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Appearing on Fox and Friends this morning, Mitt Romney responded to an implicit broadside from Obama yesterday, when the president said he "wasn’t born with a silver spoon in [his] mouth."

"I'm certainly not going to apologize for my dad and his success in life," Romney said. "He was born poor. He worked his way to become very successful despite the fact that he didn't have a college degree and one of the things he wanted to do was provide for me and for my brother and sisters. I'm not going to apologize for my dad's success. But I know the president likes to attack fellow Americans. He's always looking for a scapegoat, particularly those that have been successful like my dad."

Watch the video:


U.S. soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division posed with the body parts of dead Afghan bombers in 2010, states a bombshell report from the Los Angeles Times:

Two soldiers posed holding a dead man's hand with the middle finger raised. A soldier leaned over the bearded corpse while clutching the man's hand. Someone placed an unofficial platoon patch reading "Zombie Hunter" next to other remains and took a picture.

The Army launched a criminal investigation after the Los Angeles Times showed officials copies of the photos, which recently were given to the paper by a soldier from the division.


House Speaker John Boehner endorsed Mitt Romney this morning in Washington.

"It's clear now Mitt Romney will be our nominee...I will be proud to support Mitt Romney," he said.

The Secret Service agents under investigation for allegedly hiring prostitutes in Colombia reportedly bragged about working for President Obama, per ABC News:

Partying at the “Pley Club” Wednesday night, eleven members of the president’s advance team allegedly bragged “we work for Obama” and “we’re here to protect him.”

The officials spent the night throwing back expensive whiskey and enlisting the services of the club’s prostitutes, according to a bouncer at the club and a police source.

Mitt Romney's campaign is celebrating Ann Romney's birthday today by releasing a new video entitled "Happy Birthday, Mom," focusing on the Romney family.

“I'm happy in life as long as I've got my soul mate with me," Romney says. "Life is all about the people you love.”

The White House released President Obama's and Vice President Joe Biden's tax returns on Friday morning, per the AP:

President Barack Obama and his family paid more than $160,000 in federal taxes last year on earnings of $789,674, the White House said Friday.

The president's 2011 federal income tax return shows that about half of the first family's income is the president's salary. The rest comes from sales of Obama's books.

Obama's effective tax rate is just above 20 percent — lower than many Americans who earn less. He has made tax-rate fairness a campaign issue, arguing that millionaires and other very wealthy people should not pay a smaller share of their incomes in taxes than people who earn much less.

See the returns here.

This graph, courtesy of the folks at Twitter, charts the tweets-per-minute (TPM) following the Ann Romney/Hilary Rosen flap, and is just one example of how this year's election is approaching a rapid, almost steroid-fueled pace. 

"The shift from a 24-hour news cycle to a 140-character one has dramatically reshaped the rapid response game," says Adam Sharp, Twitter's Senior Manager of Government, News and Social Innovation. "The whole action-reaction-response cycle is compressed to mere minutes, and Twitter users have a front row seat to a back-and-forth that used to be witnessed only by the 'boys on the bus.'"

See a larger version here.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush appeared on Fox this afternoon to weigh in on comments made by Hilary Rosen and her subsequent apology.

"Well God bless her, good girl," Bush said, when Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly informed her of Rosen's apology.

"I'm sorry she took a knock at us who chose -- or were able to -- stay home and take care of our children," she added.

"Forget it," Bush closed. "Women who stay at home are wonderful. Women who go to work are wonderful. Whatever."


Fox News host Greta van Susteren has penned a defense of Hillary Rosen: 

In making her remark about Mrs. Romney and her choice to raise a family and not work outside the home,  I know Hilary knows raising children is hard work, really hard work…the absolute hardest work.  Hilary has children.  That is the best way to know the challenge of raising children – have them!   Hilary is not anti-stay-at-home mom.

I did not read Hilary’s comments to in anyway take away from hard chore of raising children or staying at home and raising them and not working outside the family.  I read it to mean that raising children without financial pressure is easier than having financial pressure. This is not to take away from Mrs. Romney – she has done a spectacular job raising 5 great sons – but to face the reality that financial pressure does make it harder to raise a family.  This is also not to say that the Romney family success is anything to be ashamed of…the family should be very proud of its success.  I admire success, don’t you?

Mitt Romney's campaign has launched a parody account soley dedicated to Vice President Joe Biden, @JoeBiden2008. "Imagine if VP Biden decided to cut loose and tweeted what he really thought. We think it would look something like this," reads the description. Here are some of the first tweets: