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Let me add a few more thoughts on the events of the evening.

There is a glorious swirl of irony, disingenuousness and bad faith in the vortex of opinions about James Comey and the notional rationale for firing him. Speaking just for myself, after Comey’s October 28th letter to Congress, I thought and think that by all rights he should have resigned. I think I wrote shortly after Trump’s election that by rights Comey should be fired but that it would be a national calamity if he was. An independent FBI Director was critical to the security of the nation as soon as a countdown started for Trump to become President of the United States.

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Just a few moments ago Jeff Zeleny reported on CNN (rush transcript) that the President started discussing firing Comey a week ago and then asked DOJ to come up with a “rationale” for the firing. Transcript after the jump …

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I can only remember a few times in twenty years in this business that I heard genuinely stunning news. Obviously 9/11 was stunning; natural disasters are stunning. But I mean political developments which are totally unexpected and substantially shocking. This is shocking. 

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We are putting together breaking news that James Comey is out as FBI Director. He was apparently fired by President Trump.

Statement from the White House …

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Sen. Graham says that after yesterday’s comment by former DNI Clapper he wants to examine President Trump’s business ties to Russia.

I want to help. Let me give you a few places to start, a starter package, if you will.

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Before I say more about Rep. Rod Blum and his performance yesterday when he stormed out of an interview in Dubuque after what were really the mildest questions, I wanted to give you an example of how much we rely on our readers and how simply awesome they are.

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This is highly disturbing.

In his recent testimony about his decision to send the notorious October 2016 letter to Clinton Congress, FBI Director James Comey painted a dramatic picture of the facts of the case and Huma Abedin’s actions. Altogether it was meant to demonstrate that Comey had little choice but to take action and ultimately send his public letter to Congress.

But it turns out what Comey said wasn’t true and the FBI knows it.

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