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I get told a lot I don't take enough time off. So I'm taking the collective advice and going on vacation for a week. I'll be somewhere outside the country with my family for the next week. I leave you in the able hands of our great team.

We'll be taking The Hive offline at 7 PM eastern this evening for service and software upgrade. We believe it will take roughly an hour. But it's possible it could run longer. Look forward to a cleaner, smooth Hive experience when we come back this evening.

Also, this upgrade is the first step to a new commenting architecture we will be debuting soon in the Editor's Blog. So keep your eyes out for later this month.

People say lots of crazy stuff. Particularly right-wingers struggling to find analogies that might explain why their present day indignities, would-be oppressions or efforts to be understood place them in the descent of history's inconic victims - enslaved Africans in the Americas, gassed Jews in the Holocaust, to name only the most frequent examples.

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Another dispatch from Ukrainian emigre TPM Reader RS. Please note his own caveats about the reliability of the reports and the different actors trying to push their own narratives of events ...

Just wanted to send you a quick note on events in Ukraine. I realize most of the world is concentrated on what's going on in Crimea, some are already moving on. I just wanted to point to something else that's going on.

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At Slate Dave Weigel picks up and gently critiques my post below on Paul Ryan, being misunderstood on race and relying on the work of Charles Murray. The gist of my argument was that it is easy to be 'misunderstood' when you use racially loaded language to describe the ingrained, intergenerational laziness of men from the "inner city", especially when you cite the work of Charles Murray, a man best known for his 1994 book The Bell Curve, which argued that a key reason for persistent disparities between blacks and whites in America (test scores, incomes, et al.) is the genetically-based mental inferiority of black people.

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Rep. Paul Ryan says he was misunderstood, mischaracterized. Now he says he was "inarticulate" in his discussion of a cultural aversion to work afflicting men in American "inner cities." It is true that even for those operating in good faith the topic of entrenched poverty in socially and economically isolated urban areas can be treacherous to navigate. Persistent joblessness creates social ills that build upon themselves - isolation from capital, educational opportunities, being around persistent violence all reinforce each other. And none lead to anything good. But Ryan can't get any pass because he simply doesn't fit into this group of people operating in anything like good faith.

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We're holding a live chat about the latest developments on net neutrality policy (or the lack thereof) in The Hive at 5:00 PM eastern. Answering your questions will be Lowell Peterson, executive director of the Writers Guild of America. Get your questions in now and join us at 5 PM.

Colin Powell wins the internet with epic 60 year old selfie. Look.