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The shrug Jeb Bush gave at the moment he announced he was suspending his campaign captured all pathos he has embodied these last few weeks. Sad in a very human way. Watch.

Countless reasons why Trump's frontrunner status is stunning, unexpected, earth-shaking and all the rest. But I can't get past the fact that they guy who won New Hampshire and South Carolina openly and sneeringly bucked GOP orthodoxy on George W. Bush's 9/11 record. I didn't expect any Republican candidate to do that in my lifetime and win.

After a lot of fake drama at the top of the hour, the cable nets are projecting a Trump win in South Carolina. The focus in the initial coverage was "three-way race" and "top-tier candidates" but Trump won. Period. The silly notion of strong third place finishes and dominating second place showings and related pablum should not obscure that Trump just won in core Republican, white, Southern, religious South Carolina. So much for New York values.

It's looking like Bernie Sanders pushed Hillary Clinton harder in Nevada than anyone would have expected just a few weeks ago, but she has prevailed in what really was a crucial win for her. A loss wouldn't have decided the nomination, or even come close, but it would have seriously undermined her claim, indeed her campaign's whole rationale, that she has broader and deeper appeal with core Democratic Party constituencies than Sanders does, constituencies that were not well represented in the heavily white first two primary contests. More on Clinton's win.

FreedomWorks: "The very fact that people on our side feel very strongly that there shouldn’t be a hearing before we know the nominee is because it’s not really about the nominee. ... Frankly, the real objection here is to Obama.”

More from Tierney Sneed on the pressure conservative groups are putting on GOP senators not to hold a hearing for Obama's Supreme Court nominee -- and why.

Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV):

The chances of approving a new nominee are slim, but Nevadans should have a voice in the process. That’s why I encourage the President to use this opportunity to put the will of the people ahead of advancing a liberal agenda on the nation’s highest court. But should he decide to nominate someone to the Supreme Court, who knows, maybe it’ll be a Nevadan.

What does that even mean?

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For whatever reason, Nevada's Democratic caucus this Saturday has received scant attention from public polling firms. Until last week, there hadn't been a publicly released poll of the Dem caucus this year. The one that came out last week, showing a 45-45 tie between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, was met with considerable skepticism because of who commissioned it: the uberconservative Washington Free Beacon. But today we have new polling from CNN/ORC that shows a similar result: Clinton 48, Sanders 47. Remember, Nevada is the first big test of whether Sanders can demonstrate appeal with a more diverse electorate.

The political and legal implications of Antonin Scalia's death are so far-reaching -- and the speed with which the political dynamic has intruded on the mourning is so breath-taking -- that it truly boggles the mind. Law professor Rick Hasen coolly starts to work through the implications in this post at TPMCafe.