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New video from inside the truck/SUV, during the getaway attempt and eventual shooting of LaVoy Finicum at the end of the Oregon stand off. Watch.

I wanted to follow up on David's point from yesterday about the first few hours of the Merrick Garland nomination. Last month, not long after Justice Scalia's death, we discussed the importance of 'the three nos' and the way they suggested not the strength of the Senate Republican position but rather its brittleness. Just to review, 'the three nos' are the veritable catechism Senate Republicans devised and adopted in the days just after Justice Scalia's death: no vote, no hearings, no meetings. Republicans could have adopted a posture of outward good faith, hold hearings but find deal-breaker problems with any nominee Obama sent up and simply run out the clock. But once they opted for denying Obama another nomination outright, something like 'the three nos' became essential because it was important to end the discussion, end the debate as soon as possible, especially before it dragged into the heart of the election season.

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I've hinted at this before. But a little-discussed aspect of the Trump insurgency and drive to become First Citizen is that the GOP has been remarkably successful in recent years in scheduling its collective freakouts in non-election years: debt default crisis (2011), Cruz Obamacare government shutdown (2013). There are numerous examples. Obviously by its nature, a meltdown or freakout in a primary contest and nomination fight is by definition during an election. But managing the schedule so that the freakouts and elections don't overlap is a pretty big thing - especially presidential elections. The last time there was a scheduling breakdown was during the 1998 Clinton impeachment freakout. And, as you'll remember, a predicted GOP wave election turned into an almost unprecedented, if still modest, Democratic pick up in the House in the sixth year of a two term president's tenure in office.

Tonight is likely the turning point where, if we open our eyes to see it, we can see the general election match up between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

I did not think Sanders would still be fighting Clinton to close to a draw in states like Illinois. But Clinton will win either 4 of 5 or 5 of 5 states tonight, all big states, three of them major swing states. More importantly, Clinton's edge in pledged delegates is now close to overwhelming. The Democrats don't have winner take all primaries. So it's not possible catch up with wins in a string of big states. Even if Sanders won every remaining state by a narrow margin, he'd probably still lose.

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It's really a bit much that at least so far none of the networks have carried any of Bernie Sanders' speech. Tonight was a massive win for Clinton. But Sanders is still in the race. Kasich, meanwhile, who has something like a courtesy win in his home state of Ohio but is not even really in the race, had his whole speech covered.


Chris Wallace pats Karl Rove on the head for finally getting Ohio right. Video after the jump ...

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The mid-evening exit polls showed Ohio very, very close. But it wasn't born out in the results. The networks have now declared Hillary Clinton the winner in Ohio. That comes after a solid win in North Carolina and a blowout win in Florida. There are still races to be called in Missouri and Illinois. And those seem close. But at a minimum a very solid night for Clinton - both in delegate terms and in symbolic terms as well.