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After not getting nearly as much sleep as I needed last night, the first thing I saw when I woke up was an alert on my cell phone that Bob Dylan had won the Nobel Prize. I was surprised, enlivened, filled with happiness and a sense of the possible. This was in stark contrast to almost everything I see in front of us today with the on-going trauma of Trumpism.

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Is it desperation? The themes and instincts of the anti-Semitic radicals and extremists his campaign stews in? A "global conspiracy" of the political elites, international finance and the media who have "robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put the money in the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities."

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Right now Michele Obama is giving an incredible speech. For once the word is not inappropriate. If you're near a TV, flip on CNN or MSNBC to watch it. It’s fascinating because it’s raw and real and incredibly important. And at the same time by being apolitical it's devastating, shattering in political terms. Her whole speech runs with the tacit statement: We’re not even going to talk about politics. We’re going to operate on the common assumption that there’s a monster loose in the country. And go from there ...

Once again we have a day that knocks into pieces everything we think is within the realm of the possibly normal or conceivable in our politics. Republicans half cut Trump loose over the weekend, only to see a rapid and brutal backlash from Trump's supporters who make up the bulk of the base of the Republican party. That they didn't anticipate this is a measure of how much, at this late date, they still don't quite grasp the nature of the person they are dealing with or the moment they are operating in. By Monday, the few Republicans who had explicitly jumped ship were starting to jump back on the ship. Now over the course of a single evening we have as many as a dozen new accusers - women from various walks of life, different parts of the country, different historical eras. By any remotely reasonable political, moral logic, Trump's whole party would now desert him en masse. But it's less than four weeks before the election. And the process of endorsing, de-endorsing, re-endorsing and more has become too much of a dark comedy to go through yet again. As I noted earlier this week, Trump is now at war with Hillary, the media and the GOP. But the GOP is the only one of those three he's in a position to hurt. And bullies prey on the weak.

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And we now have the fifth or maybe sixth story of the night with a new accusation of sexual assault against Donald Trump.

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I was planning to take the night off to get some distance from the rush of events. But alas, no. In the last couple of hours there have been three new stories about Donald Trump groping women at various points in the last three decades, in different parts of the country. There are a total of four women in three stories. Then there's an additional story that is not abuse per se but shows a rather creepy and certainly inappropriate way of talking about and thinking about 10 year old girls.

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This one is from TPM Reader EW about his circle of white male millennial friends and Trump. A lot to consider here.

I read this thread about the unsolicited violence we are starting to see in ordinary life as a consequence of this election. I wanted to add another anecdote that ties with this, not because it's one about violence, but because it's about those enabling the violence, which in my mind, is far worse.

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