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I gave a talk yesterday in DC and in the Q&A I got a question about the outcome of the 2016 election which I ended up answering with what I’ve come to see as my general theory of what happened on November 8th. It’s not a complex or terribly surprising theory. It’s fairly simple. But since it is now implicit in a lot of the things I write I thought I would lay it out here for general purposes.

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Sorry for the relative dearth of posts in recent days. I’ve been traveling and semi-off the grid with the holiday and other miscellaneous projects and tasks. I spent most of the day traveling and in meetings. But between them I have been looking into the feverish dialog and jousting in the President’s war against CNN. 

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I want to share a thought about the on-going CNN/Reddit controversy, the question – reasonably – whether CNN should have maintained the privacy of the racist, violence-inciting Reddit user who had his anti-CNN gif picked up by President Trump. I don’t take seriously the idea that CNN ‘blackmailed’ this guy, a middle-aged man who as yet remains unidentified. But in any case I’d like suggest that newsworthiness rather than privacy is the proper prism through which to look at the question.

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We reached one milestone. But we have another big one to go. As we head into the summer and the new TPM Investigations Desk revs up, please consider becoming of TPM Prime. Just click right here. You will get a better version of TPM and just as important you will become a part of making it possible for us to make TPM better and more vital than it has ever been before. Take a moment and join us. It’s important.

I wanted to share a few thoughts on the mounting atmosphere of crisis between the US and North Korea. This is really an extreme fast-forward and stupider version of what we saw in the 2001-03 era under George W. Bush.

Simply put, President Trump came into office asserting that he’d stop North Korea’s missile program in its tracks through some mix of will and threat.

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Last night on Twitter, along with urging various nations in Northeast Asia to go to war with North Korea, President Trump retweeted a gushing tweet from someone named Jacob Wohl, a name I hadn’t heard before. A quick look at his twitter profile shows Wohl presents himself as a financial management wunderkind and epic Trump supporter. He’s already a mini-star in conservative media and no doubt about to grow in such stardom with a retweet from the President. (It’s worth wondering, how did Trump find Wohl.) He also appears to be a veritable mini-Trump, racking up a reputation for defrauded investors, various boffo shenanigans and a batch of regulators on his trail.

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Cue the Mission Impossible music …

We have news out of the UK that coming off the G20 summit in Germany, President Trump may try to sneak into the UK for an unannounced quick meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May, hoping that the lack of any advanced notice will foil the plans of any Britains who might want to make fun of him.

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