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It’s been a while since we heard from TPM Reader LC, a cop from the tri-state area who shared various of his views with us when the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri dominated the national news. After President Trump asked cops to rough up arrestees in their custody, he wrote in yesterday …

I’m fucking furious.

This two-bit gangster, would-be dictator just set police-community relations back by a quarter of a century.

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I wanted to show you this graphic I put together which shows the timeline of Reince Priebus’s firing. In this case when I say the timeline I mean a short period of roughly 20 minutes when the whole thing unfolded. Why the precise details are notable will become obvious when you see them.

We’re able to do this because we have pool reports with precise times around the time Air Force One landed at Joint Base Andrews as the timestamped tweet the President used to announce the firing. What they show quite clearly is that Air Force One landed. The President waited for Priebus to get off the plane before tweeting that he was fired. He then waited for Priebus to be escorted away before leaving the plane himself. There’s even a Godfather-esque moment in how the SUVs were handled. Check it out.

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Okay, a quick note. We are doing great here on every front. But I have a confession. We have just over two weeks to go in our annual membership drive. And we’re behind for our July goal. We are exactly 250 sign ups from our goal for this month. We need one big day to keep it within reach. And it’s important. You know all our reasons: Investigative reporting,  deep and rich coverage of critical policy issues, a crack team keeping you up to date on all the breaking news, and a bunch more, including a bunch of new Prime-only features we have in the works for the second half of the year. If you’re a regular reader, take a moment to join us today. It’s easy. It’s cheap (14 cents a day). It’s important. Take a moment to join us today. Thanks.

Our current feature story on how things came together last night in the Senate chamber is by our reporter Tierney Sneed who’s been on the Obamacare repeal beat for the last nine months and with TPM for just over two years. Next week Tierney hands off the health care beat to Alice Ollstein and joins our new Investigations Desk as the second member of that team. We have so many great people working at TPM right now that I’m always hesitant to call out individuals. But today I just want to highlight how critical a member of our team Tierney has been on this singularly important beat and how important we know she’ll be with this very different assignment starting next week. Keep an eye out for her byline and if you’re on Twitter follow her on Twitter too.

Coming off a failure this big, Trump will be looking for people to hurt, things to break. Everybody be safe out there.

Anthony Scaramucci, like his boss, thinks the DOJ and FBI are his personal attacks squads and defenders, as Allegra Kirkland explains here. Neither of them have the most basic understanding or respect for the rule of law.


I’ve learned – we’ve all learned – that Obamacare repeal is actually never over. But that was some pretty high drama.

It’s been quite a day. And it’s ending with White House Communications Director/Majordomo Anthony Scaramucci’s maybe literally insane interview with The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza. But this morning he gave what was no doubt a less profanity-laced but in its own way no less wild and crazy live interview on CNN. Here’s my annotated edition of that interview. Pay particular note to the “buddies of mine” Scaramucci’s calling at the FBI to put the scare on his “knee-knocker” enemies in the White House. 

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Over recent months I’ve been telling you about various changes we’re making at TPM, expanding our team with the changes made possible with our membership program, setting up our new Investigations Desk and a bunch more. What I wanted with the Investigations Desk was to add a stable of new reporters who could dramatically increase our ability to break news on investigative stories like the Trump/Russia probe in addition to the critical reporting we already do on legislative and policy stories on Capitol Hill. A good example of the latter is what we’re doing right now on the on-going Trumpcare trainwreck. So I was excited on several levels when I saw this new story just out from iDesk reporter Sam Thielman and Editor Catherine Thompson. I was pumped to see this particular story but also to see our larger plans coming to fruition.

You know that for some time I’ve been focused on this ‘peace plan’ meeting from back in February where Trump business partner Felix Sater and Trump lawyer Michael Cohen met with a Ukrainian parliamentarian who had a ‘peace plan’ which would essentially give Russia everything it wanted in the Ukraine and also had a dossier of paper documents which he needed hand delivered to Mike Flynn. Cohen did hand deliver that dossier to Flynn at the White House. But we’ve never learned what was in it or what happened to it. Sam found there’s a significant additional backstory that had heretofore gone unreported. Artemenko, the Ukrainian lawmaker pitched his peace plan and dossier while he and Sater were already working on putting together a business deal to refurbish all Ukraine’s Soviet-era nuclear power plants and begin exporting energy to neighboring countries in Eastern Europe. Said Sater: “We were working on a business deal for about five months, and he kept telling me about the peace deal, and as the Trump administration won, that’s when I delivered it [the peace deal] to them.” Check out our full story.