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As the Netanyahu speech controversy has unfolded I've wondered about and a number of readers have asked me whether there are any obvious historical parallels to Ron Dermer, the Israeli ambassador. The truth is that there are so many unique or at least very uncommon factors overlapping together that it's very hard to think of any other comparable case in recent history or perhaps ever. The Israel relationship is high stakes. It's already increasingly partisanized. The Ambassador was an American citizen himself until not too long ago. And he has long standing political ties to the party that is the president's opposition. There's quite a lot going on. But there's one case from history that at least offers some interesting parallels. The differences are illuminating as well. The year is 1793. And the man is "Citizen Genet", Edmond-Charles Genet, Minister Plenipotentiary of the French Republic to the United States of America.

In other words, Ambassador.

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A new poll shows Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud slipping back into a small lead over Labor, after a series of polls had shown Labor consolidating a small lead. Most assume that fighting to the north has refocused voters on security issues, Netanyahu's perceived strength. That confirms the trend and findings from this poll from three days ago.



One of those few viral-wow slideshows that's really just wow. An old shack in the desert wrapped in mirrors.

TPM Reader FB flags this very interesting mini-documentary at The New York Times about the growth of vaccine skepticism. Very well put together piece of journalism. But what goes unstated is on several occasions when they're highlighting sloppy fear-mongering reporting, the reporter is none other than Sharyl Attkisson.

In recent years many progressive political thinkers have focused on the views of so-called millennials. They are more pro-gay rights, more racially inclusive and generally have more progressive political views on a host of issues. It's part of what gives people - rightly - such confidence on LGBT rights issues. It's generational. There's no going back. That's great. Unfortunately, a lot of these youngs seem to be complete a complete disaster on vaccination.

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