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We're all set for the Benghazi committee clown show today. Watch it with us! Or we'll watch it so you don't have to and we'll just bring you the highlights and details.

The latest from committee this morning is that they've got some new, new stuff that's gonna change everything.

The AP got a hold of self-described "soldier of Christ" Kim Davis's emails during the period earlier this fall when she was fighting a holy war on behalf of heterosexual intercourse. And they're a doozy.

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TPM Reader PK wonders if we've reached effective multi-party government on Capitol Hill ...

I think more attention should be given to the repeated and consistent claim made by members of the “Freedom Caucus” that they can’t make a deal with Ryan unless 80% of their membership (of 40-odd) agree to it. I haven’t been counting, but it seems to me that at least nine of them have already indicated that they won’t agree to Ryan’s terms, which means that the Ryan speakership is already dead in the water, no?

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So we have the Freedom Caucus' answer to Paul Ryan. They'll support his bid, but not his terms. Around 70% of members of the group voted to support him in a Caucus meeting. But apparently their rules require 80% support for an official Caucus endorsement. But the key point is its endorsement without agreeing to Ryan's terms. And notably, Ryan would have to climb down some more since he made an actual endorsement a condition.

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Did the Ryan boom last less than 24 hours? Or was the whole thing just more establishment delusion? I guess we don't know their final answer yet. But the tone coming out of the 'Freedom Caucus' seems to tell the story clear enough. Caucus co-founder Matt Salmon compared Ryan's demands for family time to "interviewing a maid for a job and she says, ‘I don’t clean windows, I don’t do floors, I don’t do beds, these are the hours I’ll work."

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When the White House announced that Joe Biden would be making an announcement in the Rose Garden with the President at his side it was pretty clear Biden was a no. The only other possibility was that Obama had moved to a level of Not Giving a F*ck mode beyond anything we've seen before. Obama: Okay, folks, I've watched both these two work on the great issues of our time. And you want Joe. Trust me. Joe's the guy.

No, that didn't happen.

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You won't believe this: House Freedom caucus doesn't like Paul Ryan's conditions.

You read the headline right. Sometimes someone digs so deep down into bullshit that there comes a moment when they are entirely surrounded by it - up, down, right, left. Those are good moments to say: how did I get here? And how do I get out? Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had one of those moments today. But those questions did not occur to him.

In case you're wondering: the headline is not a tease. In a speech Tuesday, in an effort to make his case about Palestinian provocations and violence against Jews, the Israel Prime Minister actually found his way into defending Adolf Hitler.

Here's how it went down.

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You see the news in our feature story that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) just sort of announced his candidacy for the Speakership. We'll have more reported details shortly. But the gist is he's going to try to turn the dynamic of the GOP caucus on its head. I emphasize, try.

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