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Yesterday we looked at how a doofus and blowhard, awash in derp, can nonetheless have a tactical genius that allows him to defeat all enemies again and again. I focused on an analogy I'm familiar with: increased mobility as a key to victory for Northern Civil War generals. But something funny happened in response to this post. Over almost 15 years of doing this, all of my best ideas and insights and certainly most of our best news tips have come from email exchanges with readers. But in all that time I'm not sure a post has struck the same chord - and a quite specific and technical one at that - with so many readers at once. A number of readers wrote in and said they agreed with the Sherman analogy but that a much tighter conceptual framework comes from a highly influential American military theorist who died almost 20 years ago, Colonel John Richard Boyd.

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As some of you know, I've long been fascinated by the innovation of more mobile forms of warfare during the American Civil War. Out in the West, Grant and Sherman began streamlining and eventually even abandoning conventional supply lines to allow themselves figuratively and in some cases almost literally to run circles around their enemies. The Civil War fielded huge armies which needed constant replenishment of vast amounts of stuff - food, clothes, weapons, ammunition and more - which in turn required well organized supply lines, all of which limited mobility. More mobility is better than less of course. But in warfare, increased mobility reaches a point where it ceases to be an incremental or quantitative advantage and becomes a qualitative and transformational difference.

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Here's the trend lines of Google searches for Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, and Barack Obama over the last 90 days. It's a decent measure of the effect on the GOP race and the effect on the GOP brand outside the angry white person community of Trump's entry into the race. Graph after the jump.

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Let's review: without waiting to be called on, Univision's Jorge Ramos started asking Donald Trump questions at his news conference. Trump got mad and told Ramos to "go back to Univision" before having his bouncer toss Ramos from the auditorium. One of Trump's supporters outside the auditorium - even wearing a signature Trump costume and button - got the message loud and clear and told Ramos to "Get out of my country. Get out!"

Here's the picture. But you can see him much more clearly in the video which you can find embedded in this story.

Now first off, if you watch the video, can anyone identify the supporter in this video? The video is very clear. Maybe he's just some totally random Trump supporter who happened to be outside the press conference. But my hunch is there's a bit more to it than that and I bet someone reading this can identify him. If you can, please drop us a line. Click the email link right under the TPM logo at the upper left to send us a note. I really, really would like to know who this person is and whether he has any connection to the Trump campaign other than simply supporting the candidate.

Now for more on the day's events in the Trump "Get Out of Our Country, Brown Man" Campaign, we go to TPM Reader MM ...

Certainly Trump/Ramos and its inevitable metastases have been the political story of the day. But I have a rhetorical question.

How does disrespecting and bouncing Jorge Ramos,the most influential Hispanic man in America, and then inviting him back for a give-and-take, do anything but strengthen Trump’s position?

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As Jorge Ramos was just outside the auditorium doors after being booted from that Trump press conference, a Trump supporter told Ramos to "get out of my country." Watch the video.

Ramos is an American citizen.

Donald Trump has his bouncer toss Univision anchor Jorge Ramos from his press conference. "Go back to Univision!" Watch here.

TPM Reader JB has his own take here ....

If you go to Univision.com right now, the video is on the front page top. Not top of the news section; top center of the whole website (at least on a phone). There is a headline like "Trump Kicks Jorge Ramos Out of Press Conference" and then the money quote: "Go Back to Univision".

The video has no set up or commentary from a Univision reporter or news anchor. None is required. This is one powerfully self-explanatory clip. It is hard to imagine the message being any clearer to the millions of Univision viewers, spat straight from the sneering, hateful mouth of a big, blonde-haired and red-faced White Man:

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