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Having been found by a federal judge to have tailored their voting law reforms specifically to target black voters, the North Carolina GOP is out this morning bragging about a dip in African-American voter participation.

Polls on the final day of the campaign make it look like Trump is bouncing off the Clinton Wall one more time.

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It is certainly welcome news for the Clinton campaign that James Comey has now stated publicly that nothing in Huma Abedin's emails has changed the FBI's and his original judgment from July. This is not an interim report; it's final. The Clinton campaign will undoubtedly use it for everything it's worth in the remaining 48 hours-plus before voting ends Tuesday night. But while welcome, this new development doesn't remotely undo the original error or its consequences.

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I wasn't able to get to a computer during and after the incident last night at the Trump rally in Reno. We've got the basic news details here. Suffice it to say that we now know it was essentially a chummed up misunderstanding which escalated into a beating by a number of Trump supporters, then later physical harassment of a CNN journalist by the same group of supporters and finally the creation of a nonsensical fantasy among Trump supporters that Trump had bravely survived a mythical 'assassination attempt'.

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