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For a variety of pretty good reasons, we've never really known the extent of the threat Barack Obama has faced as the nation's first black president. But one of the silver linings to the Secret Service scandal of recent days may be that some of the people in a position to know are providing more details than we've previously had about how serious that threat has been and how it's changed over time.

From Juliet Eilperin's piece today in the Post, this stands out:

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Some great original reporting from Dylan Scott on the deep distrust between the prosecutor in the Ferguson case and the family of Michael Brown that threatens the credibility of the entire probe.

In a terrible (for him) local TV interview, the GOP Senate nominee in Colorado brings the spotlight back to his support for anti-abortion "personhood" legislation by denying any such legislation exists at the federal level. It does. He is co-sponsoring it.

The interview with Rep. Cory Gardner (R-TV), who has been trying to disavow his support for personhood legislation since the early days of the campaign, comes as polling over the last three weeks showed Gardner with a consistent lead over incumbent Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO).

The lawsuit that Secretary of State Kris Kobach is trying to hitch himself to in order to force a Democrat onto the ballot in the Kansas Senate race now faces a very uncertain future after the lead plaintiff failed to show up today for a hearing in the case.

The plaintiff has been a mystery figure throughout the saga over the Senate ballot. His name is David Orel. He's a registered Democrat, but his son is reportedly a member of the Republican Gov. Sam Brownback's staff. He has refused press interviews, and little is known about his background or his motives in bringing suit.

The biggest news story in Philly for the last few days has been the alleged hate crime against a gay couple downtown by a group of twentysomethings out on the town -- except Pennsylvania doesn't have a hate crime law protecting LGBTs.

If your Yankees-hating or Jeter-skepticism overwhelms your ability to appreciate Jeter's game-winning, opposite-field, walk-off single in his final home game last night, you might consider re-examining your soul.

Sit back and watch this and allow yourself to be swept up in the moment. Come on. It's good for you.

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