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At a press conference announcing his recommendation of Gen. Jim Mattis to lead U.S. Central Command today, Defense Secretary Robert Gates addressed the memo he recently issued regarding the military's interactions with the media.

The memo, issued last Friday, requires top level military personnel to notify the public affairs office before interviews "with possible national or international implications." It was issued in the wake of a Rolling Stone profile of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, in which the general and his aides publicly trashed members of the Obama administration. McChrystal has since been relieved of his command.

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A group of marine scientists just got back from a science-type voyage with a bunch of totally bizarre, creepily beautiful new species. Wanna see 'em?

You want to know what is cool? The ocean, that's what's cool. A six-week trip in the Atlantic turned up tons of new species, some of which may be "close to the missing link in evolution between backboned and invertebrate animals," and all of which look like the kind of thing you encounter on serious psychotropics. Here are ten of them, beautifully photographed by David Shale. We named them all, to encourage you to be friendly!

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To solve its wrenching budget issues, some in California have pushed for the idea of total legalization of pot, with the idea being that the state would make money twice: taxation and reduced enforcement costs.

California voters will go to the polls this November to vote on some form of legalization, making the economics particularly important.

A new study by the RAND foundation (via Bill Bishop) looks at exactly this issue. What's their verdict?

Here's their summary findings:

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In a new ad, Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate and former Gov. Roy Barnes says some of the strange ideas offered up by state Republicans -- like talk of secession and a bill to ban microchip implants -- have serious consequences. They're losing Georgia jobs, and making the state a national punchline, he says.

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A new report from the USDA, via The Atlantic, examines the potential effect of a soda tax as a possible obesity curb.

Not surprisingly, since you wouldn't expect a government agency to say that a tax wouldn't help the government, the USDA's conclusion is that such a tax would work.

Here is is in a nutshell.

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