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Eric Lach is a reporter for TPM. From 2010 to 2011, he was a news writer in charge of the website?s front page. He has previously written for The Daily,, GlobalPost and other publications. He can be reached at

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The chart we've dubbed "The Scariest Job Chart Ever" continues to be, well, scary, following today's June Non-Farm Payrolls Report.

As you can see from the low line of the chart, put together by Calculated Risk, we're clearly not enjoying a v-shaped ascent like we've seen during other jobs recoveries. And what's more, if you look just at the dotted line, which is based on private payrolls, it really looks like we've stalled out.

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Prosecutors in the Rod Blagojevich trial have released some classic audio of a recorded conversation between the former Illinois governor and Doug Scofield, a political advisor and former deputy governor, from the day after Barack Obama won the Presidential election.

In a candid conversation, Blagojevich and Scofield discussed the governor's strategy for filling the vacant Senate seat, and the governor utters the now-infamous phrase: "I've got this thing and it's fucking golden."

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Sen. Bob Bennett (R-UT) has some tough words for his party. Bennett became the first incumbent senator to lose his re-election bid in 2010 after his defeat at Utah's Republican convention in May. Speaking yesterday to The Ripon Society, Bennett predicted Republicans will win the House -- and maybe even the Senate -- this fall, but he expressed doubts that the party has the ideas needed to govern successfully.

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