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In case you missed this, yesterday evening we published our first checklist of where members of Congress stand on Paul Ryan's plan to phase out Medicare and replace it with vouchers for private insurance. A few things to keep in mind for analyzing it and seeing what you can find out from your representative or senator. First, there are lots and lots of Democrats who either are stating vague opposition or are not saying where they stand at all. If they're still vague or not stating a position at all, that's very, very dangerous for the future of Medicare. Like every other member of Congress, they won't state a flat and categorical decision unless pressed. And frankly, from what I can see, most of the these folks are still cuddling with comfort novels or awkwardly singing in dive bars over their third beer. It's sad. But they're totally not focusing on this. Trust me. Bigly.

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Okay, folks. We've put together a preliminary list of where members of Congress stand on Paul Ryan's plan to phase out Medicare and replace it with vouchers for private insurance. I want to stress this is a work in process. We have compiled this list with a mix of reports from TPM Readers and our own reporting staff on Capitol Hill.

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The most recent (2015) version of the Medicare Phase Out plan comes from Rep. Tom Price (R-GA). He's now being considered to be Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which would oversee phasing out Medicare.

Price just arrived at Trump Tower at about 3:20 PM.

If you're having a hard time prying a position out of Republican members of Congress on whether they support Paul Ryan's plan to phase out Medicare, here's a toolkit that will help. The gist: Almost all of them already voted for it. So they can't say they don't know anything about it or don't have a position. They do have a position. They voted for it. It's just a question of whether they're going to support it again now that there's no President Obama they can rely on to veto it. Click here to see more.

Over recent days, as I've spoken to people in the world who might lead the fight against Paul Ryan's plan to phaseout Medicare and replace it with private insurance vouchers and one message is quite clear: No one is paying attention. No one is ready. No one has a plan. Half the people are still too shell-shocked to think about anything. The other half are telling themselves something so crazy can't happen. But wait, at least one person on TV is starting to talk about this.

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Just a few moments ago Stephanie Ruhle was interviewing Rep. Steve King (R-IA) on MSNBC about immigration policy and maintaining the "American culture, the American civilization" in the face of immigrants from around world.

Here Ruhle asks King whether America hasn't always been a country of immigrants.

RUHLE: Couldn't Native Indians say that? This is a country of immigrants.

KING: Well, I'll just challenge you. Name a country that's not a country of immigrants. Every nation is a country of immigrants. These are our values that are here.

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If you want to understand Rudy and the Rudy world, look at the never finalized but yet failed nomination of Rudy crony and former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik for Department of Homeland Security in December 2004. Same story. Sleaze, payoffs, law-breaking, lotta mafiosos basically everywhere. And Rudes took it international.

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For the last couple months I've been telling you how we plan to expand our editorial team and our reporting capacity next year. We're going to do that. But in the nature of a small independent organization, these are necessarily small, incremental additions. (There's a reason why this outfit has survived for sixteen years.) But looking over the news yesterday and now this evening, there's a big part of me that wants to throw caution to the wind and hire like 10 new investigative reporters because it's becoming blindingly clear to me that we're entering into a sort of golden age of investigative journalism. Perhaps it's a dark age for the country but it's a golden age of investigative journalism: we've had a direct impact at 60 mph with a mix of grotesque corruption, the most insidious extremism, wild incompetence and international subversion. It's almost impossible to keep up. There is so much to look at.

Don't get me wrong. I don't throw caution to the wind. But it's been years since I felt such a palpable need for more feet on the ground, such a profusion of stories that call for rocks to be overturned, documents pulled, questions asked.

A lot of you have been writing in that you've contacted members of the House and Senate and they simply refuse to tell you how their bosses will vote on Paul Ryan's Medicare Phaseout plan. They've never heard of it; there's no bill; the boss doesn't have a position yet. Yada yada yada. Here's something that will help. There is a plan. In fact, there's a bill. And virtually every member of the House at least has voted on it. The Ryan Medicare Phaseout proposal is part of the Ryan budget which has been voted on in the House every year since 2011.

Follow me below the fold for more details.

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