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In almost every election you see isolated reports of voting machines 'changing' people's votes. In virtually every case, as Texas election authorities are explaining now, it's human error. In exceedingly rare cases, it's a mechanical malfunction. It's never a conspiracy. Except this time, the candidate is Donald Trump so he's tweeting about the 'conspiracy' to flip votes to Hillary.

Our reporter spent a week in Nevada doing a deep dive on the critical Nevada Senate race. Here's what she found.

It could be a topsy turvy 12 more days, folks. We just had a rush of new national polls confirming a big national lead for Hillary Clinton. The PollTracker Average now gives Clinton an 8.6 percentage point lead (Clinton 49.2, Trump 40.6). But a batch of new Senate polls shifted the TPM Senate Scoreboard to D - 48, R- 50 with two seats (Missouri and New Hampshire) in the Toss-Up category. Meanwhile, both Clinton and Trump have notched down slightly on The TPM Electoral Scoreboard as Georgia and Florida go into the Toss-Up category. The presidential race seems basically where it's been, with some minor permutations. But today's Senate polls paint a different picture of where things seemed at the start of the week. That could be a big deal as Republicans are now lining up to say they will refuse to confirm any Supreme Court appointees for the duration of Clinton's term if she wins.

Stuff at TPM becomes such a rush and we're so busy just before an election that I often don't even know we're working on a story until I see it on the site. I was glad we got on this one. We told you yesterday how there was an ecstatic white woman holding a "Blacks for Trump" sign behind Trump as he spoke in Florida. But the guy who runs "Blacks for Trump" (he's black at least) is the former member of a violent cult who runs a bizarre extremist group (how many members over one is not clear) which mixes your standard extremist right wing crazy with his own mini-cult with obscurantist religious views. And this guy has managed to get placed behind Trump in a number of major speeches! Here's the story.

As I've been writing my Trump mini-book, one of the themes I've been writing about is the increasing apocalypticism of politics on the American right. I think this is tied to a deep degree to the narrowing of the GOP electoral base and the relative demographic decline of white Christian America. If you look at politics through the prism of the political dominance and cultural centrality of white Christians, this may really be the 'last election.' Perhaps the last was 2012. Maybe it will be 2024. But it is important to recognize that if you are looking at politics through that prism, this isn't a fantasy. There is a demographic and political reality behind it.

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