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For those who watch these things the exquisitely fragile glass jaw of the Brian Ross investigative unit at ABC News has been an extremely open secret for roughly forever. And now it seems like ABC's (extremely ill-considered fight) to try to force its way into a Pulitzer Prize could bring it all out. Here's the story - where they're burned scorchingly by the folks they're trying to take the prize from.

For those life forms that subsist on schadenfreude, this could be the feast of all feasts.

Must read from TPM Reader SB ...

I know from my personal experience that people with strong racial and other biases are unlikely to admit those biases even to themselves. I grew up in a Republican family. My parents voted the straight Republican ticket in every election. They never espoused hatred toward blacks, hispanics, Jews, or any other group.

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I think TPM Reader RC is imputing naiveté where what I was expressing was more a matter cognitive dissonance on latter-day Ron Paul and his role as - no other way to say it - prominent figure in far-right white nationalist politics. But powerful personal account from RC ...

I must take issue with you on this comment, although I certainly understand it:

"Personally, I have to say that it's always been difficult for me to square this history with the kindly old guy many of us got to know in recent years."

This is in fact a summation of the entire conservative view that "nice" people can't be racists, or that only outwardly vicious people can be called such. It's problematic and it's more than a little naïve.

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Just a quick update on comments. We are tentatively - I stress, tentatively - planning to roll out our new comments system to the full TPM community late in the day tomorrow. The new system will still be in beta. So we'll be looking for bug reports if you have them and tips or suggestions on functionality and so forth. In case you missed it, here's our primer on the new system from last Friday on how the new system works.

One of the single-most important factors to understanding US politics: The more money you have, the more likely you are to vote. Look at the chart.

We've gotten a rather ferocious response to my noting last night that when we interviewed accused Kansas City Jewish Center Shooter Glenn Miller two years ago his two big questions for our reporter Ryan Reilly was whether Ryan was Jewish and whether Ryan thought Ron Paul was being mistreated by the mainstream media.

Now, obviously people can't be responsible for the bad acts of people who might happen to like them. And more specifically to this case, Paul has never been a mainstream Republican. Mainstream Republicans have frequently tried to marginalize him - mainly because of his heterodox foreign policy views but also because of his obscurantist anti-Fed beliefs on monetary. But not least of which has been the reality, not lost on mainstream Republicans, that Paul has a pretty well-documented history as a leading figure among white nationalists and pretty clear ties to open anti-Semites.

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TPM Reader JG says the federal stand-down outside the Bundy Ranch over the weekend may have been shrewder than it seemed ... (Also note that the local 'militia' reportedly planned to use women as human shields.)

I grew up in southern Utah, not far from the Bundy ranch standoff -- and the stuff going on there turns my stomach. I share Josh's concern about letting the camo crowd scare off the BLM, though it's probably wise in the short term. Here's why:

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