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A bewildered TPM Reader AV emails:

I’m writing to you as a long time reader and admirer of someone who has a pretty good handle on the entire Trump phenomenon. But after watching the Patricia Smith speech and reading your take on it, hours later I’m still having some trouble processing what I witnessed.

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The irony of the Melania Trump plagiarism is that she was the only element of Monday night's low-rent infomercial tableau that wasn't saturated in violence, revanchism, Dolchstoss myth-making, and darkness -- but it was tainted, too.

Tierney Sneed and Lauren Fox are spearheading our coverage in Cleveland, and their report from the scene captures much of what made the first day so disturbing. Here's how Vin Weber put it when talking Trump:

“He has projected since day one kind of this broad image of strength. Not very concrete, not very specific, but a strong guy. That’s what scares me about him, too. I don’t want an authoritarian figure as president, but that will appeal to people in an insecure environment.”

Worth your read once you have plumbed the depths of the plagiarism ridiculousness.

Congratulations to the coup plotters in the Trump campaign who forced their candidate at the point of a gun to announce a running mate. Trump looked about as pleased to introduce Mike Pence as Turkey's President Erdoğan did on that FaceTime call last night. That was weird.

The Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want" is playing as Trump is about to walk out to introduce Mike Pence as his running mate.

Nice touch.


Give this a close read and I think you'll see good evidence that the party the GOP establishment, such as it is, gets back after the disastrous fling with Trump will be structurally a lot more conservative and a lot less forgiving.

Here's Lauren Fox's latest report on Trump's Hill meeting this morning. What House GOP members have to say about their own nominee 10 days before their convention is probably unprecedented in the annals of American politics (sorry, Goldwater, but Trump is leaving you behind). But Trump's comments about the Constitution? Amazing.

We'll have a report soon on how it went in Donald Trump's meeting this morning with Republicans on the Hill, but in the meantime you should really read Lauren Fox's piece on how GOP members were scrambling to avoid going to the meeting in the first place. She does a great job capturing the awful position Republican elected officials are in, and how awkwardly they are handling it. The kicker of the piece is a bonus gem.

FBI Director James Comey is testifying in front of a House committee right now (watch) about his decision not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information. With calls already by Republicans for an independent counsel and Speaker Ryan exploring ways to deny Clinton the classified briefings afforded to major party nominees for President (Trump would still get his briefings in Ryan's world), the story is quickly losing its grounding in the legal/national security realm and moving entirely into the political realm.

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