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Sen. Leahy: D-VT: "Well, Mr. Giuliani likes to say things like that to get on television. He's not a senator."

David has posts below pulling together the evening's rapid fire developments in the Senate, where Republican defections now appear to have at least delayed Obamacare repeal. This isn't out of nowhere. A growing number of Senate Republicans have been expressing skepticism about "repeal and delay" for some time now - even though it's been largely ignored in much of the press. There was an initial flurry of calls for delay just after the election. They were were batted down by the leadership in the House and Senate. But they've been bubbling up over the last week.

There was Susan Collins, Rand Paul and even Tom Cotton, who we mentioned on Friday. Then today Lamar Alexander again expressed his opposition (he did so in November too). Alexander is the Chair of the key health care committee in the Senate. Then came Bob Corker saying not to repeal the Obamacare taxes before there was a replacement (a key point we'll get to below). And then late this evening five senators - Portman, Corker, Collins, Cassidy and Murkowski - introduced an amendment that that would force at least a one month delay before Obamacare can be repealed.

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The statistics covering American manufacturing are complex. American manufacturing is by many metrics doing great. It's American manufacturing jobs which have declined steeply. That's a result of international competition but even more automation. Most of us know this broad story. What most don't know is how recent the drop is.

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I wanted to remind everyone (readers and potential reporters) we're starting 2017 by building out our investigative team. Want to join us? Eager to dig and break big stories? See our listing here and apply.

Philip Klein has an important piece on the politics of Obamacare repeal in The Washington Examiner. It's dressed up with a lot of digs at the law and the promises which were made on its behalf - not all of which are unfair. But the key point he makes is very much on the mark. Republicans are going to have a very hard time with Obamacare repeal as long as they claim that no one will lose their coverage in the process.

Klein puts it this way.

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Kellyanne Conway: "You always want to go by what comes out of his mouth rather than look at what’s in his heart."