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Stories like this really raise the question of whether Ben Carson understands even the basic rudiments of how the budget process works or even what the federal budget is. Carson says that if he's elected he won't sign any budget that increases the debt ceiling. Not he won't sign it unless there are cuts or whatever else, but no increases to the federal debt ceiling at all. That's ambitious since it means hundreds of millions of dollars in immediate cuts to the federal budget and even then could make it difficult to service the existing national debt.

But there's a bigger problem - one that goes beyond extremist nonsense to a basic breakdown of logical reasoning.

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Rep. Raul Labrador was just on the TV saying the Paul Ryan seems to be off to a good start pandering to the Freedom Caucus.

I guess the only question is who's playing who.

Here's an article in The Times of Israel (an English language Israeli news website) about Bill Clinton reflecting on the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. Clinton is warm with praise. A much younger man at the time, Clinton developed a deep bond with Rabin. And it still shows. I think he may be a little optimistic when he says he's certain that Rabin would have been able to make peace within three years. Rabin faced the same escalating round of terrorist violence and the campaign of incitement against him and the peace process led by Benjamin Netanyahu. But he's right that Rabin had a credibility both with Israelis and the Palestinian leadership that made it possible. Clinton is in Israel to memorialize the 20th anniversary of Rabin's murder on Nov. 4.

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As I mentioned just after the first Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton's support has increased substantially among our readers. But the gender breakdown is striking. Now, needless to say, I'm not surprised that Clinton has stronger support among female voters. But the split between men and women is quite stark.

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We're hiring a Reporter to work out of our Washington, DC office. Job description and listing after the jump ...

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The details are still not altogether clear but it seems like John Boehner will do Paul Ryan an immense, immense favor by resolving all the potential budget stand-offs and possible legislative hostage takings through the end of next year. It still seems like there might be some poison pills Republicans are planning to include. But this would basically confirm for the House firebreathers everything they've always said about Boehner, take all their bombs and fireworks away for the next 18 months or so and again, do Paul Ryan an immense, immense favor by taking away the grounds for potential confrontations through 2016.

TPM Reader PB makes some good points here.

I took a look at the 2012 race and was somewhat surprised. We are much further ahead than I thought.

Back in 2012, the last week in October was peak Cain. Bachman had already had her surge, so had Perry and there were only the Gingrich and Santorum surges to come.

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Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas now has an approval rating of 18%. This comes after basically destroying the state's fiscal standing with a series of tax cuts that nearly bankrupted the state. In other words, supply-side orthodoxy was tried, failed miserably and comically and now the author of the reforms is amazingly unpopular.

The problem with this picture is that a lot of the disaster happened before he came up for reelection in 2014. And he was really, really unpopular then. But of course, he won.

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