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A big thank you to everyone who filled out our survey. Thank you.

With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu now settled down to a new coalition government - his fourth - with what is literally the slenderest coalition possible, there's a raft of stories like this one in the Israeli press about how Netanyahu has gone from a shattering resurgence to ignominy and helplessness in less than two months. It is, as I put it a couple days ago, a government already at war with itself.

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There is a great deal to be gleaned from last week's UK election: an unexpected and highly consequential victory for the Tories, a major setback for post-Blairite Labour and a real question about whether Labour can manage to remain a potential majority party without its base in Scotland. For that matter, despite the failed independence referendum vote, is there a future for the United Kingdom? All that aside I wanted to note one eye-popping result that you may not have heard about if you're only reading the top headlines.

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I've been asking everyone to take our annual reader survey. If you haven't yet, please take a moment to fill it out. I'm going to be sharing various nuggets of information from it. But here's one that really jumped out at me. We asked two questions on so-called "cord cutters", in this case people who have ditched cable TV service for streaming services like Netflix, iTunes/AppleTV, Amazon Prime, etc. 83% of our readers say they currently use one of these services - which I don't find terribly surprising. But this, I did find stunning. 51% of our readers say they either have or are considering canceling their cable services in favor of one or more of those services. Another 16% say they've never had cable (I'm going to look at the crosstabs later to see if this 'never' group skews young.)

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