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Bristol Palin has now broken her silence with a fusillade directed at basically everyone about Hunter Biden, Chelsea Clinton and about how, if the media weren't out to get her family, she'd be toasted as a "feminist hero." As on the night in question, she claims she only retaliated against the homeowner whose party her family crashed in the stretch Hummer limo after he became violent with her - notwithstanding the fact that all the other witnesses at the party (with the exception of the Palin family) to Anchorage police that she attacked first.

Of course, beyond the particulars of who struck first, the harder questions about violent white rural youths remain largely undiscussed.

As you have no doubt heard a member of the Canadian military and an attacker were killed today in the Canadian Parliament complex in Ottawa in what appears to be the second ISIL-inspired 'lone wolf' terrorist attack in Canada this week. Amidst all the other details and repercussions of this incident, there's one detail that I didn't fully grasp until this evening. And that is that the guy who shot and killed Michael Abdul Zehaf Bibeau, thus ending the attack, wasn't just someone from the Sergeant-at-Arms office but the actual Sergeant-at-Arms, 58 year old Kevin Vickers - the holder of an office that is largely ceremonial in nature.

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Update: October 22, 2014, 5:29 PM EDT

Here are the relevant details as of this moment on the situation in Ottawa.

One gunman dead and one Canadian soldier dead. No information motives of the shooter. Multiple news outlets named the suspect as Canadian-born Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, born in 1982.

Police investigating multiple shooting sites in the vicinity of the Canadian parliament building. Early reports of a possible shooting near a major shopping mall have since been dismissed by police. What's not clear is whether each of these shooting was the work of a single gunman who is now dead or whether there were multiple gunmen involved in the attack.