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Tunisians hold candles and pray at the entrance gate of the National Bardo Museum where scores of people were killed after gunmen staged an attack, Tunis, Wednesday, March 18, 2015. Foreign tourists scrambled in panic Wednesday after militants stormed a museum in Tunisia's capital and killed scores of people, "shooting at anything that moved," a witness said. - AP

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TPM Reader BF on Israel, the Israeli right and looking over the horizon ...

Putting the Palestinian issue front and center was, I think, a predictably sound political gambit by Bibi. As you've pointed out, recent defections from the right coalition on this issue have been about the realization that the status quo is not sustainable. But that is very forward looking, and as a practical matter it is easy to see why many Israelis would be making a judgment not on whether the status quo is sustainable, but rather whether the status quo is better than situations they've lived with in the past.

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Our chief Capitol Hill reporter, Sahil Kapur, is hosting a Live Chat at The Hive (sub req) on Friday at 1 PM. Got a question about Obamacare before the Court, that human trafficking bill, the new House budget or the Lynch nomination? Here's the place. Sahil can answer them all. Get your questions in now and join Sahil at 1 PM on Friday.

Feds arrest Cameron Stout of Stover, Missouri on charges of plotting to "storm Washington" and kill President Obama.

Best part of the story is this part about how Cameron met the informant, a former Aryan Nation member, who ratted him out.

The informant met Stout last week while fishing and, the affidavit said, either Stout or his friend "made a rude hand gesture towards" the informant. A confrontation took place, but tensions cooled and the men ended up hitting it off. The informant eventually invited the two to dinner at his house.

As you may have seen, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu scored a clear victory in last night's Israeli election that looks all but certain to keep him as Prime Minister in the next government. It is important to note that Netanyahu scored not one but what amounts to two major upsets last night.

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A scattering of new details from the Israeli election results. And to be clear, we only have exit polls so far - though Israeli exit polls have a better record than American ones.

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