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This whole Krugman/Silver brouhaha broke out when I was on vacation. And I'm only beginning to catch up on the details. But TPM Reader SR has some interesting thoughts on trying to "disrupt" fields of inquiry which, unlike politics and formerly sports, already have a lot of highly numerate practitioners ...

Krugman and Silver are both notoriously a bit prickly—whether by nature or just because of all the idiotic hack pushback both of them have endured for years for the unpardonable sin of being right again and again when the Cohens and the Noonans and the Scarboroughs of the world have been willfully wrong.

But when you see Silver trying to refute Krugman’s criticism that people on his new site have so far been using data as like a drunk uses a lamppost by conflating correlation with causation and, more generally by treating Krugman as if he was just another hack defending the NYT and his own blowsy, fact free turf, he rather conclusively establishes the truth of Krugman’s criticism.

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Christie Lawyer releases 300+ page report: Upshot, Christie totally in the clear. All bad acts by David Wildstein and Bridget Kelly.

So two key Christie appointees hatched a plan to close the bridges. But Christie knew nothing about it. No advanced knowledge. No role in pushing the plan. No knowledge that it was a bad act rather than a legitimate traffic study.

In other words, it's good to be the governor.

Today I'm really excited to announce that we've launched a very cool new section to our popular Idea Lab vertical called Idea Lab: Impact, which is being sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. I've wanted to take Idea Lab in this direction for some time. Idea Lab focuses science, cutting edge technology, the tech industry and the economics, policy and politics that surrounds those issues and sometimes on the gizmos we all use everyday. Idea Lab: Impact will have a different focus. How is science and applied technology affecting real human lives? How is it impacting people and communities living on the margins of global wealth and on the margins of the technological transformations of the 21st century - whether that's in subsaharan Africa or Appalachia or in congested great cities of the world. Basically, how is and how can science and technology change the lives of people in their every day lives - not only with their gadgets and not only for people who command great wealth, but real world impacts for everyone.

Saw this and sort of wonder, "Oh no, is Obama applying for a new job?"

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I get told a lot I don't take enough time off. So I'm taking the collective advice and going on vacation for a week. I'll be somewhere outside the country with my family for the next week. I leave you in the able hands of our great team.

We'll be taking The Hive offline at 7 PM eastern this evening for service and software upgrade. We believe it will take roughly an hour. But it's possible it could run longer. Look forward to a cleaner, smooth Hive experience when we come back this evening.

Also, this upgrade is the first step to a new commenting architecture we will be debuting soon in the Editor's Blog. So keep your eyes out for later this month.

People say lots of crazy stuff. Particularly right-wingers struggling to find analogies that might explain why their present day indignities, would-be oppressions or efforts to be understood place them in the descent of history's inconic victims - enslaved Africans in the Americas, gassed Jews in the Holocaust, to name only the most frequent examples.

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