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"Progressives have had a lot of sport recently contrasting conservative attacks on Barack Obama as a vicious law-breaking tyrant in domestic affairs with their simultaneous attacks on him as a weak, trembling figure on the world scene. How could Vladimir Putin fail to notice that Obama has struck so much fear into the hearts of his enemies at home, who are cowering in their homes awaiting assaults from IRS agents and affianced gay people? Hard to say.

But conservative self-contradiction about Obama’s spine reflects a much broader and deeper ambivalence about whether they are winning or losing the great battle for America’s culture and political system."

Read the rest here from Ed Kilgore.

LiveWire is the beating heart of TPM. Fast, reactive, iterative and on top of the news like no one else anywhere. And we're looking to add a new member to that LiveWire team. This position will have an especial focus on video - monitoring news breaking on cable news, unbelievable quotes, viral video moments, exchanges that take the news of the day in a dramatic new direction. If something happens on TV and our readers should see it and understand its context and significance, we want to be on top of it faster than any other publication out there. And that's where this new Newswriter position comes in. Interested in joining our NYC Team? Job listing after the jump ...

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And then this: "The thing that I think is getting a little tiresome is the gay community, they have so bullied the American people."

Right-wing hero Sharyl Attkisson has resigned from CBS News, seemingly because of 'liberal bias'. Remember this was the reporter who couldn't stopped with endlessly discredited Benghazi coverage as well as claiming that her computer had been hacked and that it may have been Obama snooping because she was about to blow the lid on Benghazi. Some of the reporting on the right is priceless.

Today we learn that despite showily vetoing the bill last month, Gov. Jan Brewer's office actually helped draft the anti-gay 'religious liberty' bill that garnered so much press attention across the country. It was one of many such bills that sprouted up all at once across the country; all of which now seem either dead or on life support. Brewer now seems not much different from those state senators who voted for the bill and then days later started begging Brewer to veto it.

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This is the so-called Cantino Map, a chart stolen by an agent of an Italian Duke from the Portuguese Crown in 1502. It provides an interesting follow-up to our discussion of the first map of the continent of Africa from Friday.

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We now have the most concrete information to date that some 3 to 4 million people are now newly insured since Obamacare went into effect on January 1st. That's not simply people who've signed up, many of which likely already had inferior or more expensive coverage of some sort. These are newly insured people. Good Dylan Scott piece here about how GOP reacts on whether they go into November campaigning on taking away that care from those and likely millions more who will be covered by the end of the year.