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TPM Reader SB shares a story you will want to read ...

I wanted to add a potentially unusual perspective on your questions about the movement sparked by the police murders: I'm a white millennial (28 years old) whose first cousin, a 16-year-old Hispanic male (adopted by my aunts in New Mexico shortly after birth) was shot dead by a policeman early this summer in then-mysterious circumstances. (Some Googling will get you to the story quickly enough; for your sake, here's an article.) Let me tell you, the questions NEVER go away, even in this case, where we have a pretty clear sense of what happened and it's intellectually easy to understand why it happened. I'm confident that everyone in my extended family is somewhere on a spectrum from "isn't there some other way the officers could have handled it?" to "this is absolutely murder in cold blood." And I think we all to a certain extent ask: isn't there a reasonable case that a jury should decide the answers in public?

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"At first, I questioned my assumption that black people in America generally don’t go off into the forest to pitch a tent and cook beans over a fire. I am an urban negro, a man of the cities, but what of blacks in rural areas or blacks with high concentrations of white friends?"

Brandon Harris looks straight at the unbearable whiteness of camping.

I'm fascinated by the budding cultural politics of shirts, as we're seeing it play out over the last few days in professional sports. As you've no doubt seen, a growing number of African-American professional athletes have either worn the Garner-related "I Can't Breathe" shirt or in the case of the St Louis Rams and others the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" gesture tied to the death of Michael Brown.

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