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I think Sen. Reid and those other Senators are right that it would probably be appropriate for the RNC to pick up the tab for the millions spent by Trey Gowdy's 'Benghazi committee'. But in fairness, probably fair for the DNC to pick up the bill for day's event.

Listening to the questions from Republicans questioning Hillary Clinton, it's hard not to step back and ask what it is they're even trying to prove or what their point is. The lines of questions are disjointed and they're pressing points she either freely concedes (yes, it was terrible and she's ultimately responsible) or the point of which isn't even clear (why did Sid Blumenthal send you so many emails?). It's not going well for the committee at all. What's most revealing about the testimony so far is that they definitely get that: they know it's going badly for them. And that's led to a rather churlish and defensive tone to the whole proceeding that's further deflated any sense that this is more than a clown show where the clowns are struggling.

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I must say, I think this whole engagement helps Hillary. Whatever else you can say about Hillary Clinton, she knows her stuff. She's a pro. It's very hard to imagine any of the Republicans presidential candidates being able to roll with this kind of questioning, or have even remotely this range of knowledge. For her interlocutors here, who mainly come off as jokes, and for the whole GOP caucus, you can see why they just couldn't and can't forgive Kevin McCarthy for his goof. He really screwed the pooch.

Is it just me or is this Rep. Susan Brooks (R-IN) just as dumb as a post? This is really the best they have? Email stacks?

So far at least it's kind of embarrassing what the Republicans have managed to come up with. But this is very important to add. It is difficult to overstate just how big a deal it is that these hearings happened after the Kevin McCarthy goof rather than before. The entire climate is different. The general emphasis of all recent press has been less on Clinton and the largely (but not entirely) bogus issues about her email server and almost all on whether the the committee is a political enterprise. That doesn't mean that everyone agrees that it is. But even the committee's most ardent defenders are arguing now on that ground. That makes the reaction to every engagement - albeit largely at the level of second tier talk radio - come off very, very differently.

So Rep. Roskam appears to have pretty well nailed down the fact that Clinton was Secretary of State, whatever denials she may have made notwithstanding.

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Two points Secretary Clinton is making here. One pretty clearly, another more subtly. The first is that the Benghazi attack was nothing new under the sun. These tragic incidents happen all the time. In recent decades there have been attacks on US diplomatic facilities and US diplomats where the death tolls were vastly higher. Diplomats and what they do are most vital precisely in the least stable settings, dangerous places where people and yes diplomats get killed.

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We're all set for the Benghazi committee clown show today. Watch it with us! Or we'll watch it so you don't have to and we'll just bring you the highlights and details.

The latest from committee this morning is that they've got some new, new stuff that's gonna change everything.

The AP got a hold of self-described "soldier of Christ" Kim Davis's emails during the period earlier this fall when she was fighting a holy war on behalf of heterosexual intercourse. And they're a doozy.

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TPM Reader PK wonders if we've reached effective multi-party government on Capitol Hill ...

I think more attention should be given to the repeated and consistent claim made by members of the “Freedom Caucus” that they can’t make a deal with Ryan unless 80% of their membership (of 40-odd) agree to it. I haven’t been counting, but it seems to me that at least nine of them have already indicated that they won’t agree to Ryan’s terms, which means that the Ryan speakership is already dead in the water, no?

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