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To most of us, legalized marijuana is something happening in Washington and Colorado and yeah, probably going nationwide or at least to a lot more states at some point in the future. But the folks who run the alcohol industry are way past that. To them, it's a done deal. And they're already sizing up and trying to make sense of what they believe is a key competitor. Most folks in the booze lobby want a get along and go along approach but at least one faction in the pot legalization movement wants to legalize pot by shining a light on the health effects of booze. And that's turning into something of a buzzkill for many of the folks involved. Here's our latest Prime longform (sub req.) whether the titan and the coming titan in the struggle to get you buzzed and stoned can get along.

I will preface this by saying I don't think anyone at TPM at least is saying it's either/or at that 'militarization' caused the situation in Ferguson. But this struck me as an important take on Ferguson from TPM Reader GJ ...

Ferguson Is About Racism, Not Police Militarization

The idea that some Bush era homeland security program giving police camo pants and armored trucks is what led to the events in Ferguson is absurd.

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We're hiring a Publishing Fellow for our New York City office. This is a six month paid fellowship. Learn the ins and outs of the publishing and business dimensions of making a digital news site work. Listing after the jump ...

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Just to bring you up to date on the latest development in the Ferguson story, city police have released a police report that purports that show that Michael Brown was the suspect in a convenience store shoplifting/roberry incident in which the suspect stole a box of Swisher Sweets cigars. (It's a little hard to capture the apparent progression of alleged events in a few words - see the print out of the police report here.)

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After a week of basically non-stop suck, check out this powerful on the scene reporting from Wesley Lowery on what appears to be the dramatically changed mood at the protests this afternoon/evening in Ferguson. Ron Johnson, the state Highway Patrol officer now in charge of the police response is marching with the protesting crowd. Amazing read.

Not confirmed yet by the Governor's office. But St. Louis Rep. William Clay says the Governor told him he plans to remove the St. Louis County police from duty in Ferguson when he arrives in St. Louis.

Here's another point I keep wondering about on the "Hollywoodization" front. Why are a lot of police officers wearing jungle camouflage? Is there more jungle or forest terrain in Ferguson than I realize? It's not even a standard military uniform. Obviously in Iraq the beige/brown desert camouflage is the standard, for obvious reasons. But it goes without saying that jungle camouflage serve no purpose in an urban setting than to signal a highly militant response to whatever citizens are doing.