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As I argued below, being in the minority is difficult. You have no power. Fights take a long time. The worst thing Democrats can do is fall into the old pattern of garment-rending and self-flagellation. But let’s look at a poll result just released about who gets the blame. It’s highly revealing on a number of levels.

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Meet Brandon Griesemer, the 19 year old Michigan man who I referred to in the post below. He lives in suburban Detroit and made a series of calls to CNN headquarters in Atlanta threatening mass murder as payback for “fake news.” “Fake news. I’m coming to gun you all down. Fuck you, fuckin’ ni****rs.”

Here are the key passages from the FBI affidavit tied to his arrest.

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It’s amazing how quickly conventional wisdom can congeal. It’s even more amazing when it plays to Democrats’ habit of garment-rending and self-flagellation. This morning I read this in the lede of The Washington Post‘s Daily 202.

Seven takeaways from the failed Democratic government shutdown: The Resistance will struggle when it tries to replicate the tactics of the tea party movement. The left learned with its failed shutdown gambit that it cannot beat President Trump by copying the same playbook that the right used against Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

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We are on genuinely untrodden territory with a faction of House Republicans working to discredit federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies because they are investigating the President and finding damning information about him and his 2016 campaign. As you’ve likely heard, Rep. Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House intel committee had his staff write this “memo” which allegedly presents evidence of intelligence and law enforcement wrongdoing during the 2016 presidential campaign – basically “deep state” plotting against candidate Donald Trump.

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Let me share a little background on news that the FBI is now examining whether Russians funneled millions of dollars to the NRA in 2016 to support Donald Trump. It seems highly likely that that is actually the Mueller probe, not just “the FBI”. But the sourcing of the original report seems to have made it impossible to prove that connection. It is difficult to overstate how much smoke there has been about this going back a year. If there was proof we’d know about it. But even very specific dollar amounts – $30 million – were being floated around even prior to Trump’s inauguration.

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Our politics begin to make sense when you realize that the GOP is two parties: Party A, a rightist, ethno-nationalist party similar to rightist parties in Europe and Party B, a center-right pro-business party that is distinct from but controlled by Party A. The Democrats, meanwhile, are a coalition of progressive and center-left factions.

A year ago, as most of the media struggled to make sense of the reality of the Trump presidency and the Russia probe moved from the fringes of political discussion to the center, Michael Wolff’s was a conspicuous discordant voice – and quite intentionally so. Among his media colleagues, Wolff is quite well-known and not terribly well-liked. This appears to be as he likes it. He’s a canny journalist and a masterful self-promoter. He’s written a number of successful books and never seems to have a shortage of outlets ready to run his columns. About this time a year ago, Wolff was sidling up to Trump’s inner circle and crapping on basically every other journalist covering Trump. They wanted opposition, resistance, to say ‘this isn’t normal’ till they were blue in the face, he claimed. He wanted the story. He was a real journalist, not an activist.

What was ‘the story’? That Trump had achieved the impossible, bent the political nation to his will. That was the story and Michael Wolff was going to get it.

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The key vote just went down to defeat. The government is shutting down. In theory, there’s still 90 minutes to go before that happens. But there’s no plan for any other attempt to happen before midnight. We have a government shutdown.

This is what your wingnut uncle was watching tonight on Hannity. Nothing is at it seems. A vast conspiracy of disloyal Republicans has plotted against President Trump. But their deeds have been uncovered. They will soon all be in prison. And all will be well. Watch this short video after the jump.

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