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It's our favorite time of year -- the Golden Duke awards, when TPM honors the year's best purveyors of scandal, idiocy, and straight-up crazy. This is the eighth annual installment of the Golden Duke awards, named after Randy "Duke" Cunningham, the California Republican congressman who spent time in the clink after an unparalleled spree of flagrant sleaze and unbridled tawdriness.

You can check out last year's deserving winners here.

So without further ado, this year's categories are:

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You've seen by now the huge news that the US and Cuba are finally moving toward normalizing relations after more than half a century of official estrangement, if that's not too nice a way of putting it. Dylan Scott has the latest from the White House, with details of the the major diplomatic initiative, which included a big assist from Pope Francis.

Live video from the apparent hostage situation in Sydney. The Associated Press is playing it more cautiously, stopping short of calling it a hostage situation. But the BBC goes further:

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For a lot of folks, the Senate Intel Committee report is so long overdue that it seems like a rehash (no, there's lots of new details in here) of a dark chapter that has been closed. But so long as the CIA continues to assert that torture (though it doesn't use that word) yielded actionable intelligence, I don't see how you can call this a closed chapter in American history. From CIA Director John Brennan's statement today ("EITs" is the euphemism for torture: enhanced interrogation techniques):

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