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There is a very important and illuminating article about Ebola this morning in Wired. The gist is that the unless we rapidly contain and stamp out Ebola in West Africa the future really is grim - just not for the reasons which have dominated press coverage in the US. Ebola will likely never be a significant threat in the US (or other wealthy, technologically advanced countries). And it is very unlikely that it will mutate into a more effective contagion (like the flu). The real threat is that it will become endemic in West Africa and then migrate to other parts of Africa and then or other parts of the globe like the many global mega-cities with vast slums with poor public health infrastructure where Ebola could take root and become endemic.

In this scenario, it's not always at crisis proportions as it currently is in West Africa but always there percolating at a low level and episodically erupting into major outbreaks at different hot points around the globe.

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This is hilarious and happily innocent. But everyone involved truly deserves a big "Good Job, Everyone!" As you can see in this 'Vine' video, British PM David Cameron is walking toward his car when all of a sudden some random dude comes flying into the picture either slams into Cameron or almost slams into him. The PM's security detail quickly grabs the guy and Cameron appears uninjured and a little stunned.

Now, unlike planes and projectiles, normal sized humans on foot can usually be observed at a distance. So this seems like a bit of a shortcoming on the part of Cameron's security detail. But actually, it gets better, or worse, as the case may be.

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As you've likely seen Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol have now spoken out about their notorious boozy family brawl, recasting Bristol's attack on the event's host as a morality tale about violence against women and media bias. We should note that probably no one in American public life better embodies the echo-chamber of digital life. Most prominent public figures say their piece and then various memes and jabs and more bubble their way up from Twitter or blogs or whatever other parts of the digital commons. With Palin, they're always packaged together as a single product. So in talking about themselves they're already railing about Hunter Biden and Chelsea Clinton and media bias and the 'war on women' and the rest. As she has since she stepped onto the national stage six years ago, Palin is the ultimate avatar of base Republican culture since she views herself as an eternal victim, with all the grievance and resentment that entails.

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Bristol Palin has now broken her silence with a fusillade directed at basically everyone about Hunter Biden, Chelsea Clinton and about how, if the media weren't out to get her family, she'd be toasted as a "feminist hero." As on the night in question, she claims she only retaliated against the homeowner whose party her family crashed in the stretch Hummer limo after he became violent with her - notwithstanding the fact that all the other witnesses at the party (with the exception of the Palin family) to Anchorage police that she attacked first.

Of course, beyond the particulars of who struck first, the harder questions about violent white rural youths remain largely undiscussed.