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The evidence of Republicans playing fast and loose with the facts to discredit Obamacare is everywhere and has been for months. But I'm not sure there's any one example that so neatly encapsulates the bad faith and unfair dealing as what happened last night.

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Justice Scalia's goof in his dissent from yesterday's SCOTUS ruling on the EPA has been corrected as of this morning. See update at the bottom.

The administration of lethal drugs in the first of two highly controversial executions in Oklahoma went awry Tuesday evening. The inmate ultimately died of a heart attack, and the second execution was postponed for two weeks. The gruesomely ironic twist is that these two executions have been the focus of a titanic legal battle in the state over the drugs used in lethal injection executions.

From NBC News:

Watch NBA presser here.

Late Update: NBA commish goes further than NBC reported: bans Sterling from NBA for life and will move to force sale of his ownership in Clippers.