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I sometimes think those who warn of creeping Sharia just don't have enough confidence in its inevitability. I like to think of it as the political world's kudzu or wisteria. Ignore it for too long and pretty soon it takes over everything in sight. It even sounds botanical: I have a terra cotta pot of Creeping Sharia over there next to that lush Wandering Jew.

But those most fervently on-guard for creeping Sharia lack the assuredness you'd expect from diehards. They're always on the look out for creeping Sharia where you'd least expect it, and they find evidence of it in the most amazing places.

Here's the best example I've heard in a while: Obama is going to use the thwarted attack on Pam Geller's anti-Islam Muhammad cartoon contest as a pretext for bringing the First Amendment in compliance with Sharia's anti-blasphemy restrictions. "Imagine, a nation founded on Judeo-Christian ethics changing the rules for a Muslim prophet!” Jeanine Pirro warned on Fox News.



Megyn Kelly: "Knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the [Iraq] invasion?"

Jeb Bush: "I would have."

I would have totally expected Jeb to back W. on Iraq if the question were framed as "Knowing what we knew then ..." But knowing what we know now? That gives him all kinds of outs. But Jeb didn't take them.

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Some governors are refusing to weigh in on the conspiracy theory that Jade Helm has become. Here's our list.

If you see local reports where your governor goes on the record with his or her concerns, send us a link.

An interesting development in the Social Security wars. Look for Democrats to propose combining the separate disability and retirement funds so that they can be managed as one fund. That would take away the need to "reallocate" between the funds, which requires congressional approval and therefore gives Social Security foes a chance to make trouble periodically. No chance of this yet-to-be-unveiled Democratic bill passing the current GOP Congress, but as an effort to change the terms of the debate, it's worth noting.

Pamela Geller compares herself (favorably) to Rosa Parks, causing even Fox News host to do double take. Watch.