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Not even sure what to say about this. Obama plays golf with Stephen Curry, and that makes you uncomfortable somehow? Here's GOP bigwig Al Cardenas today being all warm and fuzzy about it:

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Trump taking it to a new level. No legal change is required to deny birthright citizenship to the children of undocumented immigrants, he told Bill O'Reilly last night. By his reading of the law, those children are not now and never have been citizens.

"I don't think they have American citizenship and if you speak to some very, very good lawyers -- and I know some will disagree -- but many of them agree with me, you're going to find they do not have American citizenship," Trump said.

Hillary Clinton's backstage conversation, captured on video last week, with leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement is revealing, captivating, and so telling about the way she thinks about politics, campaigning, how to sync up movements with policies, and just in general gives more insight into her method of operating than anything I seen in a long time. Worth your time to watch.

Florida is really shining with this needless obstacle for same-sex couples.

Here's the deal:

A group of same-sex married couples sued the state of Florida today alleging it was not providing birth certificates for their children that lists both spouses as parents.

In indirect response, the state has now asked a judge in the closed year-old case that overturned the state's same-sex marriage ban whether it must promulgate a new birth certificate form in light of the Supreme Court's ruling that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right.

Of course, the answer is yes, they should. And that's almost certainly what a judge will say. Any reasonable vital statistics office would have just proceeded with the new forms on its own. But perhaps fearing backlash from Gov. Rick Scott (R) or some state legislators, the office is slow-walking the whole thing. Nice work, guys.