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I came in this morning a little bummed that there may not be many more CNN whackadoodle missing plane coverage jokes left. But I think we're good. Last week we found out that CNN failed in its efforts to rent a 777 to fake crash into the Indian Ocean. But just a few moments ago I saw that CNN is up with new reports from their flight simulator up in Canada doing a simulated search for plane debris over what the host helpfully referred to as "simulated water." I was convinced by the simulation. It's pretty hard to find small parts of a plane flying over vast tracks of ocean. (Actually, when I first saw it I thought they were flying off the coast of British Columbia or something pretending to look for plane chunks.) We'll have the breaking video shortly.

Update: And here's the video!

Perhaps one of the biggest legacy's of the Occupy movement was coining or at least popularizing the phraseology of the 1% and the 99%. But a new look at the actual numbers shows that at least half the 1% are basically just holding their own in terms of share of national wealth. The explosion of gains is actually with the .01%. Read the piece but especially the second chart.

I mentioned over the weekend how comically bad it is that Chris Christie says the phrase "Occupied Territories", a standard if not the only way of referring to the West Bank of the Jordan, and not only gets knocked on it but actually has to apologize to territorial maximalist poobah Sheldon Adelson. But there's another part of the story that goes beyond Christie's dignity loss and the increasingly explicit and binding alliance between the Israeli right and the Republican party.

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I wanted to bring you all up to date on where we are on pushing our new commenting engine online. Details and schedules after the jump.

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We now have one of the first systematic analyses not of the number of sign-ups under Obamacare but of the number of people who were previously uninsured but are now insured because of the law. And the number is big: at least 9.5 million people.

Take a look.