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As I've been going back and writing this Trump mini-book I've been talking about, I've realized the story in many ways starts or at least a part of the identification of the story starts in 2002 with the publication of a book called The Emerging Democratic Majority by John Judis (now TPM Editor-at-Large) and Ruy Teixeira. The book essentially predicted the ascendence of what we now call the Obama coalition. The book itself had something of a cursed history or cursed timing because it came out in the lead up to the 2002 mid-term where Republicans did unexpectedly well. Of course, George W. Bush was reelected two years later. That blunted a lot of the discussion of the book and its argument.

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People always second-guess the hard decisions campaign committees make in the final weeks of a campaign. In most cases, they have better information than we on the outside have. But I have to wonder if the DSCC is going to regret pulling out of the Florida Senate race. The current PollTracker Average has Rubio up 4.9 percentage points. But that number is largely on the basis of one GOP poll taken last week. Take that one out and it's Rubio +2.5.

These are the kinds of stories that bring a smile to my face. Multiple Republican candidates are threatening TV stations with defamation suits over agreeing to run ads linking them to Donald Trump. In other words, candidates say it amounts to defamation to run ads linking them to the presidential nominee of their own party.

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For days Donald Trump has been banging this gong about being ahead in the IBD/TIPP poll which he says was the most accurate poll in 2012. They're now claiming it was also the most accurate in 2008 and 2004. This has been driving me a bit nuts since this is unquestionably false. I decided to check my memory. So I went back to look the latest polls in 2012. Here's what I found.

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Donald Trump is giving a raging, rambling speech with accusations against everyone and everything. But there's one thing he flagged that everyone needs to understand the details about.

Here's what he said ...

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Given the outsized impact of David Fahrenthold's reporting on the election, I've been wondering for a while what the genesis of that reporting was. The first it came across my radar was when Fahrenthold managed to prove and then shame Donald Trump into actually coughing up the $1 million for veterans' causes that he had pledged during a fundraiser he held in January. I figured that was the origin of it. Now we have confirmation.

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For months, more than a year actually, I've been writing about the hunger for dominance and revenge that drives Trump and the campaign and movement he's built in his image. Even in the face of looming defeat he's cultivated an atmosphere of menace, calling the country's voting system rigged and hinting he may defy an adverse verdict at the polls. And yet, coming off the final debate, even with continued talk about rigged elections and cherry-picked polls which duck the trend predicting a devastating defeat, we seem to be seeing something different: the emergence of bitter and dejected low-energy Trump.

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