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In a new story at NBC News, Steve Kornacki says there is a new GOP uprising underway leading into the 2018 election. It is a replay or the next stage of similar eruptions in 2010 and 2012 and to a lesser extent in 2014. We know the pattern: establishment Republicans get picked off by increasingly radical or simply crazy ‘grassroots’ conservatives. Many end up losing races to Democrats which a more conventional Republican could have won. But some or most get through.

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One component of the President’s tax cut plan is eliminating the inheritance tax. This is a huge mistake, both for society and the economy. You may be confused because you know about it as the ‘estate tax’ or after years of conservative yakking ‘the death tax.’ But it is actually a tax on inheritances. And though it is far from sufficient, a robust tax on inheritances is a critical part not only of combating wealth inequality but also creating a productive economy.

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Here is some news which is altogether of the moment but which I had missed. In fact, from what I can tell it’s received relatively little news attention at all beyond Richmond – and not terribly much even there. A state commission in Virginia is planning an anti-slavery monument which will be built in downtown Richmond, specifically on Brown’s Island. So far, nothing terribly remarkable. But one of the 10 figures to be honored in the monument is Nat Turner, who led the largest and deadliest slave rebellion in United States’ history in 1831.

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Yesterday I wrote about what I called President Trump’s ‘weaponization of military sacrifice,’ how he transmutes the guilt, admiration and vicarious horror of loss into rage at dissenters. I focused on a tweet Trump RT’d with a photograph of a Marine veteran who’d lost his legs in combat. Allegra Kirkland found retired Marine Staff Sgt. John Jones, the man in the photograph, and asked his reactions to being pulled into President Trump’s attacks on the NFL and players who protest.

Courtesy of the White House, here’s a photo (below) of a dinner President Trump held yesterday at the White House with what the White House press office called “grassroots leaders.”

Even from the best of politicians, ‘grassroots’ is the most abused of words. But these are the the most establishment leaders in the professional right in DC.

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