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I'm not sure you can really understand American politics until you watch this short video of a focus group of Trump supporters from New Hampshire. Just watch.

You may think Roswell is just about UFO culture tied to the alleged incident in 1947. But there's trouble brewing between the town's UFO industry and the growing population of conservative Christians who among other things believe the alien abductions that happen so often in town are actually carried out or fed into people's minds by Satan's minions.

"I had these stereotypical alien abduction experiences when I was a kid,” Guy Malone tells me. “Little creatures with big black eyes were raping me and trying to eat me and trying to operate on me.”

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Yesterday we posted this fascinating story about the discovery of four graves of some of the top leaders of the Jamestown settlement - the first major and permanent English settlement in North America and the origin point of the Virginia colony and later State of Virginia. But as many have already noted, the issue of real historical, as opposed to antiquarian, significance is the discovery of a small Catholic reliquary in the grave of Captain Gabriel Archer, one of the leaders of the early settlement and a rival of the far better known Captain John Smith, who is often credited with saving the colony in its bleak first years and - less known - was later a key explorer of what became New England.

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