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The most apt historic parallel for what Hillary Clinton faces in running against Donald Trump may be the 1990 Texas governor's race, when Ann Richards beat Clayton Williams, a good ol' boy whom one newspaper at the time described as "the Donald Trump of Texas."

Tierney Sneed does a nice job here piecing together what the Supreme Court tried to do yesterday on the Obamacare contraceptive mandate and why it's really hard to see how it's going to work out like the court wants it to.

For a lot of readers, the freakout over transgender bathroom usage has settled into a low level background noise. But the deep and breadth of the freakout has reached whole new levels since the U.S. Department of Education sent out a letter giving guidance to local schools on how to accommodate trans students.

Now instead of a diffuse set of targets -- the Charlotte City Council, the Fort Worth school superintendent, etc -- the anti-LGBT forces have a familiar and comfortable villain: OBAMA!

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For the last six years I've been the odd man out when it comes to appreciating the innate political skills of Marco Rubio. Just didn't see it. I tried. It was actually a little frustrating. Why couldn't I see what so many colleagues took as a given? So I'm a bit relieved that I find the post-politics Rubio genuinely funny. There was his joke last week with our Lauren Fox, and then last night's hilarious Twitter rant. Don't ruin this for me by telling me he's not really that funny. I need this.

A GOP consultant tells Lauren Fox that Trump is worse for down ballot Republicans than Obama was for down ballot Dems in 2014: "Honestly, we are in such uncharted waters. We have never had anyone like this before ever. I cannot think of anything that is even remotely close to this. Everyone has to feel this thing out on their own."

More from Lauren on how Senate Republicans up for re-election are feeling their way forward in the new Trump terrain.

Argentine TV promo for coverage of the US-hosted Copa América soccer tourney features nothing but Trump, with this tagline: "The truth is the best they can do is not let us in." Check it out.