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It's a pretty safe bet that by seizing the opportunity to decapitate the leadership of the Oregon occupiers, federal authorities were hoping the remainder of the ragtag outfit would just shrivel and go away. It sounds good in theory, but it's still a roll of the die. The risk, obviously, is that you end up with a more emboldened, more radicalized, and more paranoid rump group left behind that is nervous, twitchy and less predictable.

I would say the signs over the last 15 hours or so are looking pretty good for the feds' strategy. Here's why.

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Law enforcement convenes its first press conference since last night's arrest of the Oregon standoff leaders that resulted in one death. Watch.

Lurking in the background since the beginning of the Oregon standoff was the possibility of violence and bloodshed, but the feds' hands-off approach combined with the occupiers' sometimes goofball circus antics helped keep that mostly below the surface. Last's night violent confrontation has now changed the equation considerably, and the remaining occupiers are ramping up their rhetoric and are taking a more confrontational and aggressive pose, as is law enforcement.

The FBI has warned journalists this morning that it cannot guarantee their protection at the refuge, so many of them have gotten out of Dodge. Occupiers are issuing calls for supporters to rally to the refuge in their defense. And the tone and tenor of the occupation via their own live feed is, well, unnerving.

We'll have more on the implications of last night's death shortly.

With their leaders under arrest or dead, the remaining occupiers at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge are now under a new tighter federal cordon. Here's the latest.

A lot of conflicting, preliminary, and unconfirmed reports coming in on what exactly happened this evening in the Oregon standoff. No official confirmation from law enforcement yet of arrests or casualties. Follow the latest here.

Late Update: The FBI is confirming one person was killed during the arrest.

Reports coming in of arrests and shots fired in connection with the standoff at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

KATU television in Portland is reporting Ammon Bundy has been arrested:

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The Trump-Fox News feud has taken a new turn, with Donald Trump and his campaign declaring that he will not participate in Thursday's Fox News debate, where Trump foil Megyn Kelly will be a moderator. In case you missed it, here's the Fox statement earlier in the day that apparently precipitated Trump's withdrawal.

The vast difference between NYC and DC responses to big winter storms doesn't come down to per capital spending on snowfall removal, it turns out. Per capita is about the same, at $9, according to the AP. The big difference is in dollars spent per "lane mile:"

The District has 4,400 lane miles to clear, budgeting $1,400 per mile. New York has to clear 19,000 lane miles and budgets $4,000 per mile, almost three times as much.

So there you have it.