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It looks like the criminal investigation of Planned Parenthood that top Republican elected officials in Texas called for last year has not only failed to yield charges against Planned Parenthood but has resulted in the indictment of the head of the group that produced those anti-abortion sting videos and another activist.

Late last night, Ted Cruz's presidential campaign conceded that the senator and his family do in fact have health insurance and never lost coverage, contrary to what the senator said at a campaign stop Thursday in which he used his (made up) personal experience to slam Obamacare. Even his campaign's statement contains some dubious claims that don't quite match with his Texas insurer told us yesterday. Here's the story.

Here's another piece of the puzzle on Ted Cruz's eligibility. Bryan A. Garner has written a "legal memorandum" at the Atlantic on the various legal questions that come into play in determining with Cruz is a natural born citizen. As with other serious looks at the issue in recent days, I'm struck by how complicated, unsettled, and genuinely up in the air the legal question actually is.

Garner ultimately concludes that a court would find Cruz to be eligible, but it's not an easy or straightforward call, and it's predicated on several untested assumptions precisely because there are not prior court rulings that you can point to and say, ah ha!, this is the definitive answer. But one part of his analysis in particular jumped out as a key element.

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What you need to know about the perils facing public employee unions in this morning's case before the Supreme Court.

Gov. Paul LePage (R) will no longer stand for the scourge of (black/brown?) drug dealers from New York impregnating young white girls in Maine. Watch.

If, like me, you've been curious why the Bundy gang bothered to pick a remote wildlife refuge visitors center to stage their drama, Lauren Fox has some interesting backstory on that question. The jailed ranchers who inspired militia types to flock to Oregon in the first place have a long history of confrontations with the refuge, which is adjacent to their ranch. And when I say confrontations ... Dwight Hammond, Jr., the ranching family patriarch (pictured), reportedly made death threats against the refuge's managers on multiple occasions: 1986, 1988, 1991 and 1994. You might call that a pattern. More here.

Bill Cosby reportedly will be charged criminally in suburban Philly in alleged 2004 sexual assault. Watch prosecutor's press conference live here.

Your argument that there is a legitimate historical preservation interest in leaving Confederate monuments in place across the South isn't helped when you join forces with revanchist outfits like the Sons of Confederate Veterans to sue the city of New Orleans. TPM's Tierney Sneed talks to the SCV leader in Louisiana and offers some lovely samples from the group's Facebook page. Worth a read.

The insurgent candidacy of Bernie Sanders has been almost polite, in a Vermont kind of way. And that has been more than okay for the DNC and the Clinton campaign. A deep, scarring split among Democrats is the last thing either wanted. But this press conference by Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver just now was anything but polite.

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