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I didn't think Rubio would get out tonight. Soon, yes. But not tonight. And yet there it is. It was a contradictory speech in many ways. On the one hand he was clearly standing against Donald Trump's politics of division; on the other arguing that the "political establishment" betrayed the Tea Party waves of 2010 and 2014 - which is in many ways the sort victimization politics and raising of false, hopeless expectations that laid the groundwork for Donald Trump.

Certainly one of his more human moments, certainly a difficult one for him. You can see the emotional anguish in his speech, affect and how he's carrying himself.

It looks like a blowout for Donald Trump tonight, though probably without winning Ohio. But it looks like we have very close races Ohio, Missouri and Illinois on the Democratic side. The latest exit polls show extremely close results in each state - small lead for Clinton in Ohio and even smaller ones for Sanders in Illinois and Missouri. Those are mid-evening exit polls, keep in mind. But very close. Meanwhile, Clinton scores a smashing win in Florida.

I'm watching the coverage on CNN right now as they look over the exit polls. The big takeaway is that they're tracking the difference between "dissatisfied voters" vs "angry voters." Next up: "already stockpiling weapons" voters.

7:47 PM: "Extraordinary epic collapse" - Anderson Cooper on Rubio campaign.

We know this at this point. But as we listen to the election commentary tonight it is telling how potential wins for various Republicans (besides Trump) are simply presented as wins that could make it possible for them to stay in the race or be 'plausible', whatever that means. It is admittedly hard to know how one can be both 'plausible' and have no conceivable path to the nomination. No question Trump wins. Just how he wins.

Live election results in all the states tonight over to the right on our front page.

Donald Trump has apparently decided it is not a good idea to pay the legal fees of violent extremists at his rallies who he encourages to beat protestors. And he's told us this in the form of claiming he never said he wanted to in the first place.

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