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LGBT legal advocacy groups now moving to make sure the Supreme Court's gay marriage decision is enforced nationwide, county by county.

The Supreme Court's decision on same-sex marriage will kick off a whole new wave of LGBT marriages, particularly in the 15 states where it was illegal before today. Even before today's decision, advocates for marriage equality were girding for the next step in the legal battle, which includes forcing local officials to duly issue marriage licenses, fighting off last-ditch lawsuits, and otherwise clearing out all the underbrush that could block the path for LGBT couples exercising their hard-won constitutional right to marry.

We're following that story closely. If you see open defiance of the Supreme Court's decision -- everything from county clerks refusing to issue licenses to attorneys general going back to the courts to candidates vowing to ignore the Supreme Court -- send us an email. We're tracking these developments across the country and want to see what you're seeing.

Texas begins issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

Supreme Court declares gay marriage bans unconstitutional. Opinion by Kennedy. Roberts dissents, along with Scalia, Alito and Thomas. Each of the dissenters filed his own dissenting opinion. Scalia joined in the other three dissenting opinions.

The concluding paragraph of Justice Kennedy's majority opinion:

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