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The Hobby Lobby decision is imminent, but first the Supreme Court placed new limits on the ability of public employee unions to collect agency fees from non-union members. Backstory here. Justice Alito's decision here. At first glance this isn't as bad for unions as it could have been, but it's not good either.

We've been documenting nearly every day another in the relentless series of tragic incidents involving children and guns. So it's difficult to imagine addressing the issue of children and gun safety in a way that would make you laugh. But these guys figured it out. Pitch perfect.

The lawyer charged as a co-conspirator in that weird nursing home incident in the Mississippi Senate GOP primary has reportedly committed suicide.

As Roberta Kaplan reminded us earlier, the anniversary of the Supreme Court striking down the Defense of Marriage Act in the Windsor case is tomorrow. What a year it's been. From the federal court ruling today lifting Indiana's gay marriage ban:

The court has never witnessed a phenomenon throughout the federal court system as is presented with this issue. In less than a year, every federal district court to consider the issue has reached the same conclusion in thoughtful and thorough opinions – laws prohibiting the celebration and recognition of same-sex marriages are unconstitutional. It is clear that the fundamental right to marry shall not be deprived to some individuals based solely on the person they choose to love. In time, Americans will look at the marriage of couples such as Plaintiffs, and refer to it simply as a marriage – not a same-sex marriage. These couples, when gender and sexual orientation are taken away, are in all respects like the family down the street. The Constitution demands that we treat them as such.

Sahil Kapur reached Roberta Kaplan, the lawyer who successfully fought DOMA, for her reaction to today's 10th Circuit decision on gay marriage. Great stuff.

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has just struck down Utah's gay marriage ban. That's the first federal appeals court to do so. A huge development.

The news came just moments after a federal judge separately struck down Indiana's gay marriage ban.

Note that there's a separate case before the 10th Circuit on Oklahoma's gay marriage ban. Today's decision suggests Oklahoma's ban may be tossed soon as well. The Utah case was argued before the court in April, just a week before the Oklahoma case came up for arguments.