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I'm not sure I've seen any better example of the Trump Effect. Scott Walker is reacting to the collapse of his campaign with a desperate and somewhat ridiculous new slogan aimed at out-Trumping Donald Trump. His campaign has been test-driving in the phrase for the last few days but in a speech this morning Walker officially vowed to "wreak havoc" on Washington on his first day in office. In other words, he's just going to start breaking things, anything. Because he's more hardcore than Donald Trump. "It's time to wreak havoc on the status quo in Washington," says Walker. Here's the story.

Louis Gohmert vows to quit Congress and await the "nuclear holocaust" if Iran Deal goes through.

Between this and the Clawson story, do we need to bring in one of those grief support teams for DC Iran Hawks, like the folks they bring in after an airline disaster to provide crisis emotional support and grief counseling? It's a tragic thing when you lack the emotional balance to avoid getting lost in your own theatrics and derp.

Losing is hard. Especially when you've been trying to win for a really, really long time and you start to see the whole thing slipping through your fingers. You probably saw this video yesterday of former Vice President Cheney's rather comically ill-timed speech pushing to block the Iran Deal. In it there are some protestors who interrupt Cheney's speech, hold up some signs, all pretty standard stuff. But in the video there's a man who gets into a wild wrestling match with one of the protestors, flailing around his body, doing everything he can to tear her sign apart before finally sitting down.

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With AIPAC staffers grousing that Benjamin Netanyahu ruined their chances of blocking President Obama's deal with Iran and House conservatives trying to think of other ways to act out now that the battle is lost, advisors to Netanyahu are claiming that, despite appearances, he achieved a fabulous victory. Specifically, they're pushing back against criticism in the Israeli press by claiming that by opposing the deal they've won a big new security package for Israel.

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United Airlines CEO canned as probe into Bridgegate crony, David Samon, heats up.

Late Update: We've just updated the piece. This part should be interesting ...

On at least one occasion, August 23, 2013, Chris Christie and David Samson together met with United CEO Smisek to discuss this arrangement. Two months prior to that meeting, and two months after signing of the new lease at Newark, thirteen United executives donated a total of $31,500 toward Christie’s re-election effort.

I was on vacation last week. But I didn't miss that the White House finally secured enough votes to block any attempts to scuttle the Iran Deal negotiated by the US, Iran and other world powers. We now know the Iran Deal antis have definitively lost. And today we have news of the final indignity: The White House has secured 41 votes for the deal in the Senate, which means that in all likelihood the GOP and Netanyahu and Ambassador Dermer won't even get the vote they were hoping to use to embarrass the President and delegitimize the deal even if they couldn't block it. But even more than in whip counts, which have been bubbling up over recent weeks, you could see this coming watching the social media accounts of the key propagandists and pressure group operatives as things went south and they made their journey from frustration, to disbelief and rage, culminating finally in a species of spittle-based vitriol and vainglorious derp.

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