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Rep. Paul Ryan says he was misunderstood, mischaracterized. Now he says he was "inarticulate" in his discussion of a cultural aversion to work afflicting men in American "inner cities." It is true that even for those operating in good faith the topic of entrenched poverty in socially and economically isolated urban areas can be treacherous to navigate. Persistent joblessness creates social ills that build upon themselves - isolation from capital, educational opportunities, being around persistent violence all reinforce each other. And none lead to anything good. But Ryan can't get any pass because he simply doesn't fit into this group of people operating in anything like good faith.

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We're holding a live chat about the latest developments on net neutrality policy (or the lack thereof) in The Hive at 5:00 PM eastern. Answering your questions will be Lowell Peterson, executive director of the Writers Guild of America. Get your questions in now and join us at 5 PM.

Colin Powell wins the internet with epic 60 year old selfie. Look.

All modern day presidents and arguably every president in history has tried to go around the dominant media of the day. But TPM Reader JA notes that usually this is done in the context of a campaign or for an explicitly political purpose. Here, though, there's a difference ...

It goes without saying that any handwringing over President Obama's appearance on an online comedy talk show is at best hypocritical coming from the Beltway press corp. and right wing. Afterall, where were these people when George W. Bush took photos of himself looking for WMDs in the Oval Office for the WH Press Corp. Dinner, or when Richard Nixon went on "Laugh In" and said "Sock It To Me"?

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Various versions of this latest news are being reported. But I'm going mainly off the live report broadcast over CNN a short while ago. In brief, it seems the story of that missing Malaysian jet disappearance is dramatically different than we thought.

Again, going on this report (and given what's happened so far I don't think we can assume this latest 'news' won't change), around the time it was entering Vietnamese airspace, the planes transponders turned off. Around that time, the plane appears to have made close to a u-turn back toward Malaysia. It flew for roughly an hour, which took it across Malaysia and over the Straits of Malacca where it finally dropped off radars entirely off a small island between Malaysia and Indonesia.

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