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As the Indiana debacle unfolds there is an unmistakeable and merited glee from supporters of LGBT rights as they watch the law's sponsors buffeted by waves of bad publicity and threatened boycotts. As I noted on Monday, Indiana is anything but the first state to pass anti-gay legislation. It's just that the state's governor and Republican legislators seem to have stumbled onto one of those tipping point moments when the balance of public sentiment and action doesn't just shift but shifts dramatically, with the initial shift building on itself. I doubt very much that most of the companies and organizations that have announced boycotts or opposition in recent days thought they would be doing so before Salesforce's Marc Benioff made his announcement just five days ago.

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I wanted to tell you that next month we'll be launching our annual TPM Prime sign up drive. Prime, in case you don't know, is our membership program, everything you like about TPM, just more of it. I'll be telling you all about it and encouraging you to sign up. Currently we're running our longform series on the rapid growth of renewable energy sources for Prime members only. With a Prime membership you see dramatically fewer ads and a faster site. And of course you help TPM remain vital and growing. I will be telling you more about next month, the current offerings and the new ones we're rolling out this spring. So sign up and join us.

Here is a good summary of some things to look at as we move toward what appears to be the endgame of the Iranian nuclear negotiations. One thing Jeff Goldberg points out is that any near, or frankly even long-term, threat of an Iranian nuclear attack is at best a secondary issue. The immediate and real issue is how regional actors see the agreement - particularly Saudi Arabia and perhaps Egypt. Do they believe that the agreement walls off the Iranians' ability to become a nuclear power enough to refrain from starting a drive for their own nuclear weapons? That is a critical test of any agreement.

There's another aspect to this drama that is important to understand in order to put everyone's reactions into a proper context. You've heard a lot about not only the Israelis', but also the Saudis' and other Arab states', fears about this deal. This isn't just fluff kicked up by domestic warmongers and partisans. The key is why are they so upset.

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