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Catherine Thompson is a senior editor for Talking Points Memo in New York City. She came to the site in 2013 and reported on national affairs. Previously, she worked as a research assistant to investigative reporter Wayne Barrett. She can be reached at

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Sen. David Vitter's (R-LA) underdog gubernatorial campaign latched on to growing anti-Syrian refugee sentiment in the final days before Saturday's runoff election.

But in the process, Vitter tapped into rampant paranoia about a "missing" refugee that led to threats being made against a Catholic charity organization in charge of resettling Syrians in Louisiana—one that has a connection to his own wife.

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There is no shortage of conspiracy theories surrounding Barack Obama's presidency: some people believe he was born in Kenya, some believe he's secretly a practicing Muslim and others see his gun control efforts as a prelude to mandatory gun confiscation.

And those are just a few examples. But Obama really gets a kick out of one fever swamp dream in particular: the notion that he planned to use the "Jade Helm 15" military training exercise as a cover to implement martial law and stay in office for a third term.

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