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Last night I noted the North Korean "drones" that crashed landed just over the border into South Korea and are getting all the headlines - and that they appear to be something more like model airplanes than the sort of armed drones we mostly think about and even a good deal less advanced to the much smaller surveillance drones used by advanced militaries that do look a lot like and to an extent are high end model airplanes.

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Jon Stewart asks if CNN has checked "their own A**holes" for the missing Malaysian plane. (Mainly, I'm worried this will give the folks there an idea for a new virtual reality board segment.) Watch.

I had to look at this a few times before assuring myself it wasn't an April Fool's joke. But it's been reported in numerous outlets and I just picked up the photos off our AP wire account and anyway it's now April 2nd. So I have to assume it's true. After an exchange of artillery fire on Monday, the South Korean Defense Ministry released photos of an alleged North Korean drone that had crashed on Beangnyeong Island, near the border between North and South. But here's the thing: I was a boy who grew up in the pre-Internet era. And based on that knowledge I can corrected identify this as a model airplane. At a minimum North Korea's focus on nuclear weapons has come at the severe determinant has pretty seriously prioritized nuclear weapons research over drone development.

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