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Congressman who told his communications director that she had semen on her skirt and that she "could show her nipples whenever she wanted to" provides formal response to sexual harassment claims.

Rep. Farenthold seems off to a smashing start with his counter-claim to the suggestion that he gave his communications director a standing invitation to show him her nipples. "There was an occasion in which Plaintiff reported to work in a shirt and bra that were made of such flimsy fabric that Plaintiff's nipples were visible, and that such attire was inappropriate for the Communications Director for a Member of Congress."

From our 2012 TPM Interview with David Carr ...

"The advice I always gave young reporters is congruence. Don't be super friendly on the telephone then hang up and just nuke somebody. If it's a hard story, you should communicate that. Congruence between the way you report and the way you write is important."

Breaking news, the New York Times David Carr has died, aged 58 year.

Carr apparently collapsed at the Times' offices.