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Time spent on Yahoo sites hit a new U.S. low in June, according to traffic data released by comScore today. Citi analyst Mark Mahaney compiled the data in a report today and produced the chart below.

Time spent on Google sites (38.9 billion minutes) was greater than Yahoo (38.8 billion minutes) for the first time. As a percentage of total internet time for Q2, Yahoo hit an all-time low, says Mahaney.

Yahoo's share of time spent was 9.7%. More worrisome than Google passing Yahoo is that Facebook is coming on strong. Facebook's share of time spent was 8.6% for Q2, which is up from 7.8% in Q1.

Looks like Yahoo's $100 million ad campaign isn't helping. Maybe adding Zynga games will?

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There's no love lost between Nikki Haley and the South Carolina chapter of the Chamber of Commerce. The state Chamber had never made an endorsement in the governor's race before this year, but it picked Haley's primary challenger Gresham Barrett (Haley walloped him). The chamber also endorsed Vincent Sheheen on the Democratic side during the primary. So with the primaries over and Haley facing Sheheen in the general, a pro-business group goes with the Republican, right? Wrong.

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More details are emerging about the case of Wikileaker Pvt. Bradley Manning and they are... Gagalicious. Manning's plan to download and leak thousands of classified documents to Wikileaks hinged on lip-syncing to "Telephone".

Manning allegedly leaked the Iraq Apache helicopter video, and it's believed he also downloaded over 150,000 diplomatic cables from the military's SPIR-Net and shared them with Wikileaks. How did he do it without arousing suspicion? According to the New York Times:

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Rick Scott, the millionaire former health care exec, sees a serious injustice in the state of Florida's campaign finance laws. The law, he says, unfairly picks on the big spenders.

Scott has tapped his personal fortune to help knock Attorney General Bill McCollum (R) out of position as the de facto Republican nominee for governor in Florida. So far, it's been working: Scott's leading by double-digits in the polls. And now he's asking a judge to strike down a Florida campaign finance law that would award McCollum a dollar-for-dollar match from the state for every dollar over $24.9 million that Scott spends. Scott's already spent $21 million, according to the Palm Beach Post. So if he spends much more, McCollum stands to start collecting.

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