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Note that Donald Trump has been out today questioning the legitimacy of the election on various fronts - in the courts, on Twitter. That makes sense (in his warped mind), given the early indications we're seeing.

Okay, folks. Here we go. A bit later we're going to put the election results scoreboard up on the front page. We will have results from all federal elections - president, senate, house plus governors. We will also have results down to the county level. And we'll present those results side by side with the 2012 results down to the county level. That will allow you to get a sense of how things compare to the 2012. More shortly.

A brief reminder, folks. First wave exit polls are almost always revised. They are often revised enough to predict a different winner by the final wave. They are not infrequently wrong.

I confess, every election these pictures and stories nourish, enliven and inspire me. Thank you all for sharing them.

TPM Reader BW: "My wife and our two sons here in Madison, Wisconsin. We could have voted early, but we're Native Americans, and we want to show our two boys how important it is for everyone in Indian Country to vote in each and every election. It's now another one of our family traditions."

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TPM Reader PH was waiting in line at her precinct in Manhattan when all of a sudden the Secret Service and the Trump family shows up.

I was standing in line inside PS 59 in midtown and security told all of us to stand against wall. In walks Ivanka, her husband, Melania and Donald. One guy on line yelled "You'll never win!"

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The Trump campaign is suing the registrar of Clark County, Nevada, for doing something the law expressly requires - leaving voting stations open to allow everyone to vote who was in line when the voting station closed.

I'm curious on this whether they have an actual election lawyer filing this suit or whether it's one of Trump's goofball lawyers. It seems dead on arrival.

Update: This challenge seems so flatly contradicted by state law that it seems pretty clear that this isn't a serious legal challenge but an effort to undermine the eventual result.

TPM Reader EL: "Here are my voting pix: I was very excited to vote for Barack Obama in 2008, but this election feels different for me. For the first time in my 42 years of voting, I cast my ballot from someone who understands my life’s experiences. I wore white to honor the suffragettes who fought for the vote. I wore a pantsuit in honor of Hillary and I wore a Nasty Woman t-shirt because I am one!"

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From TPM Reader JN ...

I felt the need to share this because it completely moved me. We are very careful to not talk politics with our kids, not the least because the parents in our home school group are very conservative. But they’re old enough - 10 and almost 9 – that they are going to be aware. When my son woke up this morning he said he was worried about the election. My wife asked why and he said he really wanted to see the first woman president. He also said that Donald Trump doesn’t like foreigners and wants to build a wall and that’s bad because his sister is Chinese (she’s adopted). Hearing this made me cry – so proud of him and will be so disappointed in this nation if it breaks his heart. This isn’t BS – he came up with this on his own and unsolicited. Love him.

We're already getting flooded with your election day photos. That's perfect. Keep them coming. Here's a bit more detail about what to do.