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TPM Reader KR sends in this note about Chris Christie's town hall meeting yesterday:

I grew up in Middletown, and return a few times a year to see family and friends. It's true that it's a reasonably (though not overwhelmingly) Christie-friendly town. Middletown has a lot of people who work in finance; it lost more residents than any other town in the state on 9/11, and built a memorial garden next to the train station. It also continues to have a large (if shrinking) working class population. The two communities send their kids to different high schools and are actually, literally separated by the train tracks that run through town.

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Interesting contrast between this story about how cardinals are scaling back their sartorial splendor in deference to Pope Francis' more ascetic approach and this one about a New Jersey archdiocese building out a fancy retirement home for its archbishop.

Federal judge rules that Kentucky can no longer refuse to recognize the validity of same-sex marriages conducted out of state.

Late Update: The judge, John G. Heyburn II, is a Bush I appointee. In his opinion (read it here), Heyburn notes, "All federal courts that have considered same-sex marriage rights post-Windsor have ruled in favor of same-sex marriage rights." Windsor is the landmark Supreme Court case last year that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. But I believe this is the first of those post-Windsor cases decided by a Republican-appointed federal judge.