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We're now hearing from President Pena Nieto as well as his press people that Donald Trump didn't tell the truth when he said the two hadn't discussed who'd pay for the wall. Pena Nieto says they did discuss it and he made clear at the outset of their conversations that Mexico would never pay for it.

It's a quite legitimate question why Pena Nieto didn't contradict Trump when Trump made this claim on stage with him. Maybe he's lying. Maybe Trump's lying. But remember, Trump's a pathological liar. Pena Nieto? I have no idea about his reputation for truth telling.

Late Update: Here's the Clinton camp's first go at it. Not bad. But certainly not enough.

As I've explained - somewhat contrary to what seems to be the received wisdom - I don't think this went well for Trump. The presidential visuals were definitely good. Pena Nieto was passive and even obsequious. But the key in my mind is that Trump refused to discuss who would pay for the Trump Wall, a centerpiece of Trump's whole campaign. I think that will continue to be a telling moment well after the visuals have subsided. I will stick with that interpretation. But there's another part of the equation: the blowback for Pena Nieto in Mexico.

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Just a few moments again Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a major Trump surrogate, was asked on CNN if he was troubled by Trump not asking the President of Mexico to pay for the Wall ...

"No, what difference does it make. The wall is important no matter who pays for it. If Mexico doesn’t pay for it, they do get foreign aid. Maybe we can deduct the price from the foreign aid. I’m not trying to be nasty."

A few quick thoughts on the joint press conference between Mexican President Pena Nieto and Donald Trump. On balance, I think it was what I earlier today called the best possible outcome for Trump: "an uneventful and generally boring meeting or one in which Trump and Pena Nieto get into a spat or trade insults." Obviously, this was option one.

A few thoughts.

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As we reinforce the TPM space capsule for first contact with the afternoon Mexico City to Phoenix Trump shit show, there will be precious little time for me to harangue you about signing up for Prime. We're six weeks into our 2016 annual sign up drive. We're at 1175 signups for August. We'd really like to finish the month with 1200. You can help us get there and reap the glory of being number 2012. More, seriously, it matters. If you need TPM, we need you. We really do. Can you take a moment right now - not this afternoon or tonight but right now - to sign up for Prime? You'll be really glad you did. I promise.

Last night I wrote up my initial thoughts on Trump's hastily planned trip to Mexico City. With the arrival of a new day, I would say I pretty much stick with all the points I made last night: Trump is embarking on an event over which he will exercise little if any control and cede almost all control to someone whose every interest and desire is to damage him. That violates every rule in the political book. It's such a self-destructive move that it is extremely tempting to posit some unknown factor, wisdom, knowledge ... anything that makes it not seem as stupid as it looks. But Trump's Razor counsels against this.

All that said, the morning brings some new factual developments worth taking note of.

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We have news tonight that tomorrow, in advance of his big immigration speech in Arizona, Donald Trump will travel to Mexico City to meet with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. This is such an outlandish idea it is not easy to make sense of it or predict its outcome. But a few key points are worth bearing in mind.

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These remarks have gotten very little attention. But they're quite remarkable. In his interview with NBC News, Dr. Harold Bornstein, Donald Trump's freakshow doctor, pretty clearly implies that he's had improper access to Hillary Clinton's medical records and says her health history is "really not so good."

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