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Earlier this week, numerous pundits were suggesting that Donald Trump's presidential campaign was all but finished. A number claimed that unless Trump came into the convention with 1237+ delegates and secured the nomination on the first ballot, he was toast.

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11:00 PM: I'm not sure I've heard two candidates yell at each other at such a sustained clip for two full hours. And they're both over 65. That's stamina.

10:25 PM: What's Bernie Sanders' endgame here exactly? Did Senator Sanders watch what the Obama administration did on the Israeli/Palestinian front during its first term when Hillary Clinton was Secretary Clinton? This primal scream phase of Sanders campaign reminds me of Barney Frank's critique of Sanders as someone who spent all his time critiquing the inevitable compromises that go into actual passing laws rather than actually putting his shoulder on the back of the car and helping push.

10:34 PM: Sanders' surrogate ...

What's the endgame here exactly?

10:36 PM: It's notable that Sanders' proposals for single payer and free college education at public universities have barely been mentioned here tonight. It's now virtually all attacks on Clinton, in a lot of cases dumpster diving for phony issues.

10: 43 PM: Hillary now filibustering Bernie on his never-ending attempts to find an issue that he and Clinton disagree on.

10:51 PM: I will say that I find the question of who's a 'real Democrat' pretty lame. Track record of raising money and campaigning for Democrats, that's a bit different. But any thriving party is welcoming newcomers.

10:55 PM: Slaughtered in the Deep South, the most conservative part of the country, overwhelmingly with the votes of African American Democrats.

9:57 PM: This argument by Sanders is just bogus. Even when he talks about lobbyists he's talking about lobbyists who have at least one client who is in the fossil fuel industry. It's the kind of willfully misleading argument we rightly condemn in others.

10:02 PM: This is another case where Sanders makes big claims about dramatic change with no clear or credible plan to actually follow through on it. Meanwhile, actually shutting down coal plants is meaningless, incrementalism.

10:07 PM: Sanders is inspiring when he talks about changing the realm of the possible and plausible, less so when he's more focused on attacking people who have actually implemented change while he was just talking.

10:10 PM: Clinton's response on Libya ... well, rather muddled.

9:37 PM: ...

9:42 PM: I feel like almost all of the Democrats' debates have been desperate efforts to find things these two disagree on.

9:43 PM: Hillary's actually wrong on this point. The states didn't follow in the federal government's wake. The federal government followed the states.

9:45 PM: I also think she's wrong to say these were unintended consequences. That's really not the case. It was a period of very high crime. People were scared. On top of that there was rank politicization and fear-mongering, efforts to use crime to win elections. The crime was real; the fear was real; the demagoguery was real. The country wanted to throw away the key for a lot of people. And no, it wasn't just whites. Most members of the Congressional Black Caucus voted for the bill. Now, I think you cannot take the 94 crime bill out of its historical and political context of the 94 crime bill. Law and order politics was a product of the right which Democrats were largely following. All that said, these weren't unintended consequences. Most of these consequences were intended. They just look very different now in an era of historically low crime rates.

9:22 PM: Man, Snarkders.

9:24 PM: Sanders must be positively devastated when Wolf quotes CEO's attacking him.

9:25 PM: I'll give this one to Sanders. What on earth was Wolf thinking referring to Sanders "contempt for American businesses"? Good lord. That's an insane level of editorializing. Here's the exact quote. "Given your obvious contempt for large American corporations, hue would you as president be able to effectively promote American businesses around the world?" That was so over the top, I at first thought it was part of the quote from the Verizon CEO.

9:29 PM: Did I mention, good lord, what was Wolf Blitzer thinking? Sanders is obviously a critic of corporate America. And it might not be unreasonable to say that he sometimes speaks about corporate America with contempt, you could say that. But a moderator isn't supposed to make obvious and fairly invidious editorializing remarks.

9:31 PM: What is going on here? I feel like Trump's going to come on to the stage and ask these two to take a take a deep breath and think for a moment about civility.