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As you know, for weeks the US-Israel relationship has been roiled by the speech to Congress secretly arranged by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer and US Speaker of the House John Boehner. America's head of state, President Barack Obama, and his administration were left out of the loop.

But that wasn't all, it turns out. Netanyahu didn't tell his own National Security Advisor what he and Dermer were up to either.

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We've got two pieces coming later this week that I want you to be on the look out for. One is on an emerging dynamic of the 2016 primary campaign which is yet to get much notice. Most of us know about the fiscal calamity brought forth in Kansas by Gov. Sam Brownback's effort to use the state to usher in the Lafferite Supply Side millennium. But that's not the only state where this is happening and not where the 2016 implications are most immediate.

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We're hiring a Reporter to work out of our Washington, DC office. Job description and listing after the jump ...

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I wanted to follow up on the points I made in my earlier post about Rudy Giuliani, 2016 and the GOP clown car. This point is about Scott Walker. I've said before that I think Scott Walker is a seriously underrated 2016 contender - if only because the more talked about contenders were such weak general election candidates. I think that is much less the case now because he's currently getting much more attention than he was only a few weeks ago. But the Rudy drama makes me think he's less prepared for the national spotlight than I realized.

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Aurin Squire: "But black respectability politics is more than self-help and discipline. It’s like living your life as a job interview. Forever. It is a state of always striving to impress and never arriving at the promised land of equality."

Is Rudy Giuliani bored or feeling ignored? Is he suffering from some sort of age-related agitation? Or is he simply upset that people are not respecting the trademark he was granted to Terrorism (TM) and the study of Islamic radicalism after he personally tracked down and killed the culprits who perpetrated 9/11? Over the last handful of days Giuliani has said that President Obama does not love his country; lacks patriotism; wasn't raised like "us" and now, in fact, is driven by communist sympathies that were inculcated in him as a boy. It's rancid and gross. But it's also Rudy Giuliani, so hard to get surprised over. But there's a bigger story here about the entire 2016 presidential cycle.

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I discussed yesterday what I referred to as the scourge of verbalism when it comes to what we call ISIS, al Qaida, their various subsidiaries, franchises or whatever else. I wanted to flag your attention to this new piece by J.J. Goldberg in The Forward. It is definitely on the verbalist side of the divide. But it's also the best version of the argument I've seen. I would not even say that I disagree with it in its particulars. I read through it and I find myself saying, yes, yes, yes, that yes, this yes.

But on the global point, we're arguing here with strawmen and making a grand battle over something that simply pales in comparison to anything that actually matters in terms of combating ISIS or virtually anything else. Is there someone out there who thinks that ISIS's core recruits don't think they're involved in a religious war or pursuing a purified form of Islam, in fact the only true version of Islam? Who is this person? Is anyone shocked or have their basic strategic perspective shaken up by the thought that the jihadis who run ISIS think they're trying to push forward an eschatological endtime?

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