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Howard McGhee and Miles Davis. New York City, September 1947.

I've looked at this photo many times. Davis is 21. McGhee is 29. I've wondered a lot whether I'm reading too much into Davis' expression. But with the context of moment, age, appreciation, future, what's contained in it seems limitless. - jm

Matt Kibbe, Freedom Works: “If the only way the K Street wing of the GOP establishment can win is by courting Democrats to vote in GOP primaries, then we’ve already won."

TPM Reader RF steps back to look at the big picture on the Mississippi runoff and doesn't like what he sees ...

I read the pieces on the Cochran/McDaniel runoff in Mississippi. The punches and counter-punches we see thrown in this race are laying bare what the GOP really thinks about the intersection of voting and race. As soon as Cochran announced he was hiring someone to focus on getting African American Dems to vote in the run-off, the McDaniel Campaign and it's allies have been beating the voter fraud drum.

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As you've probably heard, Thad Cochran, improbably - almost unbelievably if you go back to late on primary night - came back to beat Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel. It's important to note that Cochran fielded a much more together and aggressive GOTV operation than they did in round one. And I think a careful analysis of the vote totals will suggest that that increased margin was more about turning out Republicans than pulling in Democrats. Still, it seems clear that Democrats played some role, quite possibly a very important role in Cochran's victory. And the fact that almost by definition a lot of them were black Democrats, courted by the Cochran camp, is going to put gas and kerosene and everything flammable on the bonfire of intra-party recrimination. This will not go down easily. See here for more.