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Who says extremist religious sects can't adopt to modernity?

It's actually not technically a niqab (which covers the whole face) because the theological reasoning is different. But, according to the Associated Press, the ISIS rulers of northern Iraqi city of Mosul have ordered shop owners in the city to cover the faces of the mannequins in their showrooms.

Rather than meant to protect female modesty the coverings are apparently an effort to enforce strict interpretations of Sharia law that forbid statues or other representations of the human form.

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From TPM Reader HW ...

I think the Halbig decision is terrible: terrible for the insured, terrible for American law (to your point about the corruption of judges who ignore established tenets of construction to reach their predictably preferred political outcome).

But it is also terrible for one group with whom I have no sympathy: Republican governors and state legislators.

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As you've probably seen now, coincidentally - at least not by any schedule they had to follow - the 4th Circuit also ruled today on the same Obamacare subsidy question. And they sided with the government.

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