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In episode #5 of my new weekly podcast I talk to Bronze Age historian Eric Cline about his recent book 1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed. We discuss this critical transition era in the ancient world, which coincides with the probable era of the Trojan War and the arrival or emergence of the Israelites in Canaan, his book and the challenges and bounties of studying this period of history in which archeology is so central to what we know of the era. Click here to listen.


Jews are one of the most consistently Democratic voting groups in the country, going back many decades. The only comparable group, whose percentages of voting for Democrats greatly exceeds that of Jews, is African-Americans. But Jews' propensity to vote for the Democratic party actually significantly predates that of African-Americans. Given this history, it's not like Jews needed a lot of riveting. But I think - and polls back this up - that one of the less discussed aspects of the 2016 political cycle is how it has deeply intensified Jews' collective attachment to the Democratic party, both in voting and political giving.

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I wanted to let you know that just after the election I'll be publishing a book on Donald Trump and the political phenomenon of Trumpism. It will be a shortish ebook which is one part original analysis, commentary and history of the last 18 months and one part anthology of the most popular posts I've written on Trump over that same period. Peppered through will be a small number of original interviews and a sprinkling of charts and graphs of what I think are the most critical social and demographic trends rumbling beneath and driving what we've seen happen since the summer of 2015. As you've seen if you're a regular reader, I've written quite a lot about Trump over the last two years and thought quite a lot about what's behind not only his improbable success but the deeper strains of American political culture which made him possible and will continue after him. It will be my effort to pull the entire story together, with new writing with the perspective of the entire election cycle as well as weaving together what I've written to date into a coherent whole.

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It's been a rough year for Chris Christie. Knocked out of the presidential race, Christie passed over the Trump Dignity Loss Event Horizon from which no one can ever return and became a mere husk of his former self. Christie became the first and canonical Trump Dignity Wraith. No more the bullyish, swaggering New Jersey tough guy or the poster boy for the male GOP id, Christie was reduced to being Donald Trump's footman, carrying bags, tossing out "You got It"s when ordered back home, taking taunts about scarfing Oreos, making burger runs at Donald's request, literally begging to be chosen for veep before being tossed on the Trump bone heap in favor of Mike Pence.

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All attention now is rightly focused on getting people to evacuate, prepare for and survive Hurricane Matthew - which by various measures is predicted to be one of the worst storms to hit Florida in recorded history. (If you're there, you don't need me to tell you. But if they're telling you to leave, LEAVE!) But the political consequences could also be significant. Florida is always a critical state. (At the moment the PollTracker Average has Clinton ahead by 5.7 percentage points - not terribly close. But that could and likely will change.) And the election is only about 30 days away.

The storm appears set to hit the state's Democratic heartland in coastal South Florida. Of course, there are Democrats and Republicans throughout the state. But the state's Democratic votes are concentrated into highly populous counties on the southern coastal strip in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties. That's exactly where Matthew appears likely to hit.

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As we've seen in various parts of the world over the years, factional fighting often erupts in the nomenklatura as regime collapse nears, of course. Tonight, Megyn Kelly ripped into Donald Trump for refusing to emerge from media safe spaces like the Sean Hannity show.

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If you're really into news and digital news publishing and want to get a start in the business, here's a great job. It's an entry level or near entry level position as our newest Newswriter. What the job requires is a lot of enthusiasm and smarts and deep immersion (obsession with?) in the news and political news. A sense of humor also required. Is it for you? Does this sound like a great opportunity for someone you know? If so, please check out the full job listing after the jump.

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Former accountant who filed the papers for trump near $1 billion loss says Trump doesn't know jack about taxes. He did the magic.