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Daniel Strauss is a reporter for Talking Points Memo. He was previously a breaking news reporter for The Hill newspaper and has written for Politico, Roll Call, The American Prospect, and Gaper's Block. He has also interned at Democracy: A Journal of Ideas and The New Yorker. Daniel grew up in Chicago and graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in History. At Michigan he helped edit Consider, a weekly opinion magazine. He can be reached at daniel@talkingpointsmemo.com.

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Politifact is calling foul on a recent attack ad by Sen. Kay Hagan's (D-NC) reelection campaign that attacks House Speaker Thom Tillis (R-NC) for calling Obamacare a "great idea."

The ad, released a week earlier, clips Tillis saying in a radio interview that Obamacare is a great idea. The problem is, as Politifact noted, that the attack ad only included part of what Tillis said. He actually said that Obamacare is a "great idea that can't be paid for."

Tillis has, nevertheless, taken hits by his opponents in the North Carolina Republican primary over the remarks.

Politifact noted that prior to making the "great idea" line Tillis discussed ways to repeal the bill. Politifact ruled that the ad focuses on a "severely edited quote" and said the ad was "Mostly False."

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Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) added his name to the list of Republicans bumping up against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) over land acquisition.

On Tuesday Abbott, the Republican candidate for governor against Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis, sent a letter to the director of the Bureau of Land Management asking that his agency answer questions over the early stages of a plan to "regulate the use of federal lands along a 116-mile stretch of the Red River."

"As Attorney General of Texas, I am deeply troubled by reports from BLM field hearings that the federal government may claim — for the first time — that 90,000 acres of territory along the Red River now belong to the federal government," Abbott wrote.

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Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn seemed to adopt an old Republican talking point on healthcare in her first ad of the 2014 election cycle.

Nunn, the likely Democratic candidate for Senate in Georgia said that "no one in Congress should get a subsidy for their own healthcare."

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Glenn Beck warned that anti-Semitism was growing in the united States, especially at universities.

Beck made the comments on Monday and the clip was aired as part of his nightly television program. A producer on Beck's show told him about a widely reported flyer in Ukraine that said Jews had to register with the government. The origins of the fliers are under dispute, but they have been condemned by President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry.

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Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-PA) goes where very few Democrats are going this cycle. In a new ad she highlights her work with President Barack Obama on the Affordable Care Act and said the legislation is something she's proud of.

Schwartz, who's one of a number of candidates competing in a heated Democratic gubernatorial primary, also hits Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett (R) for not expanding Medicaid under Obamacare in the state.

"It's something I'm proud of because it also closed the gap in prescription drug coverage for seniors," Schwartz said of Obamacare in the ad. "Tom Corbett has decided not to take the Medicaid money. As governor I will take the Medicaid expansion because 500,000 Pennsylvanians need health coverage. It's exactly the kind of leadership I will bring as your next governor."

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Former Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land (R-MI) is going on the offensive on gender issues in a new ad. In the spot, released Tuesday, Land pushes back on charges from her likely Democratic opponent in the Michigan Senate race, Rep. Gary Peters (D-MI), that she's waging a war on women.

"Congressman Gary Peters and his buddies want you to believe I'm waging a war on women. Really?" Land said in the ad, before pausing and sipping from a coffee cup. The 30-second ad then continues for several seconds with Land not saying anything, shaking her head, and looking at her watch.

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If recent polls are any indicator, Republican businessman Curt Clawson could succeed former Rep. Trey Radel (R-FL), who resigned after getting caught buying cocaine in D.C., as the congressman representing the Florida 19th Congressional District.

Clawson was one of a number of Republican candidates competing in the Republican primary for Radel's seat and he's lead in recent polls of the race as well as how much money he's had to spend. The primary came about after Radel was busted for cocaine possession.

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Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-KY) primary challenger, Matt Bevin has been falling behind in polling and fundraising throughout the race, but he announced in the past few days that he was dumping his communications director and hiring a prominent tea partier.

Bevin's campaign confirmed to TPM on Monday that communications director Rachel Semmel left the campaign.

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Bill Kristol is at it once again and his latest forecast is a doozy: a Hillary Clinton- David Petraeus 2016 presidential ticket.

The former secretary of state is perhaps the most popular name mentioned as a 2016 presidential candidate. Petraeus had been mentioned as a presidential candidate before but those prospects sank after an extramarital affair triggered his resignation from the CIA.

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