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President Obama today endorsed California Rep. Pete Stark (D), according to Roll Call:

 The 20-term Congressman and Dublin City Councilman Eric Swalwell (D) are likely to advance to the general election in the solidly Democratic 15th district. But Stark’s path to re-election has become less certain in recent weeks after some odd gaffes. Stark has apologized for falsely accusing a San Francisco Chronicle columnist of contributing to Swalwell’s campaign and for claiming that Swalwell had accepted bribes.

North Carolina State Rep. Alma Adams (D) told CNN that from what she "understand[s] about the Mormon faith you can have multiple wives. That's sort of a contradiction. There are questions about who Romney is and what he believes in terms of that particular issue."

Adams, who is chairwoman of the Legislative Black Caucus in the North Carolina General Assembly, made the reference to Mitt Romney's Mormon faith by saying it might negatively infuence his support among conservatives in the state.

As Buzzfeed's McKay Coppins points out, Adams' "understanding" of the Mormon faith is wrong: 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stopped practicing polygamy in 1890, and the practice is considered sinful in modern Mormonism. Polygamists are excommunicated from the Mormon Church.

Update: Democratic strategist Paul Begala condemns Adams' remarks on Twitter:


Update II: Adams has apologized for her remarks via a statement from her office:

"I want to apologize in no uncertain terms for my comments on Mitt Romney and the Mormon faith. I recognize there is no place in our public or political discourse for such comments, I regret making them and am sorry for any hurt or misunderstanding they may have caused."

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Per the White House, President Obama will travel to Joplin, Missouri on May 21 to deliver the commencement address at Joplin High School's 2011-2012 graduation ceremony. Devastating tornadoes ravaged Joplin nearly a year ago today.

Conservative Super PAC Crossroads GPS is out with a new ad today calling former senator Bob Kerrey, now running for Nebraska's senate seat, "Bailout Bob" for his 2008 vote for the TARP bailout. Watch the video:


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The social media giant Facebook is set to begin trading on NASDAQ at 11 a.m. EST, as Wall Street prepares for heavy trading volume, according to the WSJ:

Traders expect the company’s IPO to rev trading volumes for some time, which would be much welcomed by many in the market after anemic levels of shares changing hands so far this year.

The U.S. Commerce Department today announced that it was imposing high tariffs - more than 31 percent - on solar panels imported from China, reports the New York Times:

The anti-dumping decision is one of the largest in American history, covering one of the largest and fastest-growing categories of imports from China, the world’s largest exporter. The department said the United States bought $3.1 billion worth of Chinese solar cells last year, giving China more than half the American market for the devices.

Speaking at a campaign event in Jacksonville, Florida, Mitt Romney said even though he doesn't remember invoking Rev. Jeremiah Wright on Sean Hannity's show back in February, he stands by his comments.

"I'm not familiar precisely with exactly what I said, but I stand by what I said whatever it was," Romney said.

Earlier today Mitt Romney said he “repudiate[s]” a plan to attack President Obama by hyping his connection to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, in an interview with the conservative news site Townhall. Romney said he would like to focus on the economy instead. 


Watch the video:


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Apparently fed up with Nevada GOP's missteps during the primary season earlier this year, the Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee are planning to create their own "shadow state party" which will effectively run the ground game in place of Nevada GOP, reports the Las Vegas Sun:

“The goal is for us to be running get out the vote, running phone programs, voter ID, voter contact, everything through the Team Nevada headquarters,” the strategist told me. That is, everything the party is supposed to do, except the GOP here can’t raise money and has the inmates running the asylum.

He continued: “The RNC has said it is willing to do everything possible as the state party appears not to be willing to work with us, so we will do it without them.”

The plan would be to transfer money directly to Team Nevada and/or funnel some through the Washoe Republican Party, run by the respected Dave Buell, who is well-liked by the RNC and Romney folks.

To distill, the GOP insider said, “Essentially we’re setting up a shadow state party.”

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