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It took Trump two days to condemn a hate crime his Mexican-bashing apparently inspired. Two days. Right out of the box his response was yeah, that's a bummer but my supporters are "passionate" about making America great again. Two days. He's not responsible for what these thugs did. His response, however, was and is deeply revealing.

There's no question that the Clinton email 'scandal' has become a major issue for Hillary Clinton's campaign. Not that it should necessarily but it has. It's the focus of negative press stories that appear clearly to have at least helped pull down her favorability numbers nationwide. And yet at least the 'classification' aspect of it all turns on an administrative tug of war which occurred long after the emails were sent: should some information that was not considered classified at the time now be re-designated as classified? And if that happens, should Hillary be in trouble for discussing classified information on her personal email server by some sort of time warp logic because some government officials now think these documents should be classified differently.

If you've been paying attention to this pseudo-scandal you're probably aware of all this. But now Reuters comes into the mix with an "exclusive" which dresses up the same basic issue in new clothes.

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