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I've been wondering for some time whether the bipartisan movement towards major criminal justice reform would survive first contact with the GOP presidential primary. Or to put it another way, could we get through the 2016 election without politicizing crime (and the associated issues of race and class) the way we have for the last nearly 50 years?

As recently as early this summer, reform advocates remained confident that the GOP field was generally on board with criminal justice reform. They saw that as a huge step forward, and it fostered hope for real reform at the federal level, perhaps even before the election. Then Donald Trump cannonballed into the race and suddenly we're talking about crime like it's 1988 all over again.

Tierney Sneed has some new reporting on the effect Trump is having and what reform advocates from the right and left are grappling with.

Nick Bagley with a good unpacking of yesterday's important ruling on Obamacare and the House's standing to sue.

Bernie leads Hillary in Iowa: 41-40.

You've heard this tune before: Legally suspect Obamacare lawsuit brought by health care reform dead-enders suddenly finds receptive federal judges and turns into real live threat to the biggest social justice reform of the last half century.

Here we go again.

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Confusing reporting coming out on just what is prompting the federal judge in Kentucky to release Kim Davis from jail and what comes next. Apparently her lawyers are saying she will block her deputies from issuing same-sex marriage licenses after she is released. Does that mean the judge may scuttle her release? Haul her right back to court as soon as she gets back to the office and starts causing trouble? Will Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz shackle themselves to her flowing tresses and insist on being jailed, too? Stay tuned!