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Boom, it's a Bundy twofer (threefer?).

The FBI arrested Cliven Bundy last night in Portland on charges related to the 2014 standoff at his ranch in Nevada. Bundy had just arrived in Portland to protest his two sons' arrests in the ongoing refuge standoff.

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I was amused by TPM Reader ST's claim that we were exhibiting overly delicate sensibilities by treating Trump's "pussy" comments as a denigrating reference to female genitalia. But other readers are not amused at all and have emailed at length on the linguistic origins of the slur:

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It's always a tough call how much attention to pay to a single New Hampshire state representative since there are a whopping 400(!) of them. But this guy meets the bar.

It's a pretty safe bet that by seizing the opportunity to decapitate the leadership of the Oregon occupiers, federal authorities were hoping the remainder of the ragtag outfit would just shrivel and go away. It sounds good in theory, but it's still a roll of the die. The risk, obviously, is that you end up with a more emboldened, more radicalized, and more paranoid rump group left behind that is nervous, twitchy and less predictable.

I would say the signs over the last 15 hours or so are looking pretty good for the feds' strategy. Here's why.

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Law enforcement convenes its first press conference since last night's arrest of the Oregon standoff leaders that resulted in one death. Watch.

Lurking in the background since the beginning of the Oregon standoff was the possibility of violence and bloodshed, but the feds' hands-off approach combined with the occupiers' sometimes goofball circus antics helped keep that mostly below the surface. Last's night violent confrontation has now changed the equation considerably, and the remaining occupiers are ramping up their rhetoric and are taking a more confrontational and aggressive pose, as is law enforcement.

The FBI has warned journalists this morning that it cannot guarantee their protection at the refuge, so many of them have gotten out of Dodge. Occupiers are issuing calls for supporters to rally to the refuge in their defense. And the tone and tenor of the occupation via their own live feed is, well, unnerving.

We'll have more on the implications of last night's death shortly.


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