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The difference between Republican and Democratic poll watchers in Montana:

Republicans are there to watch the voters and report back to headquarters with any possible irregularities, said state Republican Party Executive Director Chuck Denowh.

Democrats, according to state party chief Jim Farrell, are there to watch the Republicans.

I'm afraid Richard Perle's Vanity Fair concession that had he known then what he knows now he would never have supported the Iraq War is going to grab the headlines.

But Perle hardly sounds chastened by the disaster, pointing fingers this way and that:

Huge mistakes were made, and I want to be very clear on this: They were not made by neoconservatives, who had almost no voice in what happened, and certainly almost no voice in what happened after the downfall of the regime in Baghdad," he said.

"I'm getting damn tired of being described as an architect of the war. I was in favor of bringing down Saddam. Nobody said, 'Go design the campaign to do that.' I had no responsibility for that."

Instead he blames the disaster on "disloyalty" to President Bush from within the Administration. The LA Times suggests this is a swipe at Rumsfeld, but to me it sounds like another knife in Colin Powell's back.

Late Update: Kevin Drum has more on neocon revisionism.

TPM Reader EB:

I am from Missouri and I envy your reader from Vermont. I received 30 robocalls yesterday, and have logged 12 today, and it is barely noon. The stem cell amendment has generated the most calls with the Senate campaign between Jim Talent . . . and Claire McCaskill running a close second.

Several Vermont readers have written in to say that TPM Reader JS's experience in Vermont is not necessarily representative and that Vermonters are getting robocalls and other negative campaigning, too. Fair enough.

"Put a smile on your face and don't be such a horse's ass."

--Gov. Jeb Bush, responding Friday to a reporter questioning Florida GOP gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist about Crist's sexual orientation

Is Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) pulling down some of his campaign TV ads so he can save campaign funds for his legal defense?

Two days after launching a new advertisement, U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon has canceled some of his TV time, fueling speculation Friday he was throwing in the towel and saving money for a legal defense fund. The campaign denied the rumors, saying it was merely redirecting cash to "Tele-Town Halls" to reach out to moderate Republicans and independents in the final days of the campaign.

"We’re not pulling anything. We’re scaling a few things back," said Weldon spokesman Michael Puppio.

With the National Republican Congressional Committee spending $653,700 this week for ads opposing Democrat Joseph Sestak, Puppio said the campaign’s money would be better spent funding telephone forums that enable Weldon to answer live questions from voters.

If Weldon is in fact hoarding campaign funds for later use in his own legal defense while relying on NRCC funds to keep him on TV, I'm thinking the NRCC is going to be none too happy about it.

Late update: The Philadelphia Inquirer has a similar report, but with a slightly different take, noting that the NRCC has already shifted its money from the Weldon race to other Pennsylvania congressional races, which would seem to undermine the Weldon campaign's claim that pulling down some of its TV ads is simply a tactical shift. (Thanks to TPM Reader DL).

TPM Reader JD checks in from Baghdad:

"But first this Breaking News, Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death today in Iraq."

That is how the Sunday talk shows will begin tomorrow, two days before the U.S. elections. All indications are that capital punishment is a go, a curfew is tentatively scheduled for tonight or tomorrow morning in much of Iraq to protect against the likely backlash. Saddam will be able to appeal, probably over about two months. The appeal to voters, though, will be how important it is to remain strong, stay the course, during the next two days -- most particularly Tuesday: this time, we've really turned the corner. . . .

Saddam will likely be sentenced during the wee hours EST, in plenty of time to round up "experts" for the panel shows: "Despite the violent reaction we are seeing, this really is one of the key indicators of progress and ongoing commitment we have been looking for..." You know the drill.
Hard to argue with that prediction.

A follow-up on what we shall call "The Snatch," short-hand for Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA) shown on camera grabbing incriminating documents from a local TV investigative reporter and refusing to return them. Turns out the district staffer who blew the whistle on the use of district staff for campaign work was sent home when she reported for work yesterday. KDKA reports on the latest developments here.

TPM Reader RW:

I think that it is time that we ask that all Evangelicals supporting anti-gay marriage provisions to pledge that they themselves are not having gay sex or doing meth.

We'll call it the Hypocritic Oath.