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We are in the second day of our annual Prime sign up drive. And we are closing in our goal for the day: 200 new subscribers. We are currently at a 149 new subscribers for the day. If you’re a regular reader and haven’t joined Prime yet, please take this moment to sign up. It’s quick, easy and inexpensive. Click right here.

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I haven’t written that much in the last 48 hours. That may seem like I’m just focusing on our membership drive. But that’s not really quite it. There is a bunch going on at TPM right now. We had the roll out of the new front page. Even when things like that go pretty flawlessly it’s still a pretty all-consuming, complex process. But again, it’s not just that. In addition to the other things that have had my attention, the news itself has been hard to process. It is not simply the sheer volume of the news but the way it has changed in recent days.

I mentioned one dimension of this back on Monday. For some time we had one big investigation, with at least a basic sense of what it is was being investigated: Russia, Trump and the 2016 election. That could go in many directions and has. But it’s a basic question, a basic set of players and – critically – it’s all housed under a single investigation and office.

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First, thank you to everyone who signed up on the first day of our annual Prime sign up drive. We kicked off at 3:30 yesterday after noon and signed up 192 new Prime subscribers yesterday. That puts off to a very solid start. So thank you. Ready to join us now? Just click right here. It’s easy. It’s cheap – just 14 cents a day. You can do it right now and be reading all our best stuff and seeing fewer ads and all the rest. Just click right here. It’s really super important and it just takes a moment.

A few other points I want to cover.

First, we’ve heard from some of you who’ve said, I love TPM. I read it every day. But money is tight. I can’t afford it. We don’t want anyone to be excluded for financial reasons. If you’re unemployed, on a fixed income or have some other financial hardship, we have free subscriptions for you. 100% free, 100% of the features and access. If that’s you, go to sign up. Click the “apply” link near the top of the age and then apply for a “credit membership”. All the details and instructions are there.

Second, are you a registered student? If you are a currently registered student, part-time or full-time, we have a free membership for you. Just do what I said in the paragraph above but choose “FIN/Student Membership”.

Finally, I mentioned a few weeks ago that we’re planning to introduce a step-up to the Prime membership with no ads at all. We got a huge, positive response. And we’ve gotten a few questions asking whether that’s still going to happen. Yes, it definitely is. We are going to roll that out probably in late October.

Okay, today is the day. We’re kicking off our annual Prime membership drive. This is a critical moment for our organization. If you’re a regular reader of the site and have planned to join Prime but haven’t gotten around to it, please make today the day. I know about procrastination. You can’t just click a button. You need to take out your wallet. You need type in the numbers. It means taking a step out of the rhythm of the day. I get it. But it’s really important. I need you to just take the wallet out now. Just literally, stop reading. Take out the wallet and click right here to sign up for Prime. It’s super cheap, 14 cents a day. It’s quick. It’s critical to our independent journalism and what we are trying to build.

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News is just breaking that in recent weeks President Trump sought his lawyers advice on pardoning Paul Manafort. His lawyers recommending he wait until after the Special Counsel investigation had ended. Earlier this afternoon, I got this from a former federal prosecutor …

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Tomorrow we’re launching our annual Prime sign up drive.

As you may already see from this first iteration of the new front page, the new set up allows us to more clearly surface a lot of what we’re publishing in Prime. With this in place, we’ll also be upping what we’re publishing in Prime. But as I’ve explained in recent days, if you’re a regular reader of TPM, please take this time to become a member. It is a critical part of the future of the site. In addition to supporting our independent journalism, you also get a lot of cool stuff. You get all the exclusive Prime articles. You get fewer ads. You get access to the Hive, ad-free RSS feeds, various gizmos and features. If you’re a regular reader of TPM, please make this the time. It’s easy, quick, cheap. We kick off tomorrow.

As you acclimate to the new TPM front page design, I wanted to share a few thoughts to give some context about what we’re trying to do with this new design and other details to help you make sense of it.

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Watching the Sanders press conference this morning, Sanders seems to have moved another big notch forward in terms of very clipped answers. Basically every answer is, I don’t have anything more for you. In addition, she has rolled out what seems like a new talking point. Each time she’s asked if Trump committed a crime she said repeatedly “he did nothing wrong. There are no charges against him.”

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