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Yesterday, Sen. Tom Coburn suggested that President Obama's immigration executive order might lead to "civil disobedience", "anarchy", or even political "violence." I asked just what that civil disobedience might look like and TPM Reader FS has an idea of what anti-immigrant forces might have in mind ...

My suggestion for what civil disobedience should look like is to move to Phoenix, trade their imitation Army rifles for shovels, and do a protest march through the residential subdivisions, pulling weeds as they go.

They should march into restaurant kitchens, offering to wash dishes for free. Or volunteer to man the drive through at any of a hundred fast food joints. Maybe ask a California cabbage farmer if they have anything needs harvesting. Those are the jobs illegal immigrants might be taking away.

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I first noticed this in a New York Review of Books report about a month ago. And I've wanted us to do a piece on it since. Put simply, as we in America lost in interest in Ebola, the situation in West Africa was actually improving dramatically. Public health workers rightly include all sorts of caveats. People are still dying and people are still getting infected. But the outbreak in Liberia actually in steep decline. While the situation in Sierra Leone remains acute, the nightmare outlook we were hearing about in September and October looks very different now. Here's our report. Really a must read.

As you can see from the story we posted Wednesday evening, retiring Sen. Tom Coburn (R) of Oklahoma is half warning, half threatening that the President's impending immigration executive order could lead to "instances of anarchy [or] violence." That suggestion speaks for itself on various levels. But in his conversation with USAToday's Susan Page, in addition to suggestions of "anarchy" and "violence", Coburn also spoke about acts of "civil disobedience."

And that made me think, I wonder what he has in mind? What would that look like?

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TPM Reader DC shares her thoughts on the latest revelations about Uber ...

This line from your piece about Uber today struck me, "But if you think Uber isn't safe or is tied to creepy or menacing behavior that may directly affect you, that's the kind of perception - accurate or not - that could sink the whole operation."

That's really the thing. I'm a 41 year old mother of 2 and I primarily use Uber to ferry my children around various cities (DC more than NYC, because the DC cabs are so weird and sketchy). And that's the thing - I've chosen to use Uber instead of the weird, sketchy DC cabs (in NYC, I've typically used Uber when it is raining or when the cabs are changing shifts), but why would I use Uber if they're even weirder and sketchier than the DC cabs? I'm not saying that wealthy mothers make up a big part of Uber's sales, but I'm very hesitant to use Uber right now and I don't think I'm alone in that.