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Police seize semi-automatic rifles, ammunition, body armor and smoke grenades from home of Cleveland area judge.

I mentioned yesterday the question of why these two American doctors happened to have gotten what may have been a life saving treatment for Ebola when hundreds of people in Africa have already died in the current outbreak. The cynical explanation is that American lives just count for more than Africans from impoverished countries - and I don't rule out some element of that. But when I first heard this story the big thing that jumped out to me was the issue of informed consent. Because this treatment was so new as to almost not amount to a treatment - more like a promising research lead. And the history of using humans as essentially human guinea pigs is, to put it mildly, a very dark history. Here's an email from TPM Reader HB which throws some more light on the question ...

You ask: "So how are we only hearing about this treatment when two American aid workers came down with the disease after going on 800 people have died in the current outbreak in three countries in Africa?"

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I've always said this to all of my employees when they start at TPM, if you're to run for governor and you find yourself parked in an empty parking lot at four o'clock in the morning with someone who is not your spouse when you have a spouse, just one thing: make sure you have valid drivers' license.

When I first saw this headline "Cucchinelli Lists GOP Senators Who Funded 'Race-Baiting Tactics'" I thought, damn, maybe he's gone full GOP 2012 post-mortem, getting a little distance from the institutional right. But, well, no. This is the new "race-baiting" which now means the rough equivalent of "saying people shouldn't be racist." You might say it's the civil rights movement of our time.