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CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin, following Supreme Court arguments on President Obama's health care law, said on CNN that based on what he heard inside the Court, things didn't look good for proponents of the law.

"This was a train wreck for the Obama administration," he said. "This law looks like it's going to be struck down. I'm telling you, all of the predictions including mine that the justices would not have a problem with this law were wrong... if I had to bet today I would bet that this court is going to strike down the individual mandate."

Toobin added that he felt that U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli simply wasn't prepared for the conservative justices.

"I don't know why he had a bad day," he said. "He is a good lawyer, he was a perfectly fine lawyer in the really sort of tangential argument yesterday. He was not ready for the answers for the conservative justices."

Toobin also said he thought Justice Kennedy, the perennial swing vote, was a "lost cause" for supporters of the health care reform law.


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U.S. Solicitor General David Verrilli, who is arguing on behalf of the government to defend the health reform law, has finished his prepared remarks to the Supreme Court justices, reports Tom Goldstein of SCOTUSblog

It is essentially clear that the four more liberal members of the Court will vote in favor of the mandate. But there is no fifth vote yet. The conservatives all express skepticism, some significant.


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Rick Santorum, in an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN's Situation Room, was asked about his outburst against a New York Times reporter, Jeff Zeleny, earlier this weekend.

Blitzer ran the clip, with a split-screen view catching Rick Santorum's reaction. Watch below:


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In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Mitt Romney on Monday defended taking his grandchildren to see this weekend's blockbuster 'The Hunger Games.'

"It's PG-13, is it a little bit too violent for young kids?" Blitzer asked.

"I think it's a little bit too disturbing for young kids," Romney replied. "I think the PG-13 is an indication of the seriousness of the film, but I'm over 13 now."

"But you went with young kids, didn't you," Blitzer responded.

"Just about that age," Romney said.



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Mitt Romney, in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, was asked what he thought about Rick Santorum's outburst to Jeff Zeleny, a reporter from The New York Times.

"I'm not going to worry too much about what rick is saying these days," Romney said. "I know when you're following further and further behind, you get a little more animated."



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Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) flipped the tables on Democrats on Monday, hitting President Obama in a tweet as an "Etch A Sketch leader' after reportedly asking Russian President Dimitri Medvedev for "space" on missle defense, promising he will have "more flexibility" after the election.

"Pres Obama tells Medvedev he'll be more "flexible" on missile defense - that's a real "Etch A Sketch" leader!" McCain tweeted.

The Supreme Court oral arguments are now under way with Robert Long, who is arguing that litigation should be delayed until 2014, making opening remarks that lasted three minutes, reports the Wall Street Journal's Louise Radnofsky.

He described the law as a "pay first, litigate later" law that is essential for government to function--meaning that any challenge to a tax should be litigated only after people start paying the tax.  He said there was "no reason to believe" that Congress had intended to exempt from the act the health law's requirement that most Americans carry insurance or pay a fine after 2014.  


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