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I spent the last 45 minutes or so going back through the video and rush transcripts to get a precise version of what I think was one of the key passages in the whole debate: Cooper's questioning of Trump about the 'grab' tape and Trump's denials. Specifically Trump insisted that Cooper had misunderstood what was said on the tape, that what he was describing was not sexual assault. Here is the back and forth. I've bolded the portions where Trump addresses the tape and left unbolded the parts where he switches back and forth to talking about crushing ISIS.

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My debate reaction coming shortly.

10:29 PM: Clinton On Trump's Predatory Comments About Women: This Is Who He Is

10:28 PM: Trump just said he's pretty much self-funding? Really.

10:22 PM: "I have almost 25 million people."

10:21 PM: She "was no girl scout." "There was no sex tape."

10:20 PM: "She has tremendous hate in her heart ... She's got tremendous hatred."

10:17 PM: I think a basic theme of this debate is that this is the debate the Breitbart team wanted from Trump: aggressive, hitting Bill's adultery, all the laundry list of slashing attacks.

10:16 PM: "I have been saying in big speeches where I have 20 and 30,000 people. What do you have to lose?"

10:15 PM: Trump seems to think all Black people live in a place called "the inner cities."

10:14 PM: The constant fighting with the moderators is not helping Trump.

10:10 PM: Trump's ignorance of basic military concepts is amazing.

10:09 PM: "I think it's basically fallen."

10:09 PM: "He and I haven't spoken. But I disagree."

10:06 PM: "We're old. We're tied and exhausted."

10:01 PM: This is a very different debate. The first 15 or 20 minutes were terrible for Trump. Since then he's done much better. It's hard to evaluate Trump because his manner is so caustic. But just in the most basic sense he's got in his key attacks against Hillary. So that's different. He does seem more prepared than he was on round one. Not a high bar, but more prepared.

9:53 PM: Trump said he and Putin were friends and had great chats.

9:51 PM: Trump's supporters in the audience sure seem pretty voluble.

9:46 PM: Lots of evidence that jihadis are rooting for a Trump presidency because they think he'll be the best thing that ever happened to them.

9:44 PM: Seems like one former RNC Chair thinks it's not going well.

9:42 PM: "In some form has morphed into an extreme vetting."

9:38 PM: Lie. This is an urban legend. No one saw bombs lying around.

9:36 PM: The moderators are being pretty hard on both candidates, which is good. But we're more than a half hour in and I think we've had maybe two audience questions?

9:29 PM: I had a few psychologists suggest to me after the first debate that Clinton had been coached on a method shrinks use to challenge and thus diagnose narcissists. I have no idea whether that's true. But she clearly has it in her mind to hit him with the ego injuries that make him blow up.

9:27 PM: At this point, Trump is basically running through the Breitbart table of contents.

9:24 PM: "Because you'd be in jail."

9:23 PM: I think this is probably the first time one presidential candidate threatened to jail the other one on stage.

9:21 PM: I don't know if others see it but Trump's run of Bill attacks feels like it just fell flat. Like okay, we've basically heard that all before. It's not kryptonite.

9:17 PM: And there we go. Billpocalypse.

9:16 PM: I'm sure Trumpers are going to be saying wonderful things about Raddatz and Anderson.

9:14 PM: It's almost like Clinton's got a very practiced way of engineering a Trump explosion.

9:12 PM: I can't believe any of this is happening.

9:11 PM: I've always wondered what that sudden inhale is.

9:10: PM: "Locker Room Talk" ...

9:07 PM: Note that Clinton here is passing on a chance at a pretty obvious attack.

9:06 PM: I guess we're past handshakes.

9:02 PM: Wow, Wolf Blitzer just asked whether so many family members in the hall will prevent both candidates from going into the gutter. Really, Wolf?

8:58 PM: Oh hey, did I mention I have a book about Trump and Trumpism coming out?

8:51 PM: Random debate trivia. Tonight's debate is being held on the campus of Washington University. That's actually where I spent a decent amount of my youngest years. From birth to 6 years old. My dad was a graduate student at Wash U and my mom worked there. They'd both been undergraduate students there - though from very different backgrounds and at different times. We lived in nearby U City. About half the pictures of me from when I was a little kid are running around the Wash U campus.

8:45 PM: I'm not predicting it. But I think there's a decent chance Trump doesn't mention Bill's history at all. It's hard to believe after all the build up. But he choked with the President of Mexico. He choked with the Pastor in Flint. He choked in debate number one with Hillary. He seldom goes there when his opponent is there in front of him. I figure he will. But don't be totally surprised if he doesn't.

8:42 PM: Astute and inspired debate blogging will appear here shortly.

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