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I seem to remember McDaniel, just before the primary, refusing to say he'd support Cochran in the general if Cochran won on primary night. Anyone else remember that? And if you do and you have a link or a citation, can you email me and send it my way?

"The more the tea party complains about how black voters vote for Republicans, I think they look racist and stupid." John Freehery, GOP consultant, former Hill staffer.

Howard McGhee and Miles Davis. New York City, September 1947.

I've looked at this photo many times. Davis is 21. McGhee is 29. I've wondered a lot whether I'm reading too much into Davis' expression. But with the context of moment, age, appreciation, future, what's contained in it seems limitless. - jm

Matt Kibbe, Freedom Works: “If the only way the K Street wing of the GOP establishment can win is by courting Democrats to vote in GOP primaries, then we’ve already won."