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The New York Times posted an article late Wednesday evening which confirms and expands on much of what I've been hearing from within the Sanders campaign in recent weeks and days. The top leaders of the campaign are now saying openly that they are focused on dealing a crushing blow to Clinton in the California primary on June 7th and aren't concerned whether it damages Clinton's chances in the general election or not.

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With Trump's top GOP supporters now saying his deportation was never real and is actually just a matter of issuing undocumented immigrants with new paperwork, there's a growing list of questions reporters should really start asking Trump. But Trump himself has now moved on from immigration politics to dredging up allegations about Bill Clinton that range from unsubstantiated to discredited to ridiculous. But here's the thing: Trump's former wife Ivana said Trump raped her in a sworn deposition. Given how central a role rape accusations have played in Trump's campaign - against Mexicans, political opponents, etc. it is clearly a highly germane question, as frankly it would be for any presidential candidate.

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An EgyptAir jet from Paris to Cairo disappeared from flight control radar and is now three hours past due in Cairo.

"CAIRO (AP) — EgyptAir says Airbus A320 Flight 804 carrying 59 passengers and 10 crew disappeared from radarearly Thursday morning."

11:42 PM: After initially saying the plane "faded" from radar over the Eastern Mediterranean, Egyptair now says the plane disappeared ten miles inside Egyptian airspace.

Buffalo New York Congressman Chris Collins (R-NY) was the first member of Congress to endorse presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and he's become a key campaign surrogate for the reputed billionaire businessman. But in a Tuesday interview with The Buffalo News, Collins said he believed two of Trump's signature campaign proposals would never be carried out.

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Trump tells the Times magazine that Oakland and Ferguson are the places that "are among the most dangerous in the world." This was in the context of why he hasn't visited Iraq.

Just a thought to consider. Over the last few months both Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver and Strategist Tad Devine have been pretty conspicuous on TV making Sanders' case, albeit the former more than the latter. It's Weaver who's been the more confrontational of the two. Has anyone seen Tad recently on TV? He seems to have gone totally silent.

For months I'd thought and written that Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver was the key driver of toxicity in the the Democratic primary race. Weaver has been highly visible on television, far more than campaign managers tend to be. He's also been the one constantly upping the tension, pressing the acrimony and unrealism of the campaign as Sanders actual chances of winning dwindled.

But now I realize I had that wrong.

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With this new blow-up over whatever happened over the weekend in Nevada we see the pretty real and even dire consequences of lying to your supporters. The Sanders campaign, especially campaign manager Jeff Weaver, has been saying for weeks that Sanders can still win and that the system is 'rigged' against Sanders. But the situation in Nevada is really a microcosm of the dynamic I described last month: to the extent the system is 'rigged', it's mainly rigged in Sanders' favor.

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It is worth noting the big picture here. Every day the Sanders and Clinton camps spend going apeshit at each other rather than beginning the work of unifying Democrats and progressives of all stripes into a coalition to keep Donald Trump out of the White House is a lost day. The primary campaign is demonstrably over. Hillary Clinton won, with pledged delegates. Whether you like that fact or don't like it doesn't change the fact itself. Whoever you think is right or wrong about this blow up in Nevada, building more acrimony and resentment after the fight is already over is a bad day for the Democrats and their prospects in November.