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Catherine Thompson is a reporter for Talking Points Memo. Before joining TPM, she worked as a research assistant to investigative reporter Wayne Barrett. She is a graduate of New York University, where she served as the deputy managing editor of NYU's student newspaper, the Washington Square News. She can be reached at

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In the week since a Minnesota television station aired a segment accusing Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges of flashing a "gang sign" in a photo where she stands next to a "criminal," the news outlet has been so widely ridiculed that it sparked a hashtag, #PointerGate, and grabbed the attention of Jon Stewart.

Hodges herself finally addressed the dust-up Thursday night and promised that she's "not going to stop pointing."

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Nearly 50 years ago, the FBI sent civil Martin Luther King, Jr. a letter threatening to make public sordid details of his sex life if the civil rights icon failed to do the "one thing left for you to do."

That one thing, King believed, was to commit suicide. Obviously he didn't heed the warning, and even after King's affairs were revealed he continued to be remembered for his civil rights legacy.

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The big story out of Colorado last Tuesday was Republican Rep. Cory Gardner's victory over incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Udall. But on a more local level, Democratic candidates triumphed over pro-gun GOP lawmakers who were elected to the state Senate last year in contentious recall efforts.

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