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Federal judge rules that Kentucky can no longer refuse to recognize the validity of same-sex marriages conducted out of state.

Late Update: The judge, John G. Heyburn II, is a Bush I appointee. In his opinion (read it here), Heyburn notes, "All federal courts that have considered same-sex marriage rights post-Windsor have ruled in favor of same-sex marriage rights." Windsor is the landmark Supreme Court case last year that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. But I believe this is the first of those post-Windsor cases decided by a Republican-appointed federal judge.

As you know, one of the final desperate legal maneuvers to derail Obamacare is wending its way through the courts. This one is predicated on one badly worded piece of the law that conservative opponents argue means no tax credits should be available to anyone who obtains health insurance through the federal exchange, the effect of which would be to unwind the most important provisions of the law.

The argument is absurd on its face. If you read the Affordable Care Act as whole, it's clear that subsidies were not just intended for consumers who obtain insurance through the state-based exchanges. But what do those who were at the drafting table when the bill was compiled recall about this provision and what Congress intended? We talked to two key players who were in the room. Here's what they have to say.

House GOP leadership told its members in a meeting this morning that they will bring a CLEAN debt limit bill to the floor Wednesday. More soon ...

Colbert: “People should be chained by the need for health insurance to jobs they hate.That’s what built this country!”