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Jon Stewart: Republicans "finally figured out how women's brain work." Watch.

We're trying to put together the basic details of what happened. But quick overview: in the city of St Louis tonight, a member of the St Louis Metropolitan Police shot and killed an 18 year old man, Vonderrick Myers Jr., after an encounter, the nature of which remains in dispute.

Police say the dead man had a gun and fired at the officer; witnesses and family members dispute that.

The shooting took place near the Missouri Botanical Gardens. (Here's the early report from the Post-Dispatch.)

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There's remarkable news out of Spain today about the nurse who was part of the team treating a Spanish priest who later died of Ebola and has now come down with Ebola herself. Teresa Romero Ramos's case is the first apparent case of Ebola transmission in Europe. The World Health Organization is saying, not surprisingly, that we should expect more cases in Europe. But there's a lot of news suggesting Spanish authorities, or at least the doctors at her facility, were fairly casual about monitoring the members of their team for signs of contagion.

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It's day two of our daily week day count-down of the most salient and noteworthy polls of the last 24 hours. As I said yesterday, if you want to be alerted the moment a poll is released in a race you're following, download our PollTracker Mobile app (available on iOS and Android.) So to the polls. Not much dramatic today on the most watched Senate races. We do have another poll from the Kansas Senate race though and it seems to confirm that incumbent Senator Pat Roberts is likely to lose to Greg Orman, the independent candidate who people on both sides are assuming would caucus with the Dems.

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