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There are consequences when we define deviancy down and ideas do matter. Fresh off the Palin Brawl from this summer, yesterday we had another incident of high-profile white on white violence. How much acceptance of the Palin incident played into this latest flare up cannot be known. Now the venue was NASCAR, an important part of white folk culture which is a source of camaraderie and good times for responsible white families. Yesterday, though, at the AAA Texas 500 Brad Keselowski and Jeff Gordon got into an angry off track brawl which eventually pulled in various members of their crews and hangers on.

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I just wanted to remind you: on big news event days, we really rely on you to be our eyes and ears. We've been doing this for more than a decade and we rely on the emails we get in to our staff email account, which you can see linked over at the upper right of the site. If you see something in person, if you see a story moving on the local news, wherever and whenever, let us know. We'll be waiting for your tips and have our whole team primed to jump right on them.

Like they say at the railroad stations and airports, if you see something, say something (to us).

So not terribly shockingly (for Santa Cruz) but very lamely someone apparently roughed up a trick or treater who was dressed up as a Fox News reporter. It took me a few minutes to remember. But when I heard this I thought, wait, this sounds familiar. Well, it goes back to 2008 when my wife and I dressed up for Halloween as Joe the Plumber (me) and Ashley Todd (her).

Don't remember Ashley Todd?

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In his on-going effort to appeal to DC elites as a different kind of Republican, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) says it's "dumb" of Republicans to emphasize their support for voter ID laws which have been shown repeatedly to cut voting rates for minorities and poorer voters. He still they're awesome. But it's "dumb" to make a big deal out of them because black voters can get the wrong impression. Watch.

We're finishing up election 2014 with a spirited debate about whether there's ever been a race issue in the South. Edwin Edwards, former Governor, former prison inmate and current candidate, says he disagrees with Mary Landrieu about the South "not always [being] the friendliest place for African-Americans."

It's easy to dismiss as typical far-right crazy. But it's worth stepping back and thinking about what Ben Stein means when he says that President Obama is the "most racist president there has ever been in America." Watch.

It is one of the great pillars of American democracy that ignoramuses and douchebags are able to propose and place before the people for a vote new laws which are either stupid, awful or in some cases merely ridiculous. Then the people, perhaps first agreeing to the proposition, see through the nonsense and vote the measure down, thus vindicating the great, silent non-jackass majority and reconfirming the virtuous cycle of democratic self-government.

Of course, the system does not always work perfectly.

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Is voting a fundamental right? How about privacy? What about the right to fish?

Well, if you live in Mississippi, next Tuesday you can vote to enshrine the fundamental right to fish and hunt in the state constitution.

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