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John is TPM‘s Prime editor. His writing has also appeared at The Atlantic, Mother Jones, Salon, Slate, UN Dispatch, Vox, Worth, and Al Jazeera, and has been broadcast on Public Radio International. Before joining TPM, John was a producer for Bill Moyers and WNYC, and worked as a news writer for Grist. He grew up in New Jersey, studied history and film at Oberlin College, and got his master‘s degree in journalism from Columbia University.

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We’re continuing to learn more about Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker as he, reportedly, weights whether to recuse himself. Here’s more on that and on other stories we’re following.

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Hello Prime subscribers, and welcome to the end of a week that felt hundreds of days long. The Democrats have retaken the U.S. House of Representatives and several state legislatures; meanwhile, we have a new acting attorney general.

Usually, in these end-of-week Prime roundups I give you nearly every Prime piece we published. This week had so much news, some of those (pre-election predictions, for instance) are no longer fresh. Here’s what is:

For more than a year, as Trump has publicly lambasted (now former) Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his decision to recuse himself from the Russia probe, journalists have be boning up on the Vacancies Act. Depending on how Trump chose to get rid of Sessions when the time finally came, he could potentially run afoul of the act, which limits who a president can temporarily place in a cabinet-level job after firing the person in that job.

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Following the 2016 election, there was quite a bit of hand-wringing among Democrats about their state-level losses during Obama’s presidency. Heading into 2017, not only would Republicans control the presidency and Congress, not only would they be bolstered by a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, they also had full control — meaning the governorship and both houses of the legislature  — in the majority of states.

That changed on Tuesday night.

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It’s the morning after a long election night, and it looks like Washington will be very different over the next two years than it was during the last two. Here are the stories we’re following.

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One of the articles in TPM’s voting rights series focused on North Carolina, where a longtime legal antagonist of the state GOP was running for a state Supreme Court seat. Anita Earls, who, as a lawyer, campaigned against Republican efforts to restrict the vote, won that seat tonight, Tierney Sneed reports.

If she hadn’t, there were murmurs that the GOP was planning to pack the Democratic-leaning court until it had a majority, Barry Yeoman reported for us.

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