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So if the closing of lanes on the George Washington Bridge wasn't retaliation for Fort Lee's mayor not endorsing Chris Christie's reelection, then what was it retaliation for? Maddow et al. have a theory.

With Chris Christie's presser over, a New Jersey Assembly committee investigating the bridge scandal is now beginning its much-anticipated hearing. Star witness is David Wildstein.

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EMS responses in at least four medical emergencies were delayed by the George Washington Bridge closure, including one where a 91-one-year old woman later died.

Investigators of every stripe dream about getting smoking gun documents like the ones multiple media outlets, including TPM, obtained today. They not only show aides and appointees of Chris Christie conspiring to punish the mayor of Fort Lee, N.J., a Democrat who did not endorse Christie's reelection bid in 2013, but they capture a tone and mentality that, well, you might find in the works of David Chase or David Simon. Jonathan Chait calls it an "almost comical venality bordering on outright sociopathy."

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