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A new report from Dylan Scott on the behind-the-scenes steps the White House is taking to keep HealthCare.gov from getting slammed next week.

An essay in a Harvard student-run journal of Christian thought that claims Jews suffered because they "killed Jesus" is taken down for "further editing."

Two significant developments out of California late today. The state's Obamacare marketplace, Covered California (1) rejected the White House's Obamacare "fix," and (2) extended the deadline to get enroll for insurance that takes effect Jan. 1. Dylan Scott explains the significance at each of those preceding links.

As we reported earlier, Sen. Chuck Grassley was on the Senate floor shortly after the rules change today promising that when Republicans are in the Senate majority, they will change the filibuster rules for Supreme Court nominees.

TPM Reader LF wonders how that's any threat at all:

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Speaking on the Senate floor shortly after the filibuster rule change was pushed through over his objections and that of all of his Republican colleagues, Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) was explicit: When Republicans control the White House and Senate, they will change the Senate rules to eliminate the filibuster for the Supreme Court, too.

It's the GOP warning that there will be hell to pay -- "a heavy, heavy price," in John McCain's words -- when they are in the majority. Abortion, civil rights, environmental laws. We'll hit you where it hurts.

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Obama will speak momentarily on the Senate filibuster change. Watch.


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