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AP: "Police says the Russian blue cat named Kush went berserk inside a DeLand home July 5, scratching owners Teresa and James Gregory on their arms and legs. The couple retreated to a bedroom and called 911."

If you're stuck on the germ of the story for your new Southern Gothic novel, I gotcha covered.

Last night, Paul MacLeod, owner of Graceland Too, which roadsideamerica.com calls "a manic floor-to-ceiling (including the ceiling) tribute to The King", shot and killed a man, 28 year old Dwight David Taylor.

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For journalists and editors in the New York City area, I wanted to let you know TPM is expanding and we have two new editor slots we're hiring for to work from our New York City office. (Of course, you can be from anywhere; but the positions themselves are located in New York.) One is an Associate Editor position (see listing) who will focus on breaking news and our LiveWire section. The second is a new Features Editor position (see listing) who will work on our expanding opinion section, freelance feature and longform pieces. These are both new positions and the 'editor' titles are not nominal. These are editing positions - the standard mix of story conception, assignment and editing. We're looking for a couple of great people to join our team. Interested? Check out the listings at the links above. Thanks.

I think we've uncovered the true border crisis. Innocent kids happily sitting on their YMCA buses heading out to camp for the standard day of monkey bars and bow-and-arrows and swimming, suddenly surrounded by crowds of anti-immigrant freak shows, mistaken them for migrant children heading to some detention center and threatening to pick up their buses and carry them back over the border back into Mexico. Here's the latest terrifying incident.