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Fascinating breakdown in the effort to avoid a government shutdown. And in a new twist it's Obama and Reid and Boehner trying to force the current bill through. Earlier I noted what appears to be a big (though not much discussed) shift in national Democrats stance toward Wall Street. Here I think there's another shift - though a tactical one rather than one of basic positions. Unlike in the past, House Democrats aren't necessarily there to give Boehner the votes he needs when he can't bring his right wingers to heel.

In one of the many Uber public relations crises over recent weeks, a 27 year old female finance executive was allegedly raped by an Uber driver in New Delhi on December 5th. Now in an effort to make the city safer for women, Delhi police are launching a new program to use mini-drones with night vision cameras to patrol the city.

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There's been lots of storm and controversy in the news in recent weeks. But a seemingly smaller thing has popped up in the last few days which isn't as explosive on its face but seems pretty important nonetheless. President Obama has nominated a man named Antonio Weiss as Undersecretary of the Treasury for Domestic Policy.

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Virtually no legal experts believe Republicans have standing, let alone a case, to challenge President Obama's recent immigration order. But through some clever forum shopping, they may have found the one trial court judge - an anti-Obama, anti-immigration hardliner in Texas - who will rule in their favor.