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Kind of late in the day, but I thought I would respond to the meme that live music sucks. I think you captured it nicely from the point of view that you never know what will happen and sometimes it can be magical. Kind of like sports, in that regard. I read your piece and that from Channing Kennedy this morning after attending a Lucinda Williams' concert last night.

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Does live music suck? That's what Channing Kennedy says in today's new piece from The Slice. Do you agree? I was talking with Nona about this as the piece was being assigned. And the truth is that I don't go to enough live music to really have an opinion about this, especially not the kind of live music Channing is talking about. But I did have a recent experience that was kind of illuminating for me. As longtime readers know, I'm a big Bob Dylan fan - have been, at various degrees of intensity, since I was a kid.

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What century is this? Missouri congressional delegation calls for repealing Obamacare with "manly firmness." Sen. McCaskill's not impressed.

Fox News pundit says President Obama's crusades remarks were a "verbal rape." Not clear of who, precisely, perhaps the crusaders? Not clear.

I want to flag your attention to a new study that has just been released by the Equal Justice Initiative which appears to be the most comprehensive examination to date of the history of lynchings of African-Americans in the South between 1877 and 1950, which the report correctly defines as 'terror lynchings.'

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Benjamin Netanyahu's latest stunt is to claim that he's coming to America to address Congress against President Obama as a "representative of the entire Jewish people".

So now he is not only the Prime Minister of the State of Israel. He also speaks for all Jews. But it turns out Israelis think he should cancel his speech too. A new Israel Army Radio poll finds that 47% of Israelis think Netanyahu should cancel the speech and 34% think he should not.


Obama Prepares For DHS Shutdown

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama convened a meeting with key administration officials on Friday…