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With the death in Anbar today of a member of the Sunni leadership who was among the key figures in the recent rapprochement with U.S. troops there, it bears returning to the issue of what constitutes the Sunni insurgency. Gen. Petraeus downplayed the non-al-Qaeda Sunni insurgency in his testimony this week, but al Qaeda in Iraq is a tiny proportion of the overall Sunni insurgency.

In touting the powers of the new FISA law, the intelligence chief falsely told Congress that it was instrumental in a terrorism investigation in Germany that led to multiple arrests.

The House minority leader's remark calling the war in Iraq a "small price" to pay is earning him the wrath of Democrat John Kerry. Greg Sargent has more on the blowback.

Or maybe not so strange.

In the midst of surge week and in advance of the President's speech tonight, the Pentagon has released tapes of the combatant status review tribunal of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

And Fox News is running hard with them.

Robert Novak reports the GOP could lose at least 5 Senate seats next year. One of the more hotly contested races will be to replace retiring Sen. John Warner (R-VA). The AP reports that former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner (no relation) will enter that race. An official announcement is expected tomorrow.