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I wanted to remind everyone (readers and potential reporters) we're starting 2017 by building out our investigative team. Want to join us? Eager to dig and break big stories? See our listing here and apply.

Philip Klein has an important piece on the politics of Obamacare repeal in The Washington Examiner. It's dressed up with a lot of digs at the law and the promises which were made on its behalf - not all of which are unfair. But the key point he makes is very much on the mark. Republicans are going to have a very hard time with Obamacare repeal as long as they claim that no one will lose their coverage in the process.

Klein puts it this way.

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Kellyanne Conway: "You always want to go by what comes out of his mouth rather than look at what’s in his heart."

Times of Israel: "The Palestinian truck driver who killed four IDF soldiers in a truck-ramming attack in Jerusalem on Sunday was reportedly motivated to act after hearing a sermon at his local mosque attacking US President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign promise to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem."

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We've got more detail on the corruption investigation into Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. As we noted earlier, there appear to be two unconnected investigations. One a sleazy but not terribly remarkable gifts scandal, the other apparently more serious and involving a taped recording of Netanyahu.

Now the unidentified businessman in the latter case turns out to be Arnon Mozes, publisher of Yedioth Ahronoth, one of Israel's biggest papers (Ynet is the online version and available in English). And it seems to involve a deal in which Netanyahu would limit the growth of Sheldon Adelson's free paper Israel Hayom in return for pro-Netanyahu coverage.

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A week ago I wrote about monopoly and anti-trust and growing discussion about whether the hibernation of anti-trust enforcement is a driver not only of wealth and income inequality but political dysfunction in general. As I said, one of my goals this year is to educate myself enough to at least understand the debate. A week in, needless to say, I have not gotten that far. But I do have a couple articles to share. First is this overview of articles on the topic from The Washington Monthly, where I used to work years ago. Second is this new piece in the Monthly by Barry C. Lynn, who I'm quickly learning is the guy on this topic. Lynn has a group working on the topic at The New America Foundation.

This just out from Ha'aretz ...

Suspicions in the main corruption affair involving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are backed by a tape documenting alleged contacts between Netanyahu and a businessman over mutual benefits, Haaretz has learned.

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On this week's episode of The Josh Marshall Show I talk to Rep. Keith Ellison about his run to be Chair of the DNC. The full episode of the podcast is usually subscriber only. But we're making this episode available to everyone. Also a reminder: Next week I'll be talking to Labor Secretary Tom Perez about his run for DNC chair.