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Some events are important to take note of. One of them happened on Friday when the Republican nominee for President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, again used a campaign rally to launch into a racist tirade against the federal judge presiding over two of the three fraud lawsuits against Trump's now defunct "Trump University." Federal Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel was born in 1953 in East Chicago, Indiana. He was a federal prosecutor from 1989 to 2006, primarily working in narcotics enforcement. He was a state judge from 2006 until 2012 when President Obama nominated him to serve as a Federal District Court Judge in the Southern District of California. While serving as US Attorney in 1997, Curiel was reportedly the targeted for assassination by members of the Arellano Felix drug cartel during his ultimately successful prosecution of the cartel.

Nor is this the first time Trump has gone after Curiel as a "Mexican" who is attacking Trump because of his ethnic heritage.

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Over the long weekend I read Megan McArdle's take on the Peter Thiel-Gawker story. It was pretty disappointing. The gist of McArdle's argument boils down to 'Maybe liberals should understand how big corporations feel when they get sued or lose their free speech." And "But the ACLU also underwrites lawsuits." These arguments are either beside the point the first case) or silly (the second). But the amazing thing about McArdle's effort is that she goes the entire column without mentioning the only really salient issue: Thiel's need to fund this and other revenge lawsuits secretly.

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It is truly difficult for me to imagine that a Trump v Sanders debate is really going to happen. But it is an amazingly terrible idea for anyone who cares about preventing Trump from being the next President. Indeed, does anyone alive believe this helps elect a Democratic president? And if not, what is the rationale? Perhaps it's a wash. Sideshows in May probably don't have that much effect. But it certainly does not help.

It is only a spectacle by which both candidates, Trump and Sanders, can indulge their tacitly-agreed common interest in sidelining and diminishing Hillary Clinton, who of course will be the nominee. I don't want to speculate about Sanders' motives, other than that it is probably a good way to elevate himself into the appearance of an ersatz Democratic standard-bearer and to get media attention which has slackened as most of the attention has moved toward the general election. That would be perfectly understandable if we didn't know for a certainty that he is not going to be the nominee and that this would be bad for the person who is. Remember: President Trump.

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I wrote recently that I thought Elizabeth Warren would be a great Veep pick but it wouldn't happen because it would add to the burden of retaking the Senate. Massachusetts has a Republican governor. That would mean at least 6 months or so of an additional Republican senator in 2017 - assuming Clinton wins.

But I'm reconsidering that. In fact, I'm past reconsidering: Hillary should put Warren on the ticket.

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TPM Reader DR provides his own take on Debbie Wasserman Schultz's tenure running the DNC and efforts to oust here (embedded links are in the original email) ...

I wholeheartedly agree with your post about Debbie Wasserman Schulz (DWS). But there's an angle to this story that isn't being covered, which is that long before Bernie Sanders ever showed up, most "establishment" Democrats -- including a fair number of Clintonites -- wanted DWS gone. Not only was this was reported repeatedly over a span of several years (use the google, there's plenty more where that came from), hostility to her is something I observed firsthand.

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I've gotten a flood of responses to my post on the news that tech billionaire Peter Thiel was bankrolling Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Gawker and now a raft of unrelated lawsuits against the same website. Most agreed with my take; some didn't. But the critiques seemed to be typified by this response in The American Interest which a number of people sent me. So I thought I'd depart from form and respond directly.

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People are pulling lots of different nuggets out of Howard Fineman's boffo interview with Trump capo Paul Manafort. And damn there's a lot. (My own take on this is that you need to look at this presentation through the prism of saying very improbable things aggressively and with seeming total confidence in the belief that that will make people believe them. It might.) For my money though, this part is the best. On Trump's seemingly disastrous numbers with Hispanic voters ...

“The national polls are distorted,” Manafort said. “To get a national sample they rely too much on Hispanics from New York and California, which is where large populations are, but also where most of the radical Hispanics are.”

“But if you look at Hispanics in states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania and even Florida, you see a different picture. We’re going to target Hispanic voters in those and other swing states.”

There seems to be some chatter about removing Debbie Wasserman Schultz as head of the DNC ahead of the general election. These kind of chatter campaigns are hard to interpret. They can be trial balloons, malicious rumors, chatter being churned up out of an internal fight. Who knows? Being head of the party committee, especially for a sitting member of Congress, is a pretty thankless task. Sanders supporters think she's satan. I think reports of her satanhood are likely pretty overstated.

But that doesn't matter.

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At Trump rally that started a few moments ago in California Trump kicked off the rally with a women who thanked God for sending Trump to earth to be our President. Watch.