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Several days ago, perennial presidential candidate Mike Huckabee charged that President Obama was ready to lead Israeli Jews "to the ovens." A few days later, he said he might use not only the FBI but even the US military to prevent abortions. And around the same time, Ted Cruz called Obama the world's biggest funder of Islamic terrorism. There was a day when cracks like these would have stopped the political world in its tracks, spurring transgressive glee from supporters and outrage from liberals and normal people. But this summer, they've struggled to break through. And the reason is obvious: Donald Trump has flooded the market with a new, purer brand of Crazy that has left the other candidates scrambling and basically unable to compete.

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Despite calls for participants to refrain from using racial slurs at a rally on behalf of the Confederate flag at the Confederate memorial at Stone Mountain, Georgia (aka the Confederate Mount Rushmore), things apparently did not all go according to plan. While most of the roughly 800 participants professed to be focused on heritage not race, some got into heated arguments with a mixed-race crowd of protestors there to voice their opposition to the flag and the monument.

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Critic who launched right-wing/RNC freakout over AP History standards says he's satisfied with revisions/cave in.

So it turns out Times editor Dean Baquet refused to publish the Clinton campaign's pushback email about the egregiously botched "criminal referral" story the paper published. I'm not going to get on the outrage bandwagon over that. This is high stakes Kabuki on both sides. The Clinton campaign may actually be happy they refused to publish - a better story than having their letter published in the paper.

But ... there's still something highly instructive we can draw from this. It is a really good object lesson on how much more wildly the Times gets played by Republicans than it ever does by Democrats. Fox and the RNC wouldn't be playing them like a fiddle at this point.

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