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David Taintor is a news editor at Talking Points Memo. Previously, he worked at NBC News and Adweek. He's a native of Minnesota. Reach him at taintor@talkingpointsmemo.com.

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Pat Robertson says God told him what will happen in 2011, and it's good news if you're Pat Robertson, bad news if you're anyone else.

What, specifically, did God tell Robertson? "Your country is in grave peril," Robertson said. "In two years will come a time of reckoning. Your currency will shrink in value. Unemployment will escalate. There will be turmoil."

But Robertson isn't sweating it. His CBN network and Regent University will both prosper, and his American Center for Law and Justice "will be needed like never before," he said.

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Stephen Colbert had Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) on his show last night to discuss how Americans are becoming a bunch of "wusses."

Rendell spurred a mini-controversy last month when he declared America had become a "nation of wusses" after the NFL postponed the Eagles-Vikings game Christmas weekend due to the snowstorm that crippled the northeast.

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Ron Klain -- Vice President Joe Biden's chief of staff -- will leave his post at the end of January.

In a statement this morning, Biden said he is "proud" of the work Klain has accomplished, and wished him "the best of luck as he takes this next step in his career."

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The candidates for chairman of the Republican National Committee are a literate bunch. And when asked to name their favorite book, their answers were revealing, to say the least.

Maria Cino's favorite is the classic To Kill a Mockingbird. Reince Priebus named The Reagan Diaries as his first choice. And current RNC Chairman Michael Steele's favorite is War and Peace.

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After the outbreak of Islamophobia in 2010, CBS news anchor Katie Couric thinks she has a solution: "Maybe we need a Muslim version of The Cosby Show."

In a round-table discussion with Politico's Jonathan Martin, comedian Mo Rocca and theroot.com's Sheryl Huggins-Salomon, Couric said "the bigotry expressed against Muslims in this country has been one of the most disturbing stories to surface this year."

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The so-called "Nostradamus" of the Middle East, Michel Hayek, has some grave predictions for President Barack Obama in the new year.

Speaking during a live broadcast on New Year's Eve for the 26th year in a row, he predicted Obama will face problems in 2011 "never faced by previous presidents," but reportedly did not offer any specifics. Millions tuned into the broadcast, according to The National, .

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