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This is the so-called Cantino Map, a chart stolen by an agent of an Italian Duke from the Portuguese Crown in 1502. It provides an interesting follow-up to our discussion of the first map of the continent of Africa from Friday.

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We now have the most concrete information to date that some 3 to 4 million people are now newly insured since Obamacare went into effect on January 1st. That's not simply people who've signed up, many of which likely already had inferior or more expensive coverage of some sort. These are newly insured people. Good Dylan Scott piece here about how GOP reacts on whether they go into November campaigning on taking away that care from those and likely millions more who will be covered by the end of the year.

The gold standard public survey of the percentage of Americans who do and do not carry health insurance showed a clear increase in the number of insured in January and a clearer trend taking shape now in the latest March release. That amounts to between 3 and 4 million people newly insured.

In a Q&A I held yesterday at The Hive (sub req), a reader asked (in so many words), What is it about CPAC? Every year it totally takes over the political news space. There's wall to wall coverage. Netroots Nation, which is also held every year, and other progressive/Democratic oriented events just don't get anywhere near the attention. So why is that?

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Ted Cruz: Thanks, Obama

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