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Stuff we're hearing out of Georgia does not sound encouraging for Michelle Nunn. This one seemed within reach, at least a plurality win that would lead to run-off. Now looks like Perdue can finish it up tonight.

Virginia: Numbers starting to look more encouraging for Warner in Virginia. But if he wins it will be by the skin of his teeth. Totally unexpected.

North Carolina: It remains close in North Carolina, but county breakdown and exits both look solid for Hagan. Given how purple this state is, if Hagan holds on, that's going to be quite an accomplishment.

So what is up with Virginia? Good question. There's no question Ed Gillespie is doing way, way better than really anyone expected. But a breakdown of the counties seems to suggest that Warner holds on. Not by a big margin but holds on. The Democratic strongholds in the Northern Virginia always come in late. And Gillespie is outperforming Romney there. But it would appear, not quite enough. But anything seems possible here.

Late Update: As expected, as Northern Virginia in, Warner is tightening the margin. About a 2 point race now with 89% in. That sounds doable for Warner. Need to look closer at the county breakdowns.

No surprise (despite a brief scare a few weeks ago). But Mike Rounds has won in South Dakota. That's the third GOP pickup.

On other hand, also zero surprise, Al Franken has been reelected. Now, no surprise now. But going back six years, wow. Not even close.

Late Update: And it's official: Scott Brown defeated for Senate in second state. But remember, open seat in Vermont in 2016.

Still early and not unexpected: but looking solid for Shaheen and Hagan in New Hampshire and North Carolina. The county by county numbers and the exits both point to victories. If GOP rolls the rest of the table they'd hit 53. The big questions, in my view, are Iowa and Georgia.

Listening now to Mitch McConnell's victory speech.

In many ways, this was the McConnell plan from 2010. Just delayed for 4 years - through a series of self-inflicted wounds.

Late Update: Notable that with the GOP apparently heading toward a senate majority, McConnell announces that government can be allowed to function again.

We now have two GOP pick ups for the night - West Virginia and Arkansas. Kentucky is not a pick up but a critical hold. None of these were unexpected.

A few thoughts to make sense of the evening ...

I think we've got relative confidence of the outcomes of the most of the races. For Dems, New Hampshire and North Carolina. For the GOP, Kentucky, Arkansas and (alas) Colorado. I'm not saying these are certain. Just we've got a pretty good idea what's probably going to happen.

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Okay, folks, it's almost showtime. Our whole team is going to be with you through the evening bringing you results, commentary, reader emails, victory speeches and concessions and even county by country break-downs when things get weird. So join us, share your thoughts with us via email and get ready for a bumpy ride.

I wanted to let you know that I'll be doing an AMA on Reddit on Friday (11/7) at 1PM. Join me. Ask me anything. Just not anything to whacked. Or I guess that's okay too.