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Live video of Gov. Jan Brewer's announcement on the state's "religious freedom" bill. Watch.

We're not in the predictions business, so I'm loathe to guess what Jan Brewer will do, but I think it's safe to say most people watching this closely will be stunned if she doesn't veto the bill.

The timing of this announcement suggests as much. We were expecting the announcement to come Thursday. Doing it today, relatively late in the day even by Arizona time, suggests that the damage to the state and her reputation were becoming too great to delay the decision any longer.

It's almost as if the NFL looking for a backup site for next year's Super Bowl was the final straw.

As Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer decides whether to veto her legislature's anti-gay bill, the drip, drip, drip continues. Major League Baseball has now responded to the Arizona bill by condemning discrimination based on sexual orientation, and the NFL is reportedly looking at a backup site for next year's Super Bowl. Tampa, the the runner-up to be the host city, is apparently the leading choice for a Plan B. Perhaps it was just a coincidence that Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) publicly said today that he would veto a bill like Arizona's.

Fascinating interplay between the raft of newly proposed anti-gay discrimination laws and the Hobby Lobby case that the Supreme Court hears oral arguments on next month. Very different cases but the scope of religious freedom at issue in both. What the court decides there, either way, could have a big impact on the "religious freedom" movement. Dylan Scott reports.

You won't believe this, but without the three GOP state senators in Arizona who now say they regret their votes, the controversial anti-gay discrimination bill would not have passed in the first place.

If you're new to the story of the anti-gay discrimination bill in Arizona (or is it the pro gay discrimination bill?), you may not know that Arizona isn't the only state considering such legislation. Similar bills have been introduced this year in Tennessee, Kansas, Idaho, and Mississippi. Here's the rundown we did earlier. Also, Georgia.