicans’ main weapon in this effort has been total secrecy, which has had the effect of killing debate and discussion since there’s actually nothing concrete – no specific CBO score or legislative text or even outline – to discuss.

This, frankly, is silly.

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We’ve had a great response in the last few days for our on-going, annual membership drive. We are trying to sign up 500 members by the of the month – actually we need 514 to get to a total of 22,000 subscribers. That’s a lot by June 30th. But it’s just barely doable. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment. THIS IS THE RIGHT MOMENT. Why is it important? I explain here and here.  Seriously, if you’re a regular TPM Reader, take this moment to become a member. Just click here. And thanks.

Mike Flynn has been out at the White House for more than four months. He is, we are told, in the most serious kind of legal trouble. Yet the political ghost of Mike Flynn still seems to be a hidden hand driving outcomes in the Trump White House. Maybe it’s even Flynn himself.

Allow me to explain.

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I got an email from a TPM Reader and Prime member on Friday evening who said we shouldn’t put our longform articles behind a paywall. This is a minority opinion among subscribers, at least as far as I can tell. But TPM Reader JG isn’t the only one. And it’s an issue we’ve given a lot of thought to ourselves. So I wanted to answer the question for everyone because I want readers and subscribers to understand our goals, thought process, reasons, etc.

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