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With the latest outbreak of GOP impeachment denialism, it's worth noting what happens when the president or his proxies started aggressive surfacing the crazy that usually just bubbles along in the right wing echo chamber.

Is good news on the 2014 front leading the GOP to forget its outsized reliance on a literally and figuratively dying part of the electorate? Ed Kilgore explains.

Last night I posted this story about how Trayvon Martin's killer, George Zimmerman, is apparently bored not having any recent opportunities to shoot people he decides are bad guys. So he was found working as a 'volunteer' night security guard outside of Pompano Pat's, a motorcycle and gun shop down in Deland, Florida, just a short drive from where he shot Trayvon Martin two and a half years ago in Sanford. The only problem is "Pat's" denies that Zimmerman is a security guard for them. But as TPM Reader TB explained yesterday evening, Zimmerman's latest wannabe cop adventure is probably the most normal part of what's going on down in DeLand these days ...

I live in DeLand. I know a lot more about this story because I live here. This link from the DeLand Beacon shows that politics truly makes true bedfellows. The reason why Pompano Pat Johnson is afraid of an association with George Zimmerman is that he feels that it will hurt him among the AA community.

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Karl Rove: "Shame" on Obama for saying we might impeach him. Watch.

Bayard Rustin, speaking at a press conference in advance of the March on Washington. August 27th, 1963.

Attorneys for two Alabama doctors are seeking to dismiss a lawsuit brought by Johnny Lee Banks Jr. who claims that he entered the hospital for a routine circumcision but emerged from Princeton Baptist Medical Center without a penis. Lawyers for the doctors deny wrongdoing but "declined to answer questions about specifics in the suit, including whether the man had a penis when he left the hospital."