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We’re now past the 100 Days. And it was more or less universally agreed that, in historical terms and against expectations, it was an abysmal failure. President Trump as much as conceded this with his wild mix of angry denunciations of the 100 Days standard combined with press releases touting meaningless metrics like number of executive orders signed, number of foreign leaders talked to and similar nonsense. Set all that aside. That’s really a given. What I’m interested in now is Trump’s reaction. He failed. He gets that. But why did he fail? In the Trumpian psyche, it can’t be Trump’s personal failure or a failure of strategy. So who’s to blame?

In recent days, we’ve gotten the answer, though I have not seen it put together as such. The problem is the constitution or more generally, democracy.

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I wanted to share some background perspective on The Trumpcare Long March and whether there’s a chance Trump will still be able to repeal Obamacare and toss 20+ million off their healthcare care coverage. 

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Here’s how ridiculous the Trumpcare 3.0 situation has gotten. A few minutes ago, Rep. Rodney Davis was on MSNBC telling plain falsehoods, lying about Obamacare and also – in a weird mix of plaintiveness and disingenuousness – complaining that the Democrats in the House weren’t coming forward to help them repeal Obamacare.

Beyond the disingenuousness, he actually seemed slightly sad because their situation is so hapless and helpless.

Here’s the video …

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I wanted to share some thoughts on the role of bigness and monopolies in our lives today. I want to preface this by noting that what you’ll read here are things that many of you have almost certainly experienced yourselves. They are most definitely what we call ‘first world problems.’ My point in sharing them is not to say ‘woe is me’ but to describe some basic and recurring experiences which illustrate a larger point.

Let’s talk about buying cable and Internet service, shall we?

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The fun thing for Republicans about this morning’s push to pass Trumpcare 3.0 in the House is that it’s so close that basically each of the remaining undecided Republicans will reasonably be the “deciding” vote that lost health care for 20+ million people and got rid of protections for people with pre-existing conditions. So not, “House Republicans passed” it. But you, Rep. X cast the deciding vote that lost these 20+ million people lost their health care. You did it. It was you.

Fun times.

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I post this not tied to any immediate issue but because I found it as interesting as TPM Reader JL did. I will say that it ties pretty clearly to an issue that I’m thinking a lot about and plan to write more about: monopolies and their role in today’s economy.

The following is not especially relevant to any of the topics I see on TPM but thought you’d be interested.

So … something I’ve been increasingly aware of and which strikes me as hugely important is the influence of the Megatech Gang of Five: Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. I think the MTG5 will increasingly dominate huge parts of the technology world because of their vast scale. They have immense resources to invest in the future of AI, virtual reality, etc., etc. And because they all touch so many aspects of our digital lives (“our” including businesses as well as individuals) they have the incentive to continue to do so.

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Take a look at this article in Politico. There’s not really much I can add to it. It simply goes through the run of interviews President Trump did yesterday, replete with random statements, predictions that deeply unsettled either world markets or foreign states and generally seemed to be the work of a man simply tossing off ideas, rambling or simply drifting in and out of consciousness. Perhaps he was experiencing some sort of collapse of cognition.