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As of approximately 9 pm EST, there is a net gain of 2 Senate seats and 1 House seat for the Democrats.

NBC calls the Pennsylvania Senate race. Bob Casey defeats Rick Santorum.

PA and Ohio flip.

NJ holds.

2 down

4 to go.

In the first Senate seat to flip tonight, CNN calls Ohio for Sherrod Brown over Mike DeWine.

With 19% reporting, Republican Joe "My Name is Not on the Ballot" Negron still has a small but discernible lead over Democrat Mahoney in the Florida 16th.

In Florida 13th, Democrat Christine Jennings trails Republican Vern Buchanan 54-46 with 38% reporting.

Menendez hangs on in New Jersey, according to CNN's projection. One of the Democratic seats at risk is preserved.

There you have it. With Ellsworth's victory, you have the first House seat flipped from GOP to Democrat.

Fox and CNN project Ellsworth as the winner over Hostettler in the Indiana 8th. Looks like a blowout in what was a very exepensive race in southwest Indiana.