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David Kurtz is Managing Editor and Washington Bureau Chief of Talking Points Memo where he oversees the news operations of TPM and its sister sites.

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Trump makes convoluted announcement of new fundraising numbers for June. Experts can't make sense of it. Our story.

Less than a week after America buried its most prominent Muslim, Donald Trump claimed that "assimilation" by American Muslims is "close to nonexistent." Here's what the experts say.

Senate Democrats are now filibustering to demand action on gun control post-Orlando. Watch.

New Bloomberg poll shows Clinton crushing Trump nationally.

TPM Reader DC checks in on how Trump's response to Orlando plays:

In response to Josh's thoughtful post about how Orlando and Trump's reaction to it will not necessarily help him:

There is recent evidence for exactly this phenomenon. Remember when "Benghazi" happened, which in some ways could have been much worse politically for the incumbent party (though certainly fewer lives were lost), namely a sitting American ambassador killed by what was clearly an organized attack on our embassy in Libya. The event threatened to bespeak the weakness of a nation state, the inability to protect it's own high-level personnel.

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