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Today is TPM's 14th Anniversary. The site launched on November 13th, 2000, which is I guess a roundabout way of restating the first sentence. As I've mentioned in a few posts over the last couple months we have several big new projects we're launching early next year. And the company, TPM Media, is in the best financial shape it's ever been. We plan to translate that success into doing more of what we do and doing it better. All in all, a good time for TPM. And we thank you, our readers.

John Fogerty says he's "proud" that Bruce Springsteen performed Fortunate Son performed at this weekend's Vets concert.

I'm not sure how much it even makes sense to call 'Fortunate Son' an 'anti-war' song, especially in the context of an event honoring veterans. I'm curious whether people think Born in the USA is anti-war or anti-American.

With the Court now poised to make its most nakedly partisan move in the slow descent since Bush v Gore in 2000 by upending the Obamacare subsidy regime, there's fevered debate and prognostication about the fallout that would follow. Will Democrats cave and agree to major revisions of Obamacare or will Republican governors (faced with an outcry from hundreds of thousands of constituents seeing huge rate increases) get pragmatic and adopt the federal exchange for their states to keep the subsidies flowing? Who blinks first is an interesting and important question. But it leaves a critical player, perhaps the critical player, out of the equation: the insurance companies.

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I keep getting asked to explain this piece or hearing from others who are responding to my follow-up this morning without having read the piece it was based on. So I'm reupping my post about wage stagnation, the Democratic party and the dearth of policy initiatives the latter has to deal with the former.

Thanks for all the thoughtful replies you sent about my piece on Democratic politics and the seemingly unscalable cliff face of wage stagnation that has afflicted the country for roughly four decades. I want to follow up on that post by posing a troubling possibility. What if there is simply nothing we can do?

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