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The Nevada Sheriff who played the role of intermediary between Cliven Bundy and the BLM says the BLM's tactics helped escalate the crisis. But this quote also gives some sense of the frustrations inherent in trying to deal with Mr. Bundy ...

"My counsel (to Bundy) was: You have no legal standing; you choose not to go to federal court and argue your case," Gillespie said. "But he would not recognize the federal government. So dealing with him wasn't making a lot of success."

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Check out this post from Tom Kludt about the conservative journalist who "broke" the purported vote buying story in Mississippi. Feels like part of a pattern for a cadre of young reporters who've come up around The Daily Caller, Breitbart and other Free Beaconish type outlets. Very aggressive, a pretty substantial number of mistakes that might have ended careers in other places and just a guerilla partisan type mentality that you might say makes them part of the O'Keefe generation. Combined with that is a penchant for starting up a plethora of new, often one man type outlets (nothing wrong with that certainly), often while working for one or more of the franchise publications. As Johnson, the focus of Tom's piece, puts it on the fundraising page for his new venture, "I have a long history of winning the narrative."