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Other than the World Series, this week's best spectator sport is watching Republicans pretend that the budget deal is all John Boehner's doing, Paul Ryan bears no responsibility for it, and it's the result of a process that "stinks." Everyone gets a little something out of maintaining these fictions, and there's just enough plausible deniability to pull it off. But it's still an elaborate fiction that helps ease the way for the GOP's big surrender from its crisis-threatening brinksmanship.

The House Freedom Caucus just adjourned its meeting and declared that it will not endorse Paul Ryan for speaker or accede to his conditions for an endorsement, but that a super-majority of members of the Freedom Caucus do support him for speaker, Tierney Sneed reports from the Hill.

In purely numerical terms, that appears to give Ryan enough votes to secure the speakership in a vote of the full House, but not on the terms he laid out. This looks like an effort to put the ball back in Ryan's court. The question at this moment: Will he take it and go home?

Frequent Fox News guest who was billed as a national security badass allegedly made up his 27-year CIA career. He fooled Fox and the State Department, and actually obtained a security clearance on the basis of the bogus CIA career. Now he's been indicted for fraud, wire fraud, and making false claims. More of the awesome here.

You must read Catherine Thompson's interview with the Alabama state auditor who has been cavorting with a white supremacist group that thinks the South should secede again. But it's not a hate group, he declares. "There was no hate in that meeting except for one thing," Zeigler said. "They hated it when the fried chicken ran out."

A lot being telegraphed by the tone and manner in which GOP committee chairman is grilling Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards in this morning's hearing. A lot.

Eliminating the estate tax (and calling it the "death tax") was the big tell that Donald Trump's ballyhooed tax plan was just your father's warmed-over GOP tax orthodoxy repackaged in a billionaire populist wrapper. But the deeper you look, the worse it looks. Brookings' Vanessa Williamson dives into the numbers at TPMCafe.

NASA to announce new evidence of flowing liquid water on Mars. Watch.