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Remember how one of the biggest GOP attack memes on Obamacare was enrollees not actually paying their premiums? Sure, they might be "signing up," but were they actually writing that check when it counts?

Well, today the government announced that more than 7 million people have enrolled and paid their premiums. To put that number in perspective, 7 million was the target for signups during the open enrollment period, without regard to whether they had paid yet.

Did people pay in significant numbers? Yes. Is a death spiral looming? For this and myriad other reasons, no.

The Kansas Supreme Court gave the lawyer for Secretary of State Kris Kobach a rough time in court this morning over Kobach's decision not to allow Democratic Senate nominee Chad Taylor to remove his name from the November ballot. More soon.

Back in May, Dylan Scott first brought you the story about a free clinic in Tacoma, Washington, that was closing because Obamacare had succeeded in providing all of the clinic's would-be patients with health care coverage. It was one of the those small but telling examples of the ways the heath care reform law was working.

Now The Daily Show has done a segment on the clinic, putting on camera the doctor and nurse we initially interviewed, in a Colbert-style attempt to get them to admit that Obamacare has been TERRIBLE:

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After publishing a book review that disdained treating African American slaves as "victims," The Economist "apologises" and concedes that "slavery was an evil system."

Postscript: I'm thinking there's one person especially who's really happy this morning that The Economist still doesn't use bylines. -jm

In an opinion written by Judge Richard Posner, a three-judge panel of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals overturns bans on same sex marriage in Wisconsin and Indiana. You can read the opinion here.

Jury reportedly reaches verdict in trial of the McDonnells of Virginia. More soon.

The plight of more than a million uninsured people in five red states hangs in the balance in November. Each state has refused to expand Medicaid through Obamacare under a Republican governor. Each is facing a stiff challenge from a Democratic opponent who supports Medicaid expansion. So much is riding on the outcome of those races that in two of the states Republican legislatures fearful of Democratic victory have passed laws reining in the power of the governor to unilaterally expand Medicaid. Dylan Scott reports.