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This Rubio-Cruz fight over immigration can get a bit weedy, but it's an important battleground both in the GOP primary and in the larger political and historical context of this era so there's some value in unpacking it and remembering the context of the failed 2013 immigration reform push. Benjy Sarlin has a very nuanced explainer that I recommend to get you caught up on the backstory.

Neither Rubio nor Cruz has covered themselves in glory at any point in the debate. So you can't feel much sympathy for either one of them as they clamor for meager political advantage. But TPM's Tierney Sneed talked to some of the key reform figures today and the consensus among the people she talked to is that Cruz is full of it.

The budget package being voted on today by the House looks an awful lot like the ones cobbled together by then-Speaker John Boehner, a mix of provisions that incense the Freedom Caucus types and require concessions to Democrats (further inflaming the right wing of the conference) to win enough of their votes to get the thing over the hump. So how are Freedom Caucus members reacting this time? TPM's Lauren Fox talks to some of them -- and what you take away is that while Paul Ryan has bought some time he hasn't really resolved the deeper structural issues.

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Pretty much everything people hate about internet commenters is on steroids at FoxNation. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that one commenter went so far with his threats toward employees of a Planned Parenthood partner that the feds have stepped in and arrested the guy.


A stunning coda to that notorious teen sexting case where police sought a warrant to medically induce an erection in one of the suspects and photograph it for comparison purposes.

A significant change in the complexion of the Iowa GOP caucus -- and the broader presidential race -- with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) now holding a commanding lead over Donald Trump, according to a new poll released Saturday evening by the Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics.

Cruz is at 31 percent, Trump at 21 percent, and Carson has fallen all the way back to 13 percent .

This is the second straight poll that gives Cruz a lead in Iowa. A Monmouth poll last week showed him ahead of Trump 24-19, the first time Cruz had led in any poll of the Iowa GOP caucus. Within hours of the Monmouth poll coming out, Trump called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States.

What new Trump primal scream might we hear this time?

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This may be the quote of the year in politics. First, here's the quick backstory.

Kansas state Rep. Steve Brunk (R) is entertaining a job offer from the policy arm of Focus on the Family. (They say they've already hired him, but he says he won't make a decision until January, which seems fishy in its own right.) But Brunk has no plans to step down from his legislative seat when (ahem ... if) he takes the new job with the anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage outfit. In fact he says why wouldn't you want to hire the guy who chairs the committee where the group's most pressing legislative items are decided?

Via the very capable Bryan Lowry at the Wichita Eagle, here's Brunk's epic quote:

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