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As he readies to run for president and grabs whatever low hanging fruit on the conservative agenda tree he can find, Scott Walker is now planning to strip tenure from professors in the University of Wisconsin higher education system.

This will undoubtedly be portrayed and fought over as a matter of academic freedom. Tenure is among other things in place to protect scholars from the patronage and political demands of the moment and incentivize independent scholarship free of ideological, market or political pressures. That is 100% true. And by and large it is a good system - especially when understood in the larger context of academic life.

But let's be honest: there's basically zero way you win a fight in the political realm to defend lifetime job security for relatively high paid professors who do zero manual labor.

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Prime Minister Netanyahu meets with Art Garfunkel in Jerusalem.

Longtime TPMers will remember that going on a decade ago we did a lot of reporting on this totally crazy story: a few Florida stoner bros who got into the business of arms dealing, servicing the Bush administration's goal of standing up an Afghan security force (fast, really fast)which needed tons of Soviet era munitions. The big cheese was 21 year old high school dropout Efraim Diveroli; the second cheese was 25 year old David Packouz, a part-time masseuse. Makes perfect sense right? It was all going great until they got greedy and stupid and the feds got involved. Not the ones who needed millions of Russian bullets but the ones who indict you. Now, we've got a much deeper dive, with years of history and fall out and reporting to give us a fuller picture of just what on earth was going on with these jokers. Check it out.

Though the killing of Trayvon Martin was not a police killing, that event three years ago started off a chain of events that has dramatically heightened the prominence of the national conversation about policing and race in the United States. Today we're talking about this latest incident in McKinney, Texas in which - thankfully - no one was killed or seriously injured but a police officer has already resigned over behavior caught on the now ubiquitous hand held video.

There are a couple stories I want to highlight for you about this incident this morning because I think they capture the gulf between what you might call Fox News policing and actual professional practice of policing, even though of course best practices police work can often diverge pretty dramatically from actual police work.

Here's what I wanted to highlight.

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This is jumping ahead a bit on my colleagues. But I hope they won't mind.

As I've mentioned a few times we're getting ready to launch a new historical artifact section at TPM. It will include many things. But the core of it will be a steady stream of historical artifacts from the past. These might be documents, coins, photographs, posters - anything really, but with an emphasis on visual representations of physical objects that provide a window into a past world.

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